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Oooh, a Christmas Miracle would be good (for a change) otherwise OH will be learning to use the food processor to make stuffing for a chicken tomorrow!  

Jean Genie

*Morning everyone  Yo ho ho ! It's nearly here .

Got back quite late last night and was going to have a poodle round on here and Hubbie spotted a pile of cards on sideboard which I'd forgotten to give out. Had to race up to other friends house and then stayed there for a few hours. By the time I gotr back I was wacked !

Sorry to hear Dove and Dean are not so good so sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

Have a very Happy Christmas everyone and thank you all for being my cyber-friends and for all the advice and help.

Going to be cooking most of the day and have to make a shed load of chicken liver and brandy pate. I have to make it for the world and his wife now.  

Be back sometime later and Beck's - glad you're back.


Pennine Petal
Mmm, that sounds nice Jean, I am partial to a bit of p??t?? on toast!

Dove hope you are feeling better, I will keep my fingers crossed re the processor! - as long as he remembers to put put he lied on properly or it could get messy!
Jean Genie

Just popping back. Very happy to report that 2 flowers have opened on the jasmine.

One very happy festive bunny here !  Going to give it some more mist spraying today and you never know - It may just burst into life for the big day.


Pennine Petal
Just watching the news with the Queen's message, that's just not right, putting it on before Christmas Day! It's like announcing what he PM is going to say before he gives the speech.

Good news Jean, mine is still flowerless.



Morning all.

My Christmas dinner last night was excellent and I'm glad OH and I had it at our leisure. We're not having pressies until Tuesday, though and it won't be until after he gets in from work 

Off to dog rescue office this morning; we had an appeal in the local paper for food and towels on Sat. and have had dozens of phone calls so someone needs to be there to receive them.

Have fun with your preparations all.
Dean and Dove, get well soon.

Choccy: one of the large moons of Jupiter. Er... Io, probably, as it looks golden and festive


Ok still no idea who Christmas Rose is...?

Choc of day-star.

Teens/kids/people down the back of us last night- I thought next door were entertaining in their conservatory when turned off the tv, but no.....oh well, at least no running up/down alleyway & all was quiet when bedtime.

Daughter says that when you go to bed on CEve when you get up should be CDay, but not if you went to bed at about 3am after work! She said tesco was really quiet again.....

Off to sort, may be back later if I can sneak on- much grumbling going on. Dont worry the first of them to open their laptop...... J.


Just watched James May's Flight Club from last night-terrific

Two Ronnies on-then more Only Fools

Jo-Christmas Rose would seem to be a mystery guest-not a regular

Everbody seems to be getting excited and in the mood




I thought I would just pop in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

You all seem in festive spirits, except for the poorly ones. I have been busy with shopping and making decorations, but most of my time seems to be taken up with catching up with my sleep. I forgot how tiring children can be at Christmas.




Oh heck. OH has just offered to give daughter her first 'do it yourself' lesson in drilling a wall.....

Kate- well done on surviving. Hope you get chance to chill out over the hols & remember-delegate!

Have done the phone banking, got food out of freezer for tonight, amid cries of 'where is it?' -I really must do a good sort out of that after the hols- next to find & sort out the Christmas tablecloth we always use. J.

Pennine Petal
Kate, I'm with you there. Exhausted this morning, so just lazing around watching TV. Popped out for some bread around 9.30 and cars were queuing to get into the car park of the local Co-op as I was leaving. Just watched Sharpe, always worth watching Sean Bean in britches!

Afternoon All

We are all nicely hungover!!!!!

Good family do, but it seems daughter is coming tomorrow for her stocking!!!

About to baby sit while her mum & dad go out for lunch - oh joy!!

You all seem very busy on herre and haven't caught up with everyone 

Did notice Becks.

Had a great metal seed box as a present , one of those you put seeds in month order, started putting packets in and giving surplus to son.

Am now going to attempt to send you all Christmas greetings but it may not work


OH went into local shopping centre -queues everywhere-gave up -nothing urgent needed and came home again

Kate -nice too see you again-please do not be a stanger

Jo-you remember -delegate

Glyn-don't forget the pics


Bjay-it worked -super ,great ,smashing,



Hi All.

We (at the dog rescue) have a lovely big heap of food, blankets baskets and toys. Some of the toys are wrapped in Chrissie paper. Hoping to get Pepper dog to sit still on/near the heap while I take a photo.

Scroogey-old-chappesse, so lovely to see you. Have a proper relax - you deserve it. As do all the other teachers, of course.


Oh I do delegate on 'the day'. I have no choice. CDay in 01 was admitted to hospital. In 02 tried to 'do' it all & failed miserably, so now about 10am am kicked out of kitchen until 7pmish. All requests for food & drink via the serving hatch & often wear a pair of earplugs, but dont tell them, to drown out the yelling from within! Washing up will be pretty well done & I do 'button it' when things not quite as I would do them. Works for us. J.

Hi guys, thanks for the card Bjay, lovely. Guess for choccie is Elle Macpherson ok better say star but I know which I'd rather find in my calendar, Off to pick up parents shortly, wishing you all a peaceful and joyous christmas.


Pennine Petal

Not quite a tree, but they look very pretty is situ....