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Miss Becks

I had no problems with their broadband Bjay. I had the fibre optic one. It was the TV part (BT Vision) that was crap.


I with BT-have had no problems-they seem to do a lot of offers for 6 months-it is a competitive market but I have heard there is hassle with changing-Becks coped ok though-isn't Plus-net supposed to be dirt cheap?

Also look at penalty clauses if you cancel

Just one of days Becks-tomorrow will be better-promise

Was the play a laugh ?-did they all behave?

Miss Becks

They were great!! They all remembered their lines, and there was a lot of waving at parents going on!!

Miss Becks

I'm a bit puzzled!! The lights that died on Jess's tree have suddenly come back on!! After a week! I left them on the tree when they went, because she'd decorated it and all, and put the new snowman ones on top of everything, and when I turned round a minute ago, her original coloured lights have come back on!!



Those elfs/gremlins are messing with you head and the leccy


Geoff- drawn a blank with trying too hard I think. Like Gary's suggestion, but shall say Holly.

Knew shouldnt have had that glass of vino...... 1st this w/end though. Forgot to take a bottle with me. Then we forgot to buy one &  a 'dry' works do for me! Wasnt the only driver though & meal was good after all.

Had brainwave earlier & fixed the tree lights onto the timer instead of a small lamp. Good, no grovelling under the table/chair to pull out the plug at bedtime. J.


Jean Genie

Glad you had a good time at the play , Becks. I remember when I used to go to see our lot. Great fun  

Written all the cards , thats me done - except I've forgotten to get an anniversary card for Hubbie. AGAIN  We were married Christmas Eve ( yes I know - daft day to get married ) and forget every year but have made a note for tomorrow

Jo , that's a brilliant idea ! I'm sure Ive got a timer somewhere. Save limbo dancing under the giant redwood.  Glad you enjoyed yourself.

I'm starving - time to raid the freezer. Not cooking tonight - think I've done enough.

Jean Genie

Geoff how come you've got pensive Christmas smileys ? I haven't got them.

Deanos Diggin It
I am now getting to the point where ya can shove Christmas where it don't shine!

Another extremely long day!

Hoping Santa shall reward well after doing all his dirty work!

No guesses tonight! Soz to be bah humbug! But I really can't be arsed!

I'm knackered!
Jean Genie

Awww Dean  Hope you feel better tomorrow. And a bit more festive

Have a nice bath and a chill


Hang in there, Zippy--it will soon be all over. Know what you mean--it gets a bit much, doesn't it?


Jean-you need to scroll down a bit when you click on smileys-I can see 19 with hats on-what about you?

That one is on the bottom line as these are

Pennine Petal
Evening, been marking all afternoon, haven't got anywhere near enough done. Family coming Sat and Sun, so must get the pressie buying finished. Just having a break to watch SCD2 and eat.

Geoff if you were DavidBowie, you coud be a lad in (sane)!


Todays choc-this was the clue-" has connotations of the early days of the BBC-think Christmas-one for the deep thinkers"-the answer was wreath -as in Lord Reith-which Gary worked out pretty early on- and then edited his reply

Todays prize is a £500 shopping voucher to spend in your local Comet electrical store from Thursday onwards-make sure you are there when the doors open



Jean Genie

Aha  I have them.  Thanks Geoff


jo that's a good idea. We always use the timers for outside but never thought of it for inside. Note for next year 


Am cross! Have just added to my Tesco delivery due tomorrow. They had sent me an e-mail re free delivery between certain dates, which it is, plus have now spent over a certain amount so have another voucher code for a price reduction. Can I add these voucher codes? NO! I'm sure I've done so before, but am blowed this time if the site will let me! Gave up, but it's cost me £!! And before anyone says cancel the order & start again -- I cant be bothered!!!

Poor Dean, Christmas isnt the best time for everyone. Soon over & I expect you'll be able to collapse then- literally by the sound of things. J.

Miss Becks

jo, I never mess with an order once I've placed it with Asda. Did it once, and it was a right cock up! Learnt my lesson there.

Dean, get a grip, misery! Once all the work is over, you'll have a blast!

Jean, it was her first play. Was so chuffed!

Glyn, me and you will both be partying Saturday! It's Jess's Birthday! We have the family coming as well!

Pennine Petal
I have to decide what to cook, Becks I like to send them away well fed. Watching Nigella for inspiration, none yet.