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Guesses so far today are

The ice queen-father christmas

ps-moon choc

Is that it?-come on where are you?-lets be 'aving you

Clue again is-"something that we couldn't see last week-but if we choose- we can see this week-needs thinking about"


Official or unofficial, Jo? 20th Dec or 20th June! Won't be celebrating the Dec one, especially after the lovely tea party I had in June! And I'd hoover after you get the decs out - you may disturb dust etc. 

OH moaned the other night because I brought the Max/Min thermometer in to look at and brought a spider in with it.

Becks, will do my best!

Today's chocolate - no idea but thinking along the same lines as Jo - the moon? 


Flo-does that mean I can expect sun later this afternoon?

Cody- is going for his bi-monthly grooming shortly-doesn't look the same when it is done


Choco - no idea - random guess - a star!

Yes Jo am doing Christmas with vacuum poised ready to whirr into action at a moments notice

Furniture is moved, hall is finished accept for lights, dining area has been discussed.

Now for more action

Miss Becks

Geoff, choccie answer - Gavin and Stacey Christmas special!

Forgot to do todays pressie advent, and I expect EVERYONE to get this right, as it has been the most popular thing throughout the whole advent. It comes in two parts!


Gary Hobson

My guess for Advent chocy - the Great British Bake Off Christmas Masterclass (Tues). They will be making a Christmas Cake.


Bjay-is getting some action-might be away for a bit

My guess today Becks is one broken toy

Who mentioned spiders

Have take my picture in readiness

Pennine Petal
Decided not to go out as it is horrible, but have to go to docs later. Taking a break from marking.

Missed clue for chocolate, but will guess ivy!

Gary Hobson

Still have a lot of work to do decorating my tree, but hopefully should be finished by next Wednesday.



Yes, Geoff, sun for you briefly if the weather is moving east.

All out of guesses, sorry Becks and Geoffs


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha!! I get the feeling we're all bored with the guessing games!!


Flo-youv'e changed clothes again !!-we had a sunny spell for 45 seconds just now

King David is already a Christmas persona I suppose


Starting handles, that would be a good name for a thread, David

Geoff, I'm afraid change of clothes is rather a case of shutting the stable door after the ox and the ass have bolted

Miss Becks

Just drawn my curtains!! Not even 4pm yet, but so dark! Another chunk of ironing done!


Last week I went with Lily's other Nana to watch the middle school production of Ebenezer - it was brilliant Lily was in the choir
Yesterday Tolly was a Narrator in the infants school play - we didn't get to see it but Paul did a short video that we will be able to see
Next week we are going to Georgie's school to watch their Christmas concert- looking forward to it

The story I am going to tell you next may not make you laugh but it gave me the giggles this morning

My Sister's DIL is from Thailand and since she has lived here has a good command of English - little Emily her daughter- is in Nursery school and it was the christmas play yesterday - Emily was an Angel in it.
There is a little boy in her class who can sometimes be a bit of a handful and his mummy doesn't speak very good english but does talk to my Sister's DIL. Last week this lady asked about what the children should wear in the play and Emily's mummy tried to explain that they could be anything - - reindeer,shepherd etc.The lady said she understood.
As my Sister scanned the row of children in the play there were the 3 little Angels,a star,shepherds and wisemen etc and right the end - A policeman!  

Hi again

OH fell over vacuum, moved it fellover it again maybe I shouldn.t have kept it ready

Big room is christamas apart from tree, hall is christmas + as had extra lights

Dining area is lit but not finished. We have had enough too many heated discussions

This is the first time we have christmased this house, first year we were so cramped no room for a table never mind a tree so hung baubles in window, last year we moved into big room 2 days before Christmas so just had a tree, no time to decorate any where else, so this year trying to fit decorations from old house into new!!!!! Tricky especially as I can't remember what we have

Miss Becks

Pam, that is funny! Bless.


That is a great anecdote Pam Shame there isn't a recording - may get some money