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Happy Boxing Day

Saw that bit Chris-people looking through tv shop windows-the Radio Rentals days-aah

The Royal Family was crude ,very funny and soppy

Miranda tonight and more Mrs Brown's Boys,Dancing Dogs,and a drama about Tippi Hedren

Did anyone see Paul O'Grady at Battersea Dogs Home?-Camilla is a dog lover-never knew that

The Millenium Trilogy films are on Channel 4 for the next three nights for the Scandinavian drama fans

Funny day- Boxing Day



Morning all   Feeling much better today - I think a walk across the marshes before lunch is likely.  

Has anyone else found this?  - it's lovely to unwind to.

Gary Hobson

Morning jolly festive forkers,

Another day for gorging, watching telly, and playing with your Kindles and other pressies.

Glad Dove is feeling better, and Becks' broadband seemed to be mended.

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

... - I think a walk across the marshes before lunch is likely....

Wouldn't mind having a walk through the marsh myself, but walking over the lawn in this condition just makes it worse.


No tv for me today, we are off to the in-laws, there will be lots of food and I expect some games too. In previous years they have been abandoned when it all gets a little competetive. but we have never got as far as boxing

Jean Genie

Morning forking folk.  Looks like everyone had a good day. All that prep and now it's gone  but really enjoyed it.

Managed to work our way through most of the food but think I went overboard on the turkey.

Oh well, now for the big clean up , a nice relaxing bath and off to friends to start all over again.

Turkey sandwich anyone ?



Morning all.

Happy Boxing day!

OH has snaffled my present that he bought me & I need to learn how to use it!

May be gone some time.....J.


Morning everyone.

Recovering from yesterday and 2 days ago. Still trying to remember why we had Christmas on Sunday as yesterday mornrnig the house was full of the family opening pressies. I did have to supply daughter with a steamer, pudding basin!! and my hand held food mixer so she could cook her dinner. Was fine until i came to make yorkshire pud for our beef, - no food mixer!!Ho Ho

Clean up will be a slow affart as I have some fruit bushes that need heeling in, and garden always takes 1st place.

Don't think I want to dirty my wheelbarrow though

Pennine Petal
Morning all, I like Boxing Day, cold turkey and bubble and squeak, yummie. Didn't have any Christmas pud yesterday, got one of those fancy ones with cherries in the middle from Sainsbury's . Couldn't get one for love nor money last year, but plenty on the shelves this year. hope that doesn't mean no-one liked them last time around. I guess I'll find out later.

Happy visiting or playing with pressies.
Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

We only got up half hour ago! My internet is back (I think). It has gone off a couple of times, but looks like some progress is being made!!

Today Jess has the day planned. Playing games all day! Suits me! But I am getting sick of removing cellophane, clips on cardboard and cutting off tags!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

Deanos Diggin It
Aftie's all! : )

Well we have all had brunch, middle daughter her partner n the little guy's who stayed last night that is, n now gone to spend today with their other Nan n Grandad.

OH at work! So a very peaceful afternoon shall be spent organising sowing/planting plans for the forthcoming season!

Enjoy your afternoon's all!

 We tried to go for a walk across the grazing marshes this  morning but we should've borrowed a boat - our walk was a little curtailed 


Afters all.

We had cold pork and bubble & squeak yesterday, Glyn - very nice - as our Christmas dinner was on Sun. Jacket spuds today with whatever is to hand in the fridge or cupboard.

Did two walks at the dog rescue this morning, have been lolling and doing crosswrods etc ever since. Need to take my dogs out but it's windy and rainy now   S'pose I'd better grit my teeth and get into the wet weather gear then I can sit down with the Radiotimes and plan this evenig's viewing & recording.

Have fun whatever you're doing.



Spent mornng planting fruit bushes and strawberry plants supplied by a generous forum member 

I have raspberries that are just heeled in -  not sure where to put them and need weather to prepare a new bed for them.

Wheelbarrow still in kitchen, well can't get wet can it  I have a long thin kitchen so room to cook prepare etc without moving the pink thing. OH wonders how many people keep wheelbarrows in kitchen Ho Ho

Just watched Mr Stink, Enjoyed

Now its pouring with rain so pleased I managed garden before the real onslaught, Don't think I've ever gardened on Boxing Day before.

Caz W

Afternoon Boxers.  Lazy day today catching up with recorded progs - Joanna Lumleys documentary about Noah's Ark and Downton (love it when you can whizz through the ads).  Going over the border to visit son in Croydon tomorrow for a couple of days so more food and pressies ahead.

Tinker Santa Hat wrote (see)
Clean up will be a slow affart

Must be the sprouts - open those windows BJay


Definately sprouts  

Must make a note that when Caz is around always dubull chek the ritin what i have rit


Deanos Diggin It

Caz! Must admit! I did clock it! 

But being the festive session n all that! 

Caz W

Hey Dean, I'm just surprised that I beat Geoff to it

Deanos Diggin It

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Yeah! Get ya! Lol! But he is very quiet today! Otherwise occupied I is thinking! 


I'm here- been catching up on viewing before more viewing /recording fest again later

Seen Downton -and the predictable ending-no spoiler

I see our friendly neighbourhood troll is back using yet another id-just a warning not to rise to the bait