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Miss Becks

Sounds good to me Hollie!! How's the new additions?

hollie hock

Hi Becks, they are lovely, sweet things, although the xmas tree is a bare one, one of them got tied up in the lights and of course tinsle and baubles.............

Watched "Triangle"  in the week, worth a watch I think, would be classed as a horror, but for me more of a psychological thriller.

Turned the TV off, as it was rubbish, Radio 6 mix much better


When are we going to see a picture of kits?

Becks I hav a recipe for play dough, lot cheaper than buying it and can make it colour of Jess choice. You can also slow bake it to 'save' special things. It is quite safe, probably more so than the bought stuff. If you would like I can post the recipe (cheap to)

Miss Becks

Ooh, yes please Bjay! She gets through tons of it! Mainly because she leaves it out and it goes rock hard!! Will jot it down tomorrow. x
Hollie, that just bought back memories for me! 2 kittens, me at work, one beautifully decorated tree destroyed!!

Off to bed now, madam is tired. Catch you all tomorrow.

Night lovelies!!


Just gutted about that shooting.Will they never learn? The guns were legal.


Jean Genie

Mornin festive forkers   Early start for me today . Playing catch up on Christmas . I've still got a lot to do so thought I'ld make an early start.

Nightmare with tree yesterday . Draped the lights on it and didn't check as they were L E D's - fixed them all nicely around tree and .............. NOTHING !   None working . Not impressed as they were new last year so had to rush out and buy more so tree still isn't finished. Put the rest of Christmas up though so only tree to do now.


Good morning forkers   Oh dear IQ (good initials!!!) bad luck about the lights  I hope the new ones last a bit longer!

More wrapping to do here!


Hola Ice Queen and Dove-we seem to be the only ones up

I think there is a naughty elf who sneaks round in early December sabotaging Christmas lights-for a laugh

Today's mystery choc-is something you can pick up at the South Pole

Back later


Choc-ice ?  Nah, let me think again - a Penguin ?


Geoff-a cold perhaps? no, an icecap! (not sure how it'd work as a choc though.....)

Am off now, to bathroom, or wont get going in time to see the choir singing. Byee, play nicely. J.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Fed the birds. It's mild, but more squelch, squelch, squelch underfoot.

little drama boy wrote (see)
... there is a naughty elf who sneaks round in early December sabotaging Christmas lights-for a laugh...

'Naughy' elves are also called gremlins. They can also play around with washing machines, computers, car engines, and phone lines. But naughtiness and malice is all in the mind of the observer. They believe they're doing the right thing - encouraging you to get a new, better and safer model. Some people call Ghostbusters. But it's wiser to take their gentle hint and upgrade.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, having a Saturday lie in. Lot's of Christmas stuff still to do, but no motivation to do it. Can anyone lend me some pls? I need to make lists, haven't even written the cards yet.

Hop you have a relaxing day and that your Chrissie activities are not too stressful.

Jean Genie

Morning again. Short coffee break before I commence with Christmas.  Getting on top of things now but a feeling I'm going to be knackered tonight.

I was laughing at Pam's story about the policeman and I've got a funny one , well , it may be a tad macabre .

My youngest Grandson is autistic and is having great difficulty on obtaining closure on Wren, the little cat that had to be put to sleep. He wants to visit the ''grave '' so we have told him that she had to be cremated so now he wants the ashes to scatter.

Daughter and I are now busy burning incense sticks like there's no tomorrow and collecting fag ash from those who smoke  . He's now happy as we've told him we are picking the ''ashes '' up from vet's next week.Even daughter was chuckling

Anyway - choc of the day - a polar bear . Must go Christmas awaits

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope you are all getting in a festive mood. Apologies for the absence but I try to keep up with you all.

It is a tragedy, Inka. There is quite often devastating news around Christmas.

I was going to say penguin too for the choccy guess so I'll say Ranulph Fiennes instead.



Glun you're not the only one who has not written Chrisymas cards. Other things keep getting in the way

I thought penguin as well so I'll change it to snowman for the sake of a good competition.!

Interupted by long pone call so back later



Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Jean, that is a great story. Will you tell him though when he's grown up! Shame about the lights though. I've had 3 sets blow this year.

Geoff, going for penguin as well!

Todays advent has 5 goodies. 2 edibles, and 2 items that you use the last item with!



My guess today-is a plastic knife and fork to eat Haribo egg jelly things-more buttons and a balloon

There is a real man's prize in today's site advent competition


Becks and any one else with littl'uns here is a play dough recipe, once made it will keep in a sealed plastic box until it's disgusting!!!!

2 cups of plain flour

1 cup of salt

2 cups water plus colouring (food)

2 tablespoons oil

2 teaspoons cream of tartar

Mix togehter put over a LOW heat and stir until mixture comes away from the edge of the pan -cool- knead-

Reday to use

Gary Hobson
little drama boy wrote (see)

There is a real man's prize in today's site advent competition

That prize - a little lectric saw - is a product designed for ladies.

Real men use their bare hands and their teeth.

Though some ladies would say that they are more able than some men.

Miss Becks

Making a Father Christmas beard should NOT be this complicated!

Thanks Bjay!!