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Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Not a lot to report yet.

Todays pressie is another version of something she's previously had!

plus 2 edibles.

 Geoff, choccie is Bruce Forsyth!


Jo -will any of these tops do?



Probably Geoff!

Decision sort of made. Choice of 2, 1 of which got deoderant mark on! So that's been sponged & hung up in bathroom.

What hadnt realised is that daughter may well be working next week, but doing a twilight shift, so she'll be around most of the day! Still to wrap her pressies. So may call in TC on my way back from w/end to get her & OH a card & probably have lunch & a coffee too. Could always trot into town before I set off though- hmm maybe better perhaps as bound to be murder at TC by the time I'd get there.

Cuppa next whilst daughter watching something on TV. Then 2b Mrs Mop upstairs. J.


Becks my guess today is another colouring book and two chocolate snowman

Miss Becks

Entry noted Geoff!! It's very quiet here today! Sssh!


Just been out to the greenhouse. Fffffffreezing! The latch for gate, that keeps the hens in an area, was frozen closed so it was a battle getting to it. Just moved a couple of plants in there that I had forgotten I had left out, a penstemon and verbena. I hope they will survive better in there. It is unheated (it was -2.8cin there overnight ) but at least they have shelter.

Off shopping this afternoon, hoping to get all of the present buying finished!
Miss Becks

Hiya Nola! Good luck with your pressie buying!

Gary Hobson

My guesses for today's competitions -

Jess's pressie - Fairy decoupage, Haribo Magic Mix, and a tricycle.

Geoff's chocy - Brucie - joker - knave - nave in a church. It's a pew.


Just been chasing squirrels- well yelling at them from outside. That seems to be the only way to actually get them to leave the garden for a bit to give the birds a chance!

Have abandoned the chilli powder business, just ended up even more messy & our squirrels still ate the food!

I have shut our back gate, should be ok now. See that Nola also got the same problem.Which reminds me-

Nola, if nec throw either a bit of fleece over the plants in greenhouse, or old net curtain. If you get chance wrap the pots too. Some penstemons will come though ok, also the verbena but it does depend on where you are & variety. J.

Gary Hobson

I tried chilli powder, but gave up. You have to use a lot. It isn't worth it.

It's going on my dinner instead.


I have entered todays competition for the garden tools. I'm hoping that at least one of us on this thread wins something! If anyone does, they will have to let us know.

Still cold here, not venturing outside. Not been to the plot for a while now, wonder if its missing me?

Jess's pressie for today - jewellery and chocolate coins!  


Morning all

You have been busy this morning. Has taken me ages to catch up.

Those pictures were memorable, like you Jo reminded me of the 70's. Loved the little fairy in  a pool.

Wtached theballet as well. Amazing have sent the link to various folk I know would like it

Temp in green house this morning was -5.5C

Brr was surprised the door opened and not frozen. Need to feed the birds later .

Have been to supermarket and machine declined my card HUH

Phoned bank and they said money has gone through, so now attempting to get throught o management of supermarket to get money back.   It was easier to contact the bank



Guesses for today - Choco- star

Pressie - wax crayons, lollipop, choco


Our bank has been on the phone earlier, after OH. I do hate it when they are concerned about your balance- fine in our case- but I explained was needed for builders. OH would have gone ballistic. He wants to change banks anyway- probably will in NY. I do agree as I also feel as if they are 'snooping'.

Decided to do the Mrs Mop tomorrow, although have cleaned some windows just now after the knocking on them re the squirrels!

Must go back to Becks' presssie....BTW had a go at one of the other GW comps- wouldnt mind some plant supports etc. J.


I have been shopping with OH-people wandering all over the place or on phones trolleys in aisles,queues at tills-and it is only Thursday

Turkey is out of the feezer ,slowly defrosting in the greenhouse for Christmas Dinner- number one- this Sunday

TB-that is a bit of a worry with the card

Wet and warm tomorrow-we can all defrost


Miss Becks

Good luck with the card business Bjay. I hate faffing around with stuff like that.


Choccy guesses update~~~~~~~~~~~~~



PS-glitter-ball- round chocolate tree decoration type thingy


Nightowl Elf-sir brucie


Have I missed anyone?


Hi Lottie,  not doing to bad but this cold weather is playing havoc with my ankle,  it stiffens up so not much flex in it,  it will be a year this coming Monday since I did it boy how that's flown by so I need to be careful when I go out as I don't want a repeat,  I get very scared when it's icy you know the sort of ice that was water then frozen over,  today is fine as it's dry frost if you get what I mean and snow I'm fine on as I have my Sno Trax just don't like the icy bits.


 Supermarket says its the banks fault!! I said but you have taken the money, they say they haven't got it, it may be in holding. Have to wait until tomorrow when they go over the till receipts to see if that till shows too much money, which of course it won't because the till receipt came as declined,  

OH says talk to the manager, phone the police. Me I feel  and


There is a scheme where if you pay by card those funds are secured until cleared by the bank-this might be the case-I would check balance in the morning-a lot of this stuff occurs after mid-night rather than immediately as we think it does

If you have a receipt that says declined -then there should not be any problem