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Ooh Inka that is so naughty - but nice   if WW is around - just not allowed

Pennine Petal
Inkadog, yum yum, my sis makes great Nanaimo bars.

Good morning all, unusual for me to be on here first. No frost to clear this morning, thank goodness. Off over the hills now.
Bye for now and have a lovely day.

Morning chaps and chapesses

Oh Glyn has arrived and gone in the last few minutes-have a good day-drive carefully

Todays mystery choc is------a winter based one-something some of us have seen so far-but others haven't


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Nice and crisp outside this morning. Some might think the grasses look very attractive. I almost thought of taking a snap. But it's too chilly to hang about.

Pity the implementation of the smileys seems to have been a bit of a cock up, to judge from the stream of posts last night (I wasn't on).

It really shouldn't be necessary to prat around running arbitrary programs that people don't understand, and that may effect things on other websites.

I normally use Firefox. The similes were not visible. So I simply tried IE, and they were there. 


Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Been absent for a day or two and yesterday when I had time to play the broadband was down. On ringing the help line a message said there was a country wide problem and engineers were working on the problem. Was so relieved when it was back this morning.

I've tried to keep up with you all and hope everyone is okay. Will catch up later.

Choccy guess........snowman



Gary-people coped-running a cache cleaner is something that should be done on a regular basis anyway-like hoovering-it doesn't affect things on other websites.

Gary Hobson

This is posted from Firefox.

To insert a smiley into a new message, it isn't absolutely necesary to use the insert pull-down thingy. You can just cut and paste them from here, into any new post.....


That doesn't work-you might need to leave a space between each one ???


 EDIT-nope- that doesn't seem to work either

Pottie Pam

Hello Geoff and Gary,

I haven't a clue about computors, just about manage to turn it on and send an email. Like, Jo, scared to fiddle and wipe out info. I don't know what system I use but can get smilies from the 'pull down thingy'. (is that a technical term?)


Gary Hobson
rudolph the red-nosed santa wrote (see)

That doesn't work-you might need to leave a space between each one ???   EDIT-nope- that doesn't seem to work either

It does work! You simply have to be careful moving the cursor over the one you want so that just the one you want is highlighted and then copy. Some more spaces may make it easier...



Gary Hobson

- this is just a test, using a smilie cut and pasted from the last message.

The normal pull-down widget gizmo thingy might work for some people.


It would seem to be working for most now-I think we should have a daily computer lesson on a single topic for the scaredy-cats amongst us-if you are sensible then in most cases there is nothing to be scaredy-cat about.

Have just defrosted the bird-bath,put their food out,let the chickens out for a scratch-but it bloody freezing out- dank and cold-no sign of sun


Morning All.

All this technical stuff so early in the day. I did the ccleaner thingy yesterday and my computer is now running quicker so a double bonus.

Geoff  ---  My guess today for your choccy  is snow.

We are going to tackle the Christmas Decorations today

see you later.



Yes Chris - I will change my name tomorrow - my computer is running faster as well since I did that cleaning thing.

Off today to Staffordshire. Freezing fog herre so not looking forward to journey. Last time we arranged to go we couldn't get out of Malvern area because of floods  So hopefully today.

Smashed water on tub for birds but there water trays are solid, hopefully there will be water for them all day

See you all



Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

My thermometer is reading -3

Geoff, guess is a snowflake!

Can't put pressie advent up yet, as madam is still in bed, so no clue yet.

Got Asda coming at some point today, between 10am and 6pm is their time slot.


Shall we have a third competirttion today then'?guess the Asda calling time?

Miss Becks

Well last week I thought it was going to be a no-show again! 5.50pm it turned up. I was poised at my phone ready!!!


Hello Twinks-give those decs are a hard time

See you later Bjay

Becks will go for 3.48-just as you are going out the door to the nursery


Morning festive folk.

No Nanaimo bars for me. Just weighed in don't want to get any bigger otherwise won't have room for Christmas pud.

Geoff - a choccy cloud.