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Miss Becks

Don't worry Gary! I already took a pic of your tree for you!

  Only joking sweetie! Just made me giggle! 


Hi all

Late as WW check in day 

Becks- that really made me laugh  OH says that all you have to do on 12th night it take a pin to it - job done.

Choco - teddy bear

Thanks for all answers to BT - still thinking about it - will ask neighbour who changed to it a while back if I ever catch them in

Gary Hobson

I do like the concept tree, using blown-up Marygolds, I guess. I hadn't thought of doing that.

I can't recall ever seeing blown-up Marygolds before. They remind me of udders.


Udder brands of rubber glove are available Gary. Maybe you're think of Sainsburys own

I am sadly treeless though hoping to source one by the weekend.

I'm with Plusnet, should anyone be interested, and have always had excellent service and rarely, if ever, lose the connection.

Choccy hedgehog, Geoff. They hibernate so won't be up in time for breakfast.

Hello Everyone, by the way.

Pennine Petal
OH gone out, so an hour to myself. Dentist this aft. Just ordered my Sainsbugs reward vouchers, which will pay for a tank of fuel. I obviously spend too much there, but we also have Tesco and Co-op vouchers to spend.

Loved the glove tree Becks, we have a box of those in the drawer. That could keep the kids occupied at the weekend!

Catch you later.



Back again.

Had a 'not so quick' nip to Trafford C for some last miute shopping, plus coffee........

It's sunny out there now, but no wind so tumbler on again!

That tree---- even daughter had a snigger!

Have entered as many GW competions as I can today, to see if can win things for daughter as well as me, you never know. Has anybody won anything yet?

Ok off to make some food- cauli I think. J.

Miss Becks

They are actually surgical gloves, and some nurses made it as a 'make-do' tree on a hospital ward! Very clever!


Am back-I see the tone is at the usual level

Postman has just been with the last amazon pressie-that is definitely,definitely it

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. We all say that Geoff!

Jean Genie

I'm back too.  Shops not very busy but some of the dates on the food weren't very good . Probally should have left it till later in the week. Suppose I'll have to join the Merry Throng at the weekend.

That's THRONG Geoff - THRONG.

Becks - Love that tree

Miss Becks

Doing my food shop Monday (Christmas Eve)! I love the hussle and bustle of everyone panicking as if the world is ending!


This really made me smile, 

In fact lots of things are making me smile. At the moment waiting for the men to come and fix the new blind so that we can sleepin peace, Really pleased with the service, buy local again, not too costly and gfast service

Quick break while son held cat to put flea suff on, it hurts her so it is unpleasant but it stops her getting poorly again.

I thought I'd finish the shop today but also found date stamps were quite short so I guess we'll have to go on Thursday and fight the crowds




Did some ask for a throng? I'm a singing fairy. I'l give you a throng.

Oooooh ! The weather out-thide ith frightful and the fire ith tho delightful ....

I've had that as an earworm all day so hoping to pass it on now

Jean Genie

Flo !  Oh well back on snowflake duty. Is tomorrow our Xmas tree day ?


Supposed to be Jean-if everyone wants it to be

Flo-you are through to the live shows-where Simon is waiting