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Morning All

We use our left-overs as well, why buy food when there is still plenty left.

Perhaps its the gardeners thrift in us, or maybe.....

We had 2 chucks for Christmas, they are a coppery brown colour 

Not doing sales at moment but maybe later in month as we need towells, not very exciting. 

I have now got to start planning the ancient parents 90th birthday celebration, I am hopin there will be some large joints of gammon reduced when I hit the shops tomorrow

Raining here AGAIN Pleased I managed to get those plants in yesterday. Still have no idea where to put the raspberries!


Bjay, what a lovely pressie. Hope they settle in well.

No rain to speak of here this morning. OH told me there was torrential in the night with thunder and lightning, dogs banging on baby gate; I slept through it all


Now dismal rain has turned to lovely sun, just can't walk around garden to survey it, I do not paddle


Was going to say morning all, then looked at the time!
Afternoon all!

Having a relaxing and eating leftovers day! I was out Christams Day but had a family gathering round at home for Boxing Day so I had a busy time cooking.

Sounds like everyone had a good Christmas with new toys to play with.
A bit on the drizzly side here, I keep looking out at what I may trim with my new secateurs!

Kettle on time I think, will see if we even cut the Christmas cake today

We've just eaten the last of the pud & cream. Good after beans on toast!

Will probably need to use some long life milk until OH & me shop on Saturday. I can also see him shopping again before the NY as he's going back on NYDay & he emptied his fridge before he left. Suppose it depends on the date stamps we get on Saturday.

Right, Mrs Mopp's duties still calling.....J.


Jean Genie

Afties . I'm back. Knew I shouldn't have gone. My purse has taken a right battering but got some bargains. Glad we went early though. As we were coming back the queue on M6 was horrendous on the other side.

I am now busy doing nothing - have a good mind to put my jim-jams on.  Please. please don't let me have any visitors today . I intend to cabbage all afternoon in between visits to the fridge and the chocolates.

Right - feet up time .


just finished stilton and brie with bikkies and a glass of port yum.  birds are going mad in the garden with full feeders and fat peckers.  got bird box and outdoor clock for chrimbo so been looking for sites. I'd put p.j.s on Ice Queen if i didn't have to go to mum & dad's for buffet tea!   Roll on feet-up Friday  xXx

Pennine Petal
Hope it wasn't another accident Jean.
We haven't even started our pud yet Jo!

OH had a hospital appointment today, chest x ray and blood test - he hates needles. All done quickly though, not too many people about.
Pennine Petal
Hello Budlia, I live over the hill from you!

If you have any Stilton left, Nigel Slater's field mushroom with Stilton and walnuts looked good.


Afternoon all-and hello budlia

Watching Alice in Wonderland then the Tippi Hedren thing

Must stop eating


Just done quick dash to shops. Friends coming for drinks and nibbles this evening and didn't have any nibbles. Forgot they were coming, Whoops!

Only went round to local co op, found what i needed.

Hi Budlia 


Don't know Glyn-don't eat this much any other time-what is it about Christmas??-have got through half a tub of Celebrations-haven't started on the Maltesers yet

Funny word -nibbles

Jean Genie

I have been nibbling. I intend to keep on nibbling !  Just found the last piece of Bailey's gateaux lurking in the fridge ! No Glynn - not another accident , Just me well and truly knackered.

Funny that. Hubbies idea to go shopping. I ended up with a coat, a skirt and 3 tops. He ended up with zilch.

Hi Budlia - still in day clothes up to now but things may change after gateaux .

Bjay - if I was feeling sociable your lot could have come here for nibbles.

But I'm not !



guess who is playing angry birds


Am cream crackered & all emotional.  'B' drugs!

Now have a cuppa & plan to flop for a bit. I need to assemble the rissoles- mixture needs a couple+ hrs to 'mature' so bowl is in the cool porch, as no room in fridge.

No idea when nurse planning to come tomorrow. You watch the phone ring just as I nod off.... J.


Hi again - bit disappointed that only Flo commented on my Chucks we had for Christmas, still it caused some mirth

Here are my 2 chucks

 They are solar powered!! Had to keep label on them for instructions.

Anyone know how to change date on a camera, it seems to be 2 days behind?

Jean Genie

Bjay they are lovely  I thought you were talking about the one's you eat ! I have a couple of copper cat ornaments - same pattern but not solar powered.

Camera - Hubbie says go into main menu and it will be there.  Too technical for me.

Gateaux been consumed

Who would that be , Geoff ?


Bjay - you little tinker! Or should that be tinkler?
As you hoped, I was deceived into imagining real feathery chooks   I think they are gorgeous, though, and will cost nothing in food or vets bills. Why do they need solar power? What do they do?

There's bound to be a 'settings' tab in a menu on your camera and within that a time/date/display option. Sometimes you have to hunt for it, though.