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Becks- move away from the fridge


I'm here, Been hobbit watching.

I watch and chat on settee geoff, Probably why i put in so many spelling mistakes

Now for rebecca

Weighed and put on bit of weight so watching a little again, until New Years Eve and Day, thing is too many good things about, and if I see, need to eat


Pennine Petal
MUFC and Newcastle, Fergie shouting at everyone!
Miss Becks

Yes, we had had a full day playing!! She's worn me out!

It's not fridge stuff Geoff! That's the problem! If I swivel my computer chair round, I have on the table behind me a full selection of sweets, chocolates, cakes, crisps and other munchables!

What about me Bjay???


But I've just lost it!!!

But walking past that cake - yum

Anyway you run around after a 3 or is it 4 year old all the time, sure keeps you fit etc.

Mind you did get a bit of gardening today

Gary Hobson

Morning festive forkers,

It's a strange week. I guess a few people might be back at work today.

Was half-inclined to visit Homebase today to see if anything was going cheap. But am feeling too lazy to bother.



Still dark out there, OH already doing his paperwork & daughter will be off to work soon- Gary she worked yesterday.

Tablet taken, timer set & am supposed to be unloading dishwasher.....

Keep finding half used packets, plates of 'all sorts' so todays' meals will be a bit odd I think. Always use up left-overs. There were comments on radio yesterday about people nowadays not knowing what to do with them....

I will weigh myself first thing tomorrow as nurse will ask me....... Ooh, breakfast allowed now. J.


Good morning!  Daughter was back to work yesterday! that's retail for you.

I'm doing a bit of parent-visiting I would've done Christmas Eve if I'd not been  , then onwards for lunch with son and DIL.  I'll leave OH here to fend for himself - there's plenty of leftovers for sarnies.

As for people not knowing what to do with leftovers, it's because they can only follow recipes nowadays, they don't understand ingredients, techniques and flavours - they have to be told.  No one has any confidence in cooking any more and they think it should all be like restaurant food rather than basic family cooking - shall I get off this high horse now? 


No, I'll join you! J.


Bet you've fed/let out chooks & Cody though before going back to your pit.

BTW all those papers/articles etc I collect over time have been sorted & recycled in the majority of cases. Cant find Septembers' copy of a mag though, did take on holiday & remember reading it on the plane- hmm wonder where it's ended up? J.


Jean Genie

Morning all.  Had a nice day at friends yesterday . Good conversation , great food but my turn to drive so no alocohol was consumed. To be honest , I didn't really mind as hubbie has done most of the driving over the hols.

I could have done with an other hour in bed but he wants to go SHOPPING today  so will have to muster up the energy - cant be bothered but will have to go. That means lunch out which I really begrudge as we have a mountain of food here.

I totally agree with you both Glyn and Dove on the subject of leftovers - all you need is a little imagination and virtually everything can be used up. I bought too many veggies so yesterday they were blanched and frozen.

Oh well. Off to trudge around the shops.  Catch you all later.



Am up now-just done the swimming run-loads of traffic going into town-probably to IKEA

You are right Jo-did do my duty at 7.30-wish the mornings were lighter-and drier

Now to tidy up a bit-whilst it is quiet-bin-men coming tomorrow

What are left -overs?


Morning early risers.

Dove, I'm on the high horse with you! I'm great with leftovers too, absorbed the habit from parents who were brought up during rationing era - and with modern freezers there's no excuse for wasting stuff. And there's the compost heaps and the wormery and the chooks ...

I'm going to have to brave some shopping today and tomorrow as we have my sister with husband, daughter and dog coming on Sat. Haven't got any pressies for them yet!!!!


Well it's cheese rissoles tonight, plus veg. I need to see if any 'fresh' herbs around for the mixture, otherwise dried will do. It uses up all the part open cheese bits & the rissoles are equally yummy when cold with a bit of pickle! daughter saysthey're better that way.

Decided against going to the GC sale today. Need to do some cleaning of sorts. Who emptied the shredder into the bag, for composting, & didnt take care so bits everywhere? Not me I might add..... & as for the floor in workshop/study! Daughter off a couple of days next week so she & me will go instead. I probably will have to stop her buying sale plants for the house garden! But have to admit have already fished out a couple of books for her & ordered one from Amazon that she'll find very useful! 'Old garden, New Gardener' by GH & Gay Search. Absolutely spot on for her situation. I still refer to my well thumbed copy. J.

plumstrudle wrote (see)

Gay Search. Absolutely spot on for her situation. I still refer to my well thumbed copy. J.

Oh my giddy aunt


Oh heck, I've just re-read what I put..... Off to get busy now..... J.