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Miss Becks

Lie to them Lottie. Tell them it's a beer hamper.


Just having a break from pressie wrapping - mainly because I can't find the damn sellotape - put it somewhere safe - so wasn't really wrapping but was sorting out the 2 hampers I've made. One was in a trug full of silly gardening useful things, the other was of local produce without chutney so had to make it up myself. Now at stage where need to break out the paper no sellotape

Fog is getting worse, now can't see clearly across our green. OH has gone to daughters, hope he gets back Ok, fog and floods!

Now had a break where is that sellotape?????


Found it.

Now daughter text me to say I didn't go and see her. Yesterday ot was only supposed to be OH.!

Love the cartoony things Geoff. Where will i find them could do with posting things like that to friends and family



Type things like christmas,or christmas is rubbish or I hate christmas into google -click on images.

I have a link to something else you can send to friends /family -will find it in a minute


Thanks Geoff 

Back tp pressies now I've sorted out a christmas chocolate pudding recipe for daughter

Gary Hobson

Unbeknownst to most theologians there was a fourth wiseman who was turned away for bringing a fruitcake.

Caz W

Afternoon everyone - nice to see you're all up to no good again

.  Cyber hugs to Jean and daughter x

Geoff, thermals are SO last season - you need to get up to date with some Meggings



Caz W

Ooh - it looks as if progress is being made with our Christmas smilies.


Bought my little great niece a book called Sants needs a wee. This fits perfectly.

Ho Ho

Wrapped Cannock family pressies, taking them tomorrow. Yep Becks be up in your area. Treat will be trip to Sainsbury's , we were going to buy a Tree but have one the othe r day from the fruit farm.

Caz W

Hey BJay - I bought that book for a friend's little boy last Christmas and he absolutely loved it.  I take it you've found the sellotape .....

Miss Becks

Bjay! Tell me what time you're going and I'll spy on you!!

Jean Genie

  Bloody ice STILL here from this morning  I'm in now and not moving. Just dropped grandson off and had a big slide. Can't repeat what I said

Hubbie going to old house to meet the bloke who will be working on it later with daughter who's now gone home to pick youngest grandson up and is then coming back again. Feel really sorry for her .

Tomorrow will be a better day for all, i think. .