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Miss Becks

Then why have you put an embarrassed smilie, if you are so innocent! Now stop arguing the toss (pardon the punn) and do your punishment!


Okely-dokely-but can I take a book with me?

Miss Becks

Only if it's not Jimmy Saville!


I've got Gary Glitter and Jonathan King books instead

Miss Becks

You are let off the hook. I have to go. madam wants her milk.



Evening all! Not been around for the last couple of days, been busy doing stuff. Had the day off work today and we went shopping - got most of the presents sorted - then  we went to see The Hobbit. 

I've not had a chance yet to catch up on the posts, will do that tomorrow probably.

Almost all the cards are written (managed to persuade OH to help this year!!) and the tree and various decorations are up. Progress has been made!



Hello Lottie. Glad you could make it. What did you think of the Hobbit? I was surprised to hear that it's being made in 3 parts and that this part is only up to p.130 or something.

I bought and wrote my cards for posting today and got them done - just hand- delivered ones to do now.


I have tickets for The Hobbit on Wednesday. Any good? True to the book? That's all i want to know.


Whoopee! Suddenly remembered how to add vouchers to my order.  Phew- some £ saved. Not totally happy though as the 1 had got by mail wasnt accepted. I even went back to the mail & rechecked the code, yep, tried again & no joy- grr!

Washer still on, am gradually working my way through all the washing. Keep getting static shocks off tumble dryer though- ouch!

Bedtime now. J.



Nighty night all.


Well,my tree is finally up--I decided not to cut one down, and used my 2 foot wrought iron garden obelisk and lots of cedar prunings to create one. The house smells lovely, and it is the perfect size--I will only be having company for 2 days over Xmas,and debated over having one at all. It looks great!!!!. I will be roasting a special free range chicken with all the trimmings--there's just the 2 of us.

Power outage last night was only for 5 hours--was surprised, as I was resigned to it being out at least overnight--the whole island was out. It wasn't blowing too bad here, but it was wild on the Gulf side. Supposed to be well below freezing tonight, though. Hauled lots of wood outside the back door.


Awake too early again

Off for a pre-Christmas ball bashing this morning

To  day's mystery choc is- one of the three that was missed their breakfast

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

I have an easy day planned. I shall take a snap of the Christmas tree. It's not a posh one like Geoff's (which we've already had a glimpse of).

To add to the the discussion about Broadband suppliers: I used to be with Orange, and found the service was occasiaonally unavailable, perhaps for half-an-hour, perhaps once a fortnight.

Then last Autumn, on a very windy day, a branch of a tree brought the wires down. BT (who look after the wires) were out within an hour. Reconnecting wasn't easy, as the cable had to be threaded through trees, but I was impressed. BT had always been sending me offers, inviting me to switch to them, so I decided to do that. Switchover was simple and painless. I haven't had any trouble at all with my service now, for over a year. My service is just Broadband, and uses overhead copper wire. Haven't got fibre optics, or TV from them.

Jean Genie

Morning all , trust we are all well. Poor Dean, hope he's had a good sleep.

Well this time next week my hand will be up a turkey's unmentionable.

Can't believe the big day's only a week away. Have to brave the shops today. Not looking forward to it but need to check dates and things.Still haven't finished the snowflakes in the conservatory but I'll do a few a day. The boys love them and they do look nice and festive.

Enjoy bashing your balls Geoff,and Gary - I'm looking forward to seeing your tree adorned with V.H.S. tape.

Have a good day each and all.


Jean Genie

Forgot again. A wise man for the choc.

Pennine Petal
Geoff, is that no. 5 or no. 19. I'll go with shepherd.

Inka, good plan, I am doing a similar thing with branches and holly in a very large vase. I bet it smells wonderful. Would you be able to shout a hello to my family in Campbell River, you are closer than me.

Have a good day y'all.

Good morning all.

Hope everyone is well. 

Christmas preps are all well on course, presents bought and to be wrapped, house decorated, but still got baking to do.

I like that idea Inka, my daughter brought me a lot of  branches of bay,  and I was given some holly, so along with some rosemary I will have a go at doing a decoration for the conservatory. Should smell lovely, might do some oranges studded with cloves as well.

We are at a Christmas party and panto at Mums residential home this afternoon.

On the subject of broadband, we are with Virgin Media, cable, for phone as well, no complaints.

Guess for choccy is a Teddy Bear.

Have a good day folks.



Morning all, in between coughing fit....

Choc guess- a wiseman/king.

Having put all the deoration boxes back up in the wardrobe, now have noticed this morning that daughter has only deorated the one side of the tree! Ok t'other side isnt visible as next to a radiator & patio curtains, but that's not the point! I didnt notice it last night though when I closed the curtains & when the lights came on.... BTW timer for lights brilliant!

Since postie rang bell with small parcel for daughter earlier- I was up, but definitely not 'with it' - methinks she owes me..... J.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Woke up to no electric this morning, as I had forgot to top up the card yesterday with rushing around, so mad dash to the shops (without coffee ) to do that!

Everything back up and running now. Not decided what jobs to tackle yet.