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Time to reveal the mystery choc-easy one to day-mutiple winners-answer penguin -help yourself to the prize



Flo - I may have used filo pastry but the mincemeat was a good one with an extra slurp I always add at this time of year. I only used 3 sheets a pie, I think maybe 4 sheets next time, I'll let you know, I still have to make the usual though, just putting it off - too tempting 

The trouble is if you are a foody then ............

Decorated tree, looks as busy as ever, absolutely no style just loads of memories, including that lametta stuff that gets every where for OH.

Mini rolls are cooked, cooling then will freeze - always make small ones as no one really wants a 'gob' full at Christmas. Will make wholemeal ones tomorrow

Dog always gets very mystified - you know - "oh look a tree, in my Big  room, not allowed to sniff, not allowed to do anything else, can't even eat chocolates  "


" quick must find a tree, GARDEN phew!!!"

Deanos Diggin It

Evening All!

Yet another very long day! 

Drat! Missed out again! n I like Penguins!  (The Biscuit)

Well I like penguins too! 

Beck's....Gunna go with...Crayons, another colouring in of some sort n choclate coins! 

Best go bath n shave! Works Christmas Do this evening! Off Bowling! a few beers n a very nice curry hopefully! 

But must remember this year, to hand back the bowling shoe's, before I jump into the taxi for home! 

Jean Genie

Evening all, nearly done tree but having sit down now writing cards. Done a Dean !  Just leaned over and pain shot right up my back so resting it now. Never ever suffered with my back and want it to go away NOW !!!

  Anyone who suffers with their back has my extreme sympathies . 

Sounds like you are going to have a good time Dean - another who likes playing with balls.


evening all, not been able to pop in for a while, but have sort of caught up, enjoy the bowling Dean, Don't mention backs I.Q. I slipped a disc ten years ago and don't have a day without pain now, you just learn to live with it, really annoying when you like to do practical things, My house now sparkles like a new penny having been cleaned to within an inch of it's life, tree etc all going up tomorrow,. Christmas came early for me as I picked up my new greenhouse today, 8 x 6 in a nice powdercoated green finish with toughened glass, cant wait for the new year to get the base ready weather and bad back permitting. Beers and scd tonite yeah!    


Excited to be a winner  but not overly keen on chocolate biscuits   anyone want mine?  

Form an orderly queue ...................... 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)


Form an orderly queue ...................... 

Here you go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Jean Genie

 Hi Norm. how did Santa get THAT in his sack  Sorry to hear about your slipped disc and hope you are on the road to recovery.

Hope this isn't too drastic - got to much to do  

I forgot Beck's advent . Errm Haribo and magic clouring book and paintbrush - the one that you have to wet the brush and the pictures appear. Used to love them

Geoff . I can't keep up with your festive names - giving me a right giggle


Deanos Diggin It
I fell asleep in the bath! n am now running late! Taxi on it's way!
Catch ya all later!

Have a good Sat evening all!

SCD-we can see- as can everybody-people standing up and all that clappin'

I aim to entertain Jean-

-take some painkillers and rub in ibuprofen gel-works for me

Bye Dean

SCD, Now't wrong with a bit of clappin, calm down your not Craig  

OK you are


Well that is me done again-"see" you all again in the future



Wind has died down now, but it's very chilly. Christmas gifts are mailed, dinner is shopped for, and I am ready. Time for a hot bath and snuggling up with a good book!


Morning peeps

'tis Sunday and lie-ins are allowed-are we getting excited yet

Today's mystery advent choc is-something you may or may not have hung up -but you probably did last year


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

I don't normally do internet before bedtime, but went on the web last night to watch the SCD results come in in real time, from about 10.15 onwards.

It turned out to be very exciting. The drama was protracted for over an hour. It was far more dramatic and exciting than watching the Results show, where it's all over in a few minutes. The spoiler thread where these results were shown had over half-a-million views in a couple of hours.

After all that excitement my head was swimming with adrenaline, and it took ages to get off to sleep.

Intend to dress the Christmas tree today. Might knock up some creattive decorations using upcycled VHS tape.


Good morning - my body-clock doesn't understand Sunday lay-ins 


Well, you are just getting up, and I am off to bed. Hope your day goes well.