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Zippy Bed Head wrote (see)

Have you been drinking, smoked something unusual or Won the Lottery?
My, my! You are in a giddy mood!

I just love singing, Dean, and I don't get to do it in much since I stopped being a teacher.

A real live Zippy Bed Head, Bjay? Intriguing   

hollie hock

Evening everyone, as usual it has suddenly dawned on me that the festive season is upon us

I do have a tree but it's completly bare and is found very frequently on the floor being dragged around. I have taken pics of the culprits but for some reason, even though I know the pic is on the phone, my laptop can't see them. I do have a very short attention span to technical problems, but will try again

Looking forward to the results show of the dancing, but very intrigued how how to watch the show in real time?

How come my smilies don't have the Santa hat?

hollie hock

Hi Flo, I like singing as well, turn the volume up and sing away



Sports personality of Year + SCD


Deanos Diggin It

Telly Dweller's!  

B'j! Your more than welcome! Hope ya can make use! 

Right! My day is done! 

Goodnight godbless all! 



Shall I sing Dean to sleep? Or would that be really cruel   

Have caught up with Strictly now so not worried about seeing accidental spoilers. Half-watching Sports P of the Y.

Hello JF, thanks for that  Falalalala lala la la !!!



Glor -or -or-or-or-or-or-or-or-or-or-or-or-ia in excelsis Deo !!


Oh Flo are you sure it's just adrenalin from a good sing song

Nice to hear it though, not often these days really. been singing corny Christmas songs all day'

Perhaps we could do a cyber choir - mind you I would be the flat one!!!

Dean is very generous, but description is still hazy Described  as busy !!!!!!! 


Bjay, I think the wine with my OH's excellent pork casserole and dumplings might have helped me shed a few inhibitions

Cyber-choir is a great idea. Doesn't matter if you're flat or sing like Jeremy Hardy, the rest can't hear you  



Slade used to play when I was training for teaching before they were famous

Pennine Petal
Awake early this morning, couldn't go back to sleep. Tried reading but the book light kept going on the blink, decided to get up and have some hot chocolate. Might have to go back to bed though!

Have a nice day all.

Good morning - I'm always awake at 5.30 - flippin body clock - it's great in the summer watching the sunrise etc - this time of year all I can do is noodle on the Board waiting for OH to wake up so I can start doing noisy things!  



Woke up at 2,woke up at 4,woke up at 6 ,got up at 7-I blame the party-goers on here last night

Todays Christmas choc has connotations of the early days of the BBC-think Christmas-one for the deep thinkers

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Nice and mild this morning. Lots of interesting telly last night. The right contestants went through to the SCD final, which will be a good one. Then watched Sports Personality.

jackie frost wrote (see)
Looking forward to the results show of the dancing, but very intrigued how how to watch the show in real time?

You can't normally watch the results in real time (unless you're lucky enough to have drawn one of the free tickets to the Saturday show).

The nearest you can get, is to have watched the thread just below. If you have the patience to read, in sequence, through the 1000-odd posts that were made during 2 hours on Saturday, you'll see why it was so exciting. It began with people guessing the time of the final result....


Power back on after being out for 5 hours--woke me up, but not for long. Had to go on line to find out who won Survivor--lights went off 1/2 hour in.Good result, from my point of view. And now back to bed, after resetting everything.


Nighty night Inka, nice sleeps.

Morning forkers all. I think we should play quietly until Inka is snoring and dreaming.

I didn't think SCD results were tension filled, just annoying with a 12 second gap. Right result really. I feel sorry that people don't like Denise much. Read some snotty comments on a thread somewhere. I want James to win and I think Denise is great. Next year get David Beckham to do the results show, he just opened the envelope and got on with it!

A choccy microphone, Geoff  

Bjay, that Slade song reminds me of my first-ever class. A first year in a Girls only secondary school; we cleared the desks for our class party and danced in a big circle to that tune. Quite a few times!

Gary Hobson

The advent chocy must be a Wreath.