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Web site back to normal.


I have been looking at the seed swap thread-it is getting bogged down with people thanking others for sending seeds instead of using the messaging system which makes more sense-don't get it

It would be easier -if they just listed available seeds and then swapped behind the scenes so to speak-would keep it shorter and more to the point surely?


Just checked GH. Sweet peas are coming nicely and look quite good 

Some of overwintering seedlings also look good. Wonder what will happen when cold spell hits again.

Have priced some bags of manure, thinking about that. I do need seed compost, last year I had one that had glass in so am wary. Did think I might use John Innes but read somewhere it is a bit heavy for small seeds.

Any one any ideas/opinions? I know there isa ong compost thread, just need a short input.

Jean Genie

Hahaha . Today is known as Frazzled Friday - I've just been reading that it is the day to watch a good film and keep the curtains shut to calm nerves.  No wonder hardly anyone is out to play

My jasmine has loads of flowers open now and the smell is just heavenly.

Bjay , I use John Innes seed compost and mix it with grit depending on what I've sowed but am giving perlite a go as well next year after seeing what Pam achieved . .

Right off for BIG walk. Could do with a good work out in the garden but would need a snorkel. Catch you all later.

Pennine Petal

Jean, I am envious.

 Have been misting mine, any other suggestions?

Off out for an airing now, just to the market and GC. The weather is going to be worse tomorrow, so decided to make a dash for it this afters.



Asleep on the settee again

I uses multi-purpose for everything-don't see the point in buying special composts-works for me


I've nipped in. Waiting on new nurse- hmm, wonder if we'll get a phonecall soon asking where we are? She's not been here before.

All the washing, tumbling & ironing done! Have 2 plant/seed catalogues & a book waiting for me.

Wish someone would move/finish the remaining open tin of biscuits- I weighed myself yesterday morning in advance of nurse's visit- they always ask. Trouble is, dose of drug is based on my weight. It's knackering me enough already & an increase......

Am going to do a 'whatever vegs need eating' curry tonight. We'll nip to shops tomorrow as long as OH holds garage door open for my car. The wind due to get even worse & bad enough already without the door flipping. Wont be pruning fruit bushes after all having seen the forecasts- ok sometime soon.

We ended up taping the war prog last night & need to rewatch it, to understand it, once nurse been & before tonight.

BTW I use B&Qs seed compost- small bags & still fine for me despite a slight change in formular last yr. J.


Afternoon all just had late lunch-salad, cheese and bikkies mince pie and coiuntreau mandarine cream again!  Eh, it needed eating. Spent 2 and1/2 hrs in garden planting left over bulbs with OH til 1pm. Also sprinkled spent growbags and bag of manure over to bulk up.  Crossing my fingers now to see if they flower next spring.   Just a thought went outside at midnight last night.  It was overcast/cloudy but full moon.  Silence apart from the chattering of birds-like a dawn chorus!  I've never heard it before at this time is it because it's quite mild anybody heard this kinda thing and is it normal? 


Perhaps they were warning of the winds that were coming, or did you watch The Birds and had  too much.....

Just watched Call the Midwife, fire is lit, (much earlier than usual) and giving off lovely warm glow, dog and cat are snoring, wind is howling but that's outside. But SOOOO dark having difficulty seeing key board


not windy here just drizzle and darkening quickly

OH just taken dog out and got my presription from doc but am starting with toothache so need to cocentrate on somat else


Just ordered myself the Geoff Hamilton DVD set from Amazon

BTW thanks Gary for pointing me in the direction of Gary Larson. the books went down very well as pressies to the  family.


Just unstuck myself from the settee for a bit-it is very quiet around these parts today again-there better be some good excuses



I've been here ll time, lazing on settee 


Caz is in Croydon-poor love



Just like Oscar dog today


My dogs convert food into something else--copiously. Too many Xmas treats,methinks.

Back to gloom after a brief respite yesterday.Christmas is all cleaned up now-except for the lights on the arbour--think I'll leave those!