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Good morning all.

Got a busy day today, seems to be the norm at the moment.

Got to fill car with fuel, call at Mums' residential home to drop of some things, pick daughter up for shopping trip to Gainsborough. We go there to a nice little shopping complex, and a M & S Food shop. I want to get all my Christmas goodies from there, and then on to a very good fish and chip restaurant for lunch. I think that is the only reason our daughter will be joining us, the thought of a free lunch

Inka. - sounds as though you had a pretty full day. Hope you friend is feeling better.

Pam.- love your toys, it makes such a difference when you have grandchildren calling. We have lots of soft Christmas toys, but don't get them out now as we have no small children in the family.

Have a good day, what ever you are doing.



Morning Pam, Geoff, Dean, Jean, Jo and any lurkers.
Hello Inka, even though you're not here just now.

Very wet and blowy here. Was going to go early to shopping centre to return top I bought in a hurry and doesn't suit me but heard dire weather warnings on radio so had a lie in! May try and find spare Christmas cards later and see how many I need to buy.

Ok, Geoff, I've got the name    pondering the choccy.

Pam, beautiful toys. Where's the camel?


Morning Bjay and Gary.


Oh goody, M&S have sent me some extra points vouchers- now which store shall I visit?

Daughter has pointed out that by not having a taxi on Sat night we can leave as early if/when I need to crash out- true, but still not impressed!

Ok am off to be busy. Have a good day everyone. J.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, hope you are all braced for the forthcoming winds and rain, especially in the south.

Geoff, the names are getting better and better!

Off to do some marking now. Suppose. ii had better write some chrissie cards too. Talk later. Shopping in Hebden Bridge later


Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

It's wet!


Morning all

just been swimming. Getting much better at it and a Christmas party next week - not in the pool.

It is very dark and very wet but there is still ice in the bath and the fountain.

Hoping to get Christmas up today.

Suggestion why don't we all post a picture of our own Christmas trees or decorations on specific  day next week.  

Like the Christamas toys .

Can't find choco clue will have another look



Miss Becks

I like that idea Bjay! But if we do, you all must bear in mind that Jess decorates ours!! LOL 3 year old style!


Mine is a memory tree so has no scheme to it. Anyway it's not a competition

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha! Are you kidding me! Geoff will want to award a prize! Of some sort.

Pam, those teddies are so cute! x


Just had supermarket and bank on phone. Card problem all sorted, mind you they are blaming eeach other about it. PHEW

So Chrisrmas music is on and Christms is going up 


Have been into town-could have swum there but caught the bus instead-bought a couple more gifts got wet and came home again-they had a temporary ice rink again- decided not to try and the German market is on again

There was a sad sight oh the meat trying to flog his stuff with no customers in front of his van-have no idea who he thought he was talking with his pork chops offer -but he kept going-you had to be there to find this funny

Like the idea of posting tree picture-will take it tomorrow as a  few of the pressies will be gone by Monday

Miss Becks

I don't want to go out in the rain! Can come straight home again though, so not so bad. And do my ironing!


Tree won't be up till tomorrow. Rain stopping play

Is everyone ok for next wednesday for Christmas tree photos. Jo does it give you time to sort it out?

Just visited greenhouse paddled my way to it!


Hello all, pouring here but a lot warmer than yesterday - I've even dispensed with the leggings!

It seems I've won a stay in a caravan! Must go and pack immediately!

Cubs party went well last night, but there was a lesson on sharing, and thinking of others (something Cubs are supposed to do). There was a game with dice and chocolate coins that could be won or lost - and of course at the end some boys had lots and others had none - but they all agreed to distribute the coins evenly at the end - with a little prompting! They also had a doughnut eating contest which they all enjoyed!

Jean, glad your daughter is settled - I'm sure she will be happier now.

Pam, lovely toys, but yes, where is the camel??

Inka, sounds like a tiring day but you seem to have achieved a lot!

Hope to get my tree done tomorrow - among other things. I've got a long list!



Hmm, I'll see if daughter can do something. OH wont be back here until he finishes for Christmas- which reminds me WHEN is he finishing? No idea!

Daughter actually cooking us a snack lunch! I'm regretting not doing the cleaning yesterday, it's so dark! Think she may start our tree later..... I need to get the decorations out of our wardrobe, hmm, do that before or after I hoover in there?

Really chucking it down out there.

Geoff you've reminded me about the wonderrful fish van on the market tomorrow- always a  queue.J.

Miss Becks

Oh dear Lottie. Can you come and give Jess that sharing lesson!

Wednesday good for me Bjay!


BTW Lottie, when actually is your birthday? J.


I think the weather gods are having fun at my expense. Did shopping and errands while it was a bit rainy thinking not too bad for dog-walking so stopped at suitable venue. By now the two youngsters were desperate to have a run and, as they jumped out of the car the heavens opened - bloomin' stair rods   

We all g ot very very very very wet.   Lily-old-dog was crying to go back, Pepper Baddog decided to do a disappearing act. To cut a long story short I have 3 dogs dripping all over the kitchen and I have just wrung out my trousers. Oh, by the way the rain has stopped and the sun's trying to come out  

Hope everyone else is keeping dry