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Caz W

Geoff - what's happened to your cryptic clues?   I thought snowflake was far too obvious.  Am not disappointed that I didn't win though - bacon sarnie (with or without red sauce) not a good prize for a vegetarian


I got flak for making it too hard from the teaching fraternity

Will make it soooooo difficult tomorrow-only I will get it


Thanks for the bacon sarnie, didn't see the red sauce though.

Just had festive sausages - cranberry and orange and pork - very tasty and as a treat - glass of red wine Am I on the right thread??

My sons P used to moan as she walked past somewhere im London at one time and there would be fish eating people in the window. She never found just looking pleasant


Well as a veggie am glad that I didnt get it!

Daughter will be working next week Geoff, has a day off thurs I believe, but she probably will hoover up after putting up the tree- well she better had!

OH thinks I need a dog when daughter leaves home..... not the best idea at this time of yr, but another seed has been sown!

She's eaten mashed potato & I had that plus a veggie bake, well that's what I call them- M&S, & salad. Apple for pud.

Bjay- glad you're back safely. My ears pricked up when they said M6, but once knew whereabouts realised you should've been well clear of any trouble.

Off to finish unloading dishwasher now. Need to decide what actually will do tomorrow. Expect to be woken about 7am by the 'b' boiler! Then it's tablet day- ugh, but once eaten breckie always feel better. J.


This fish will clean you tootsies




Deanos Diggin It
I have been submitted to ipad thingybob! n now getting very much near my bedtime!
Another onslought shall pursue tomoz! That I am sure!
Geoff! Cheers for the bacon bango! But much prefered my chicken Bhuna! with naan,s!

Caz! If poss! I would send a couple of tomatoes n a cheese slice!

My day is done!

Night All!

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Deanos Diggin It
looking back at recent posts! How many Vegans do we have?

Night Dean.

I'm signing off now too, & still a wee bit wobbly- hope it's not the lurgy! J.


Back again, Dean- none that am aware of, why?

Caz W

Dean - are you back out of bed again ???


Miss Becks

Done a quick and esy dinner tonight. Hotdogs and chips. Did us just nicely. House seems to be taking ages to warm up!

Miss Becks

Wish that was me right now!


Buy a lottery ticket and it could be

But probably not

Miss Becks

Okay! Todays entries were:

Geoff:        Colouring book,buttons and a diamond ring
Bjay:        baracelet, haribo choc snowman
Gary:        a pink handbag, a sugar mouse, and a packet of Haribo Magic Mix.
Flo:         Colouring pencils, choccy snowman, sparkly hair slidey/grippy thing.
Jo:          haribos, a choc shape & necklace.
Caz:        necklace and haribos
Dean:        Haribo's, choccie coin n bracelet!
Miss B:            
Lottie:        more bubbles, a hair slide and choccies.

And the pressie was:

 Which means Lottie was spot on!!