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Morning everyone - thanks for the good wishes - glad you're feeling a bit better FG - I was back at work yesterday (for the Christmas lunch ) - I've a day off booked for today as have last minute shopping to finish and a cut and blow dry - then I'll be home wrapping all the presents as I'll have to get them distrbuted around East Anglia before we go to MIL's on Christmas Eve.

Our tree is up and decorated - it's a tall white artificial one - we've always had real ones before but since moving here I worry about damp containers on the parquet floor.  The white one looks quite stylish in this house as it's quite modern/open plan sort of thing.  When I can find one I like I'll buy a potted fir tree to live outside then we can put it by the front door and decorate it each Christmas, but I'll wait until I find the sort of tree I like that's not going to grow too huge - prices this time of year are bumped up of course!


Morning all, am up too.

Site/pc/brain going very s l o w l y. Have taken nasty tablet & assembled breakfast which cant have yet.

Will go e/w & see if that any faster..... J.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

There was a queue of cold birds waiting for breakfast this morning. I'm glad to get back inside, and am now typing with frozen fingers. But there's some nice warm rain on the way for tomorrow.

Spent yesterday afternoon watching daytime TV. Some of the shopping channels had products I'd never been aware of. I was impressed by some fantasy images painted by one Josephine Wall...

Dozens more like that here:

The idea is that you buy these and similar images on sheets of paper (or print them out on a computer) and cut them up, and make things with them. It's called Decoupage. This is a decoupage sheet...

They also had decoupages for fantasy cottage garden designs, from different painters...

Junior Apprentice tonight. Tonight will be the penultimate episode, so expect a major bloodletting.


Good morning Dove, Gary,  Jo, Pam and anyone else who's about.

I was up early this morning after a really good night's sleep, unusual for me.

That fanatasy picture is beautiful, will look at link in a mo. Very cold here this morning, cat refuses to go out, but who could blame her

Ironing planed this morning then visit to Mum, called on Tuesday to see her only to be told she was seeing Nativity play at local school with some of the other residents she's 99 and still gallavanting.

Catch you later.



Morning Dove, sorry didnt reply before, glad that you're improving. Daughter is also up & had a small breakfast & watching breakfast TV! 

Gary- those pics very reminisant of 70s- that dates me!

Have rebooted pc, had oodles of updates installed etc & so far so good. Really brass monkeys out there today -4C!

Ooh, breakfast allowed now. J.



 This is the one that really caught my eye, I think she is lovely


Morning all. Still cold here but not much frost.

Alarming to hear how well people are doing with their Christmas prep. I really ought to buy some cards...

Gary, nice, I may have to change my avatar again. Jo, I see exactly what you mean about 70s.

I always think decoupage must be more fun to do than to own. Like beautiful knitted toys that you can't play with. But that's just my opinion.

Geoff, choccy glitterball.


You could spend hours looking at them. Well it beats M&S!

Oh drat. normall tablets now before I forget......J.


Went to fairy pic website, first thing I noticed was errant apostrophe. Must be an Apostrophe Fairy somewhere about 


See what you mean Flo

Jo, you've just reminded me to take my tablet.


Still to get upstairs! Daughter gone back to bed, plus bowl- just in case!

Have managed to deice the back gate lock, so could take fresh water & food for birds. WD40 now on lock which will keep 'twiddling' as the day goes on.

Right, really need to get my act together. No, I do not need to go looking for a new top for the w/end.......... J.


I typed 'apostrophe fairy' into a tax-avoiding search engine and, believe it or not, found this:

 By the way, Dean is like a greengrocer, he has a dispensation to use them wherever he like's  

And I promise I'll stop going on about it now. 


     Flo. It is amazing what you can find on the Internet, sad little fairy

I see Rebecka Brookes has been awarded an £10m plus payout, makes you feel

A friend has just emailed me a clip from youtube, details are hptl:// can't do the other thing to transfer link. but watch it if you get chance, it is truly amazing.


That apostrophe is bugging me too now! Didnt notice it the first look, but after you've pointed it out...... I'm equally pedantic about such things, probably just as guilty too these days, but we were taught grammar.

Have a choice of 3 tops upstairs & daughter will pass judgement soon!



Stray apostrophes really bug me too, so I won't look!

Yay, I guessed Jess's present yesterday!!

Hello Rain, nice to see you on this thread. How you keeping?

Dean, my OH is Vegan, or tries to be. Its very difficult as most prepared vegetarian dishes have egg or milk added in some form. Its why he normally ends up cooking from scratch (although last night he had veggie burger and chips!)

Well I sat down to write my cards last night, wrote the first one and the pen ran out!

Today's choc - a bell?

Its the Christmas tree festival at the church this weekend - and its normally beautiful. Pam, if you fancy popping up the road its worth a visit!  

Morning all. A paper work day so having time to catch up and also look in on here!
Rather on the chilly side here-freezing fog clearing and the tiniest bit of snow in the air. Very slippery underfoot!

I have been reading up on the goings on. I have to say I prefer brown sauce on bacon butties, tomato sauce on sausages and fish finger sandwiches!

Geoff- SCD- glitterball- round chocolate tree decoration type thingy...... J.



Right, time to walk dogs then off to rescue dogs this pm. Well, answer phone and do computery things.

Be good, play nicely. You never know who's watching.


There is a lot going on this morning

Have done the swimming run-and went on a pre Christmas shopping browse, browse-then came home to check on-line prices to find out they were no cheaper-that means will have to move on to the next stage which is just another browse

Nice to see Miss L Toe as well today-but where is The Ice Queen?

The egg fairy has just left me 3 eggs-it has got a tad less cold since 7am-but water still frozen

What has the ginger haired one done to get a pay-out Flo?-missed this story

So far guesses noted