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Morning all, late again

Been to be weighed 

Was supposed to do a bit of shopping, went without list so forgot tissues, which i am getting through large quantities of at moment, Just a runny nose thankfully

Hope all those needing to be tended to gently are Feeling a bit better. Jean my thoughts are with you

I see o luck in smileys !

Dogs Christmas pressie came , a lovely bright red tartan coat. With this weather he will have it tomorrow. he got very excited when I tried it on him.

I forgot - choir boy


Hills are now completely invisible - freezing fog - it is slowly encroaching down to our level.

Just realised I forgot cat food as well.


Incidently if any one wins the chopper and doesn't want it there is some one here who would find it useful 

Jean Genie

 It's done  Very upsetting but think she's ok now. Going to show her the Rainbow Bridge poem that Inka posted in a fews days time Have to go over to old house today with her to wait for the re-cycling men so we have planned a nice day out tomorrow instead - shopping for the new house and a nice lunch out somewhere.

Beck's it's got to be more Haribo  and bracelet/ necklace

Thanks for all your kind words. I'll pass them on.

Gary Hobson

My guess for today's wrapped pressie is one which 'keeps repeating' - I'll guess a Jar of Onions.



Haribo, choco - bubbles

Just been out and replaced bird water, smashed ice in water bath, bird food looks Ok though. Also put another tray od woodasn on relevant plants. Then rushed in Brrrrr!!!!

 Son decided to take Oscar out for walk in new coat. Dog wasn't that impressed at having his photo taken!


Am back - and soon be ready to play

Jean-it is never nice thing to do-there is not much more to say-just try not to think about it too much

Lottie-is that what money laundering is?

Becks-will have to trawl back again over the answers to get it right/ cheat

All answers noted


Cheated-probably still wrong-bubbles and buttons

Miss Becks

You know, it doesn't feel that cold out there! Perhaps because there is no windy breeze.


You should have been where I was this morning-everything was white and still, the ground like concrete but 2 hours later in the sun was very pleasant-no wind either

Just cold-brrrr

I survived


I need entertaining and amusement

Miss Becks

Well I'm about to start listing more tat on ebay, so don't distract me!!

Miss Becks

What the hell is that?????



I think it is from the SAW films

What are we going to do about smileys?

Just wrapped the stone chicken-got nuffin to do now

Miss Becks

What do you mean, what we going to do?? Ha ha ha. Hardly worth a protest. Unless we send in our 'team'!



Have been trying to persuade the blokes at work that they'd much rather have a hamper for Xmas from the boss than be taken out to dinner! They're being typical blokes though and saying 'don't mind either way' - except for the hobbit of course, who says he wants to go out (his only social event of the year!). I really really do not want to go to another dinner and sit there whilst her ladyship graces us with her presence and talks condescendingly to us all. Maybe the blokes don't pick up on this. My only female colleague is now off for a month as she's having an operation, so not here to back me up, but she feels exactly as I do.

Becks, can you list some tat for me as well? Got lots to put on there!


Have started a protest



Oops -wrong issue-oh well never mind

Lottie-as I recall you didn't like it much last year-what happens if you don't go-other than being a social outcast?