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Jean Genie

 Morning Dove, Gary and Geoff and goodnight Inka. Love the latest name Geoff !

Woke up at 6 with stupid back  so sent Hubbie for ibuprofen. Seems to have taken the edge of it but still can't understand what I've done. Wasn't lifting or stretching or anything  - felt like I'd been shot . Getting that stuff Geoff recommended today but glad it's not as bad as last night

Off to see Daughter later . We've got some bird feeders and fat balls for them. The new house backs on to farmers fields and can imagine they'll have a good variety of birds around. Boys know all the common birds now through watching them here and have taken an interest so thought we would get them some. Not daughters priority at the moment , I don't think .

Choc of the day - stocking

Have a good day festive forkers


Morning Forkers All

Another lazy start. I always said I should be a dormouse, I'm good at hibernating.

Off to sing carols in the market to collect money for dog rescue. Not alone, I hasten to add, there are proper singists there too.

Choc of day - fat ball


choco - stocking

Just hung washing on line!!!!

Hoping to make some more bread rolls, and actually write Christmas cards.

Fine enough and not so water logged so managed to walk around garden, The plants where it was most water-logged look very sad and not sure if they will survive. If I have time will put a bit more compost on the area. Is this the right thing to do??

See you later

Gary Hobson

Piling compost on top won't rescuscitate drowned plants. Best let things dry out, though there's not much chance of that happening.


I wasn't thinking of recusitation, just helping the soil to recover, if the plants live, they do, if they die so be it.

I htink drying out,  well next rain shower  and we're off again


Gary Hobson

Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil. It keeps the rain in. The best thing to help soil recovery might be aeration, or digging. Or you could let the worms do it for you. I guess the worms emigrate when the soil gets waterlogged, or frozen.

Pennine Petal
Morning, just lazing around reading a book.

Geoff, you have a way with words!

Enjoy your day.

Have just detached the drying begonia corms from the compost and dispatched weevil grubs to 6 gaping mouths-really satisfying

In the sun it is rather pleasant

Christmas table is laid-visitors arrive later


Pottie Pam

Good afternoon all,

Very festive table, Geoff. there dosen't seem to be room for all us forkers 

I steeped my begonia corms in provado for a few hours then let them dry out. I don't know if that was the right thing to do.



Deanos Diggin It
Morning/Afternoon whatever time of day it is?

Coffee needed! n my head hurts!

A good night was had by all!

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!! We're finishing Jessies Santa beard and boots today!

Apologies for not doing results of yesterdays pressie advent, but got back later than expected last night!

We did have 2 winners though, and they were Dean and Gary with crayons and colouring pictures! Yay! Bjay came second with just the colouring book!

Todays pressie is the same, so you can all have a guessing rest.

Geoff, choccie - Stocking! And your table looks lovely!! What time are you picking us up again??


Afters all.  FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA!!

Oops, sorry Dean, I'll sing a bit quieter. fa la la la la, la la la la.

Not quiet enough? Well, you could pay me to stop, of course

Had fun singing, would have headed over to So'ton afterwards for the feast if I'd known in time, Geoff!

Have just discovered I have no spare Christmas cards so can't start mine until I get some from the library tomorrow. And buy stamps. Not from the library.

Gary Hobson

My guess for Advent choc of the day. Well there are numerous things that can be hung up at Christmas - stockings, decorations, wreaths, mistletoe. We need an insight into Geoff's mind. What does he like to hang up?

jungle balls wrote (see)

Today's answer is Santa Claus.

Deanos Diggin It

Have you been drinking, smoked something unusual or Won the Lottery?
My, my! You are in a giddy mood!



Written all cards at last - had a shock at how many i have to post (cost) still must be done.

Bread dough is rising, christmas music is playing, Bing Crosby at the moment, not THAT one though!

OH has investigated the potatoes and dug up a couple of handfuls from near the top for dinner tonight. 

May go and see ancient parent later , home has called to say she's been up to mischief again(sigh)

Very festive table Geoff  Is there room fro all of us??

BecKs - bubbles, haribo, chocolate snowman

Deanos Diggin It
Yo B'j!

Right! Off to check on allotment, n run a few errands!
Pennine Petal
Afternoon, back from festive market, nice, but not enough stalls. Did manage to get the scrummiest chocolate brownie in an unusual little cafe though. Warm with cream, yummie!

Hope all goes well Geoff, table looks fab.

Making a list now of stuff to do.

Afternoon forkers another busy day, had to buy a new vacuum cleaner as ours blew up this morning,  It's been missing a few accessories and making strange noises for a while now and the pre christmas cleaning onslaught has finally seen it off. Tree is now up and front room decorated,  I am surrounded by garlands, twinkling lights and all manner of light up christmassy things and feel very festive indeed (could be the sherry imbibed during the decoration process), hope the back improves I.Q, & the head clears dean, nice table Geoff I'd give you a round of applause but then again..........


Back from ancient parent who was in fine form. Hope she can keep it up for when she meets Great Grandaugter for the first time next week. Never can tell.

Son has rung to say he has met a real live Zippy Bed Head but details are sketchy

Thanks Dean

It is great when Christmas is sparkling isn't it. Ours began yesterday, mind you the usual festive cheer to go with it isn't encouraged (WW), and greatly missed