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Hi all what abrill set of folks. I just got back from M&D's and walking the dog.   my family are as mad as a bucket of frogs I was the only one drinking too much and kept filling mum's glass only had wine and bucks fizz. ate loads of scrummy lamb, veg, trifle, cake and choccs got back and guzzled can of lager. OH and i not on speaking terms after he told me he was too tired to watch 'Girl with dragon tat' said he was having a warm drink and bed.  iread my kindle for ages and then wandered down stairs to find him watching footy  grrrr nother beer I think


just join in the Forkers. Very quiet at moment with forkers., Oh and watch corny movie and join me in a glass of wine. My OH gone to bed.


thanks tink will just nip down for fag and get drinkie


back with glass of pouilly fume (lovely even before it was mentioned in the last 50 shades book!)


Not read them -- I'm on rose, not my favourite but it was chilled! - friend likes it.

I'm usually Bjay



just spotted seed swopsies thread and  we need to get a proper list somehow it seems a great idea


Yep, lists are for during the day, hard to follow tis late.



soz Bjay think it mayb zzzzzzzzz time nite (imagine smiley with night cap) x

Jean Genie

Morning forkers.  Strange day here. Very still and quiet . No birds around at all and no birdsong. Bit odd really as we replenished the fatballs , block and table yesterday so having coffee looking at nothing.

Hope it's not a sign of a storm brewing.

Sounds like you've had a good time inka.

Jo, that recipe looks really good. Hubbie going to paste it in a folder for me and then I can print it off. I'm not very technical.

We have been invited to a New Years Eve party so I'm not eating or drinking much inbetween. Ate far too much yesterday and ended up being a couch potato , nodding off all evening so going for a big walk today and going to do some cleaning.

Have a good day all.


Morning all - housework and cooking day today - pavlova and Christmas Pud ice cream to be made - visitors for lunch on Sunday 

Must remember to turn that amaryllis round every day - it's growing diagonally 

Have a lovely day everyone 

Pennine Petal
Morning all, I'm off to the docs in 10. Had a hole in my face from an infected cyst, it's all dried up now, so hoping to be released from visiting the nurse. They were great in my local practice.

I need to go on to the resolution thread and write I must not put things off!

Quiet here too Jean, no birds about either, hedge sparrows very quiet.

Catch you later.

Morning Jean and Dove. Wonder where everyone else is this morning.
Nice to have a new bug on board. Hello Budlia ~~ Flo waves.

Didn't come out to play last night - got lost in a book. One made of paper and pages.

I have a day of preparations for visitors tomorrow. Have a good day all.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Just back from Sainsburys. Very quiet there, and I had a very light shop, only needed to get bread and milk.

(Have other stuff in fridge. Am not intending to survive on bread and milk).

Pennine Petal
I'm back, have to go back in a week sadly. Ah well, great service. Found a red pen in my coat pocket, now ink all o er my hands and car keys!

It's wet and cold out there, not nice at all. I'm going to have a quiet morning and maybe do a bit of work. Got to get ready for HK in Jan. Might go to the GC sale later on, need a large pot for the Garden Christmas tree and some new shiny things for my my arrangements.

Have a good day all.
Jean Genie

Hopefully it will be the last time Glyn.

May pop out in a bit. Same here Gary - just need bread and milk and some cleaning stuff. Just found a squashed choc under sofa cushion.

And it's a caramel one.











Morning all. Horrible here, dark,windy, damp.

Have to go to supermarket shortly for supplies, hopefully last till next week then.

Also will look at recipe Jo. Not sure about putting in a new folder though - sounds a bit technical. Will probably resort to old fashioned pen and paper. Same with books, Flo, I like the feel of turning the page!


Morning all-stayed in bed watching Swedish film with sub-titles-still got an hour to go and there is the final part tonight-but recording that

Just been asked what I want for dinner tonight -who plans menus this early?

Not going out-still got oodles of TV to watch



I can only get on GW website through e-mails sent me. Anyone else having this problem. Keep getting the Ooops sign


It is working -OK for me