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Jean Genie

  Just woke up - missed most of Downton  Good job it's been recorded.

Evening Dean


I have had xmas smileys fro a long time 

Tink....... should be the clue, Perhaps you need to have a sleep Geoff

Dean, make a list of what you want it to do, price, attachments and take it from there.

Love to have cheesy rissole recipe Jo . have you got one or is it in your head?


My pressie was a 'baby' Kindle- cf yours Geoff. Think have just about got the hang of it....

Bjay will post the recipe later or tomorrow- need to go & cook them now! J.


Have found Becks-we can all sleep well





Thanks Jo

Jean Genie

The butler could have done it for all I know Geoff   Catch up with it again.

No idea whats on tv tonight so think I'll investigate.

Mmm cheesy rissoles

Deanos Diggin It

My Broadband just Flatlined------------------------------------------------

Reset button pressed! See how we go!  

Evening Jean! 

n yeah! Thinking ya right Geoff n B'j! Keep it simple! Mainly browsing! So would be silly to go extravagent! 



Dean-I think you will get something for general purpose for around £250-£300

Deanos Diggin It

We'll see how we go! I just hate shopping n shopping centres! 

Right! Off to eat,shower n get ready for day 2 of madness following the very small break some of us get! 

Catch ya all later! 


Deanos Diggin It


 Proper Real Cheese! 

Right! I is orf!!!!

Zippy Bed Head wrote (see)

Right! I is orf!!!!

That explains the cheesy smell


LOVE the copper chooks, Bjay!!!! They will look fab in yor garden!

I am suffering from a food hangover[in more ways than one]--so today I've done cleanup, taken apart the "tree"--it was very dried out, and cleaned up the results of too many treats for the dogs!! Niece is safely back in Vancouver, and I am enjoying the peace and quiet. Took a huge tray of home-baked sweets--tarts and cookies, etc down the hill to my sweet-toothed friends for Boxing Day, and that's me done til next year.



Ok, ignoring all those comments- this will take me some time & advance apologies for typos etc!

Ingredients- serves 4, or 3  with left-overs which when cold equally yummy! BTW non metric-

4oz feta, grated. (need to drain this well or mixture very wet), 4oz grated gruyere & 4oz grated cheddar. You can actually vary the cheeses, but I always do include the feta for some reason, as long as 12oz in total for 4 people, (today's was feta, sage derby, cheddar)

3 tblspoons chopped mixed herbs- fresh when in season- or a good pinch of dried like today,

2oz plain flour, white or wholemeal, plus 2 (1 fine) good pinches of cayenne pepper, & later more 'seasoned' flour for 'dusting' the rissoles. I tend to use white flour in the mixture & wholemeal for the dusting, but dont think it'd matter if you tried other versions.

2 large eggs, or medium/small if that's what you've got.

2 tblespoons milk- semi, skimmed or full,

salt & pepper.

Method- Flour, seasoning, cayenne into large bowl & then whisk in the 2 eggs & then the milk until a smoothish batter. Stir in the grated cheeses & herbs.

Cover the bowl & leave in a cool place for at least 1hr- I make the mixture first thing in a morning & cook them in the evening.

Now this is where it gets messy & sticky! so ignore the door, phone etc.....

Have a plate covered with greaseproof paper or baking parchment ready & a small plate/shallow pudding bowl containing the seasoned flour also ready.

Take a tablespoonful of the mixture at a time, roll to shape- you can flour your hands first to make it easier, but you'll still get sticky- & dip rissole into the seasoned flour, then put on t'other plate. Mixture is suppose to make about 12, but it does vary.

Fry them in oil of choice, not using too much oil, for as long as it takes to brown them on both sides. They are often quite sticky to flip over, especially if the original mixture was a wee bit wet.

Serve hot with vegs & cold cranberry sauce, like today, or baked potatoes & salad in the summer. They are very good cold eaten 'neat' too! Pickle or chutney optional!

There you are- my take on a recipe for what we call cheese rissoles. J.


Thanks Jo will note it down later. friends never came, sounds like he's got flu. just watched Panto - Oh yes I have

thanks Inka about the chooks. Will try and photo them in summer.

I have got cross with a thread. Flower beds can be replenished I will not reply again to him.

Pennine Petal
Just watched the first part of Restless, enjoyed it, but a bit convoluted at times. Will see what the next part brings.

Eaten too many chocolates tonight, note to self, move them away from the settee!

Yes a flooded one Troll?

Now watching film on itv3 - dead corny saw it at pictures, feel in need of sloppy story

Also drinking wine bought for friend and eating christmas cake