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Miss Becks

Entry noted Dean!!

And yes, I'm finding Haribo's everywhere! So plenty for all! Under the settee, on the floor, up the stairs, stuck to toys!! Help yourselves!!

Caz W

Think I will guess a finger puppet again and some chocolate buttons.

Found a nice Christmas present for you Dean ... which one would you prefer?


Deanos Diggin It

Cheers Caz! 

Thinking the yellow one would match all entendre! 

But then again! Thinking silver shall match my naturally curling locks! 


Pennine Petal
Evening all, home late, haven't eaten yet, no news, catching up with SCD2.
Bye for now


Deanos Diggin It

Evening Glyn!

Jeez! Your day was worse than mine by the sounds! 

Miss Becks

Hi Glyn! Hit the bottle and 'Sod 'em'!


When is this year's Christmas party-I need to know as I might be in Church

Miss Becks

Well, Jess's party is the 22nd, so I can't come then, and I don't leave the house Christmas and Boxing Day, so can't come then either.


Well that is no fun-how about 30th February?


Mine is on 23rd - only day could get family together. Street meeting on 20th at latest improved house.

Really big party is 27th Jan

OH watching cookery prog just come in raving about maple syrup on parsnips and I cook for feast days so he's had it


Still to do 'the clean up' on here. Need to feel know how much a duffer I am!

Have been nursing daughter who shouldnt have gone to work last night, nor go in tonight but what do I know? If you're ill, you're ill in my book, but apparently only allowed so many days...... & she's panicing!

BTW nurse did contact the other depts' nurse after last weeks session & so shall get even more hospital appointments early next yr! To add to the 1 got already, 1 to arrive, but that will be the week before t'other & probably yet another down at local hospital as well- post tomorrows'-phew! In between that lot still have 3 weekly drug sessions, the walking group meetings, the course group meet ups- gosh wont get bored will I?


Did someone say party?

Deanos Diggin It

Jo! "Just Do It" As Nike say's! 

Geoff! Soz! I have a prior engagement with a Doctor in a phone box, somewhere up Saddleworth Moor on the 30th Feb! So can't make unfotuanatly! 


Miss Becks

They certainly did jo!!

Geoff, I can do any day between boxing Day and New Years eve??



I have no plans-can fit in anywhere-we need drink, food, games,music and balloons -but not necessarily in that order



Soz folks- have downloaded wotsit, but where are the smileys? being very thick here today....

Miss Becks

Already working on the food!


Deanos Diggin It

Right guy's! Been a very, very long day! OH is now home n her bath run! I can be a good boy when needed! 

N my prepared Hyacinth's on the kitchen window are flowering! n we have seasonal smilie's! My! My! A bad day turned out good! 

Love these smilies! 

Night All! 


Drat--was going to do some baking today--Pink Lady squares and Nanaimo Bars--but forgot the butter!!! Back to the shop I go!!!

Don't suppose Nanaimo Bars are world-famous, but they should be!