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Miss Becks

Aaw, bless you. They do adult nappies you know! Or am I on the wrong forum for that.

Jean Genie

I was thinking of buying myself some Tenor Ladies - cold always does it for me.


Tena--not Tenor

How come I know that??


Thanks Jean. Just hope it all sorts out tomorrow, 

Every one well behaved here tonight. weeeelll maybe not geoff 


Caz W

I've heard of men with high voices, but not many tenor ladies


Brings us back to Jo splashing out

Jean Genie

 Yes. Geoff . How DO you know that ?

Caz W

And am wondering how cold your little pants are today BJay?

Miss Becks

Lets not even go there Jean! Everytime I cough I have to 'squeeze', or wet myself.


Geoffrey!! I'm around you know!

Actually that's cheered me up. OH has refused the offer of a taxi to/from the 'do' on Sat night. Great, shall be sober whilst all getting tiddly around me. AND before you ask, OH wont be driving!!

He'll be lucky if I manage to stay awake after the drive over- especially with 'could you be as early as possible? coz 'so n so's choir is carol singing in the main square in town at 11am' !! J.



I know more about airing cupboards and wet stuff than I ever knew before tonight,

Better go to bed


Hello,all--if anyone is still up. I have just returned from taking my friend Zona to the doctor's in Victoria--a 12-hour day , with ferries and freeways--we lucked out, as the cold rain held off until late in the afternoon. We had fun-thrift stores and shopping--but I am now knackered, being up since 4 am. I went to the garden center and bought a wee skimmia, plus some stuff to fumigate the greenhouse. Even managed the last of my Christmas shopping! And so to bed.


What a lot to read  Thankyou for telling me about the festival Lottie

Some of my Christmas toys

 Pam LL x

Have a lovely day everyone



A different morning as predicted -no frost-wet and breezy-mumbles about floods now.

All very festive Pam

Today's mystery advent choc-is something that we couldn't see last week-but if we choose- we can see this week-needs thinking about

Deanos Diggin It
Morning Pam n Geoff

For all venturing out early on the roads, be careful! We have had loads n loads of reports regarding accidents!

Very, very icey conditions!

Have a good all!
Jean Genie

Morning Pam. Geoff and Dean, No frost here but blowing a gale. Have nominated hubbie to climb up the ladder to replace the fat balls . No way I'm going up there.

Pam, they look great .

Dean, you be careful as well.

I'm going to decorate the tree today and having a day in, except for a quick visit to Cosco later. No decs up at all yet. Late this year because of daughter's house move and all the too ing and fro ing but going to have a good bash today.  Hmm - choc of the day. A father Christmas. ?

Have a good day everyone


Morning all, daughter up & beat me to bathroom!

Pam- love all that.

Jean- Daughter is supposed to be starting our tree later today or the w/end.

Geoff- moon choc.

Dull & no frost at all today. Cant see many flowers still out now, am going to do a count, as someone suggested on another thread, on 1st Jan. Should have a note from past yrs somewhere.

Oh good, daughter arrived plus her breakfast, good sign. J.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

I'm late this morning.

Decided to go to Sainsburys a bit earlier than normal, so left feeding the birds and other jobs until I got back. It was still pretty busy there, despite the early hour. Next week will be chaos.

Wet, wet, wet today and no more frost all next week. Am wondering whether we'll get a white Christmas. We haven't seen any snow here at all so far. Am anxiously waiting for an opportunity to use my leaf blower for fun snow clearance.