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Lovely pics, Geoff--are those Peach Melba nasturtiums?

Inkadog wrote (see)

Lovely pics, Geoff--are those Peach Melba nasturtiums?

Geoff goes to welsh dresser- rummages through drawer- finds seed packet-and announces they are called-"cream purple spot"


I know you started yours inside--mine were sown in open ground, but they are all up. They are useful for filling gaps, and I like the leaves and flowers in salad. I was serving some local smoked salmon the other day and discovered I was out of capers--substituted pickled seeds, and they were a big hit!


Kate and I also grew the same nastertiums as Geoff, and mine look exactly like that (surprise surprise) - but they don't look like the illustration which showed them as cream with a dark red splodge. Never mind, still unusual. I have the normal almost flourescent orange ones at the plot, also good for salads!


They are a nice colour Geoff- note made of name. Mine are showing in most of the places where planted- think I just did Alaska this year. My first Cosmos, in Pop's pot, are in flower- cant remember the name, but white with a pink stripe. Spotted them growing in a large pot at Shugburgh last year & was impressed. Allowing for the removal of some slug damaged plants my display should look good. BTW Pop was my GFather & a keen veg grower! Not inherited that then!

My Sweet Williams are brill again this year. Thought that they wouldnt do a 3rd year, but no, full of flower. Grew them from seed too- swank!

Phonecall made & conveniently daughter got back early, starving, so was able to cut conversation short before daughter demolished everything & anything in kitchen that she could get at. Noway, otherwise she wouldnt eat all her tea! Gosh, just as when she was little!

Rough about the flooding in Midlands. J.



Nice photos Geoff, I am not happy about the nasturtiums as I planted mine in a pink coordinated container so they have had to come out.


I would hate to be in court if you were the judge-I would get 10 years for scrumping.

Have been fed and watered again more fruit,strawberry ice cream. squirty cream

Italy or Germany?-I have lira


Italy have scored my tenner is no longer safe

15 years for scrumping, at least.

I have looked at your clip again, I cannot see a man on his own wearing shorts I think for  misleading the forum the sentence could be very heavy.


I am there- but even my OH couldn't spot me-will my strawberries be safe?

I backed Italy from the start




I will be expecting a strawberry daquirir as my compensation, I feel that was very misleading.

Italy v Spain as a final, really?

I bought a fuchsia last friday, today it has collapsed

Italy have just scored second, super Mario???


Collapsed from what-exhaustion?-was it a cheapie or worth a trip to get a refund?

I could give you a clue on spot the wally

For Germany the trip is over-it will be a South European final as I predicted months ago


I am assuming heat, I have put it in a bucket of water, I would not expect 1 warm day to make it collapse

Daiquiri- whoops.

I would love a clue

The Germans will stop lending money, we will all be destitute


Ok-this narrows it down-but not by much-right side of the screen

I'm destitute now -reduced to eating bread crusts I found in a garden


Sorry: I have been a bit distracted (family things) but am now back and concentrating on the garden in the sunshine.  It's looking a lot better, except for the veg garden, but so far I'm nearly winning the battle of the slugs and snails.  More rain due tonight: if anyone is in the North East, are you allright?


There are about 500 people on the right side of my screen

Is that soya bread? 



Then you now have a 500-1 shot-Foinaven was 100-1 and he won.

Strangely it is soya bread-I had to avoid some daft women doing the dance of the seven snails to get it

smallswan-have you seen Gary's video on the weather thread?


No, haven't seen Gary's video but I will go and look for it when the Rosol/Nadal match finishes (no, I don't know anything about football).


Geoff did you have a tenner on him?

smallswan it has been a tough year with all these slugs, having watched all the flooding, I am now glad that I live at the top of a hill.

sotongeoff wrote (see)

I thought at first that was a dead hedhehog-good job we don't have smelly vision.

Is Neil Morrisey made up or are we both just getting old?

I think we are getting old  

I was mowing my back lawn at 9pm.  Suddenly realised that people may think I was odd.  Then again, they were probably all inside watching football.


I have found Gary's video: poor chap, hope his house is all right. Germany being beaten, Nadal knocked out of Wimbledon: it's not just the weather that's all upside down and inside out this year.