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Hi Sasha - after New Year I will be back to being Bjay


Could sks please check to see if my profile still says Cambridgeshire South or now says Cambridge?


Not changed. You can check yourself by clicking on your own avatar


Geoff- Dunham Massey, not Durham nor Dunelm! Ok Glyn got there first.....

Quick change of menu tonight to another I do 'without' thinking. Not a biscuit left in tin, nor crisps, sorry- those were daughters'.

Citygardener- am Jo from WManchester,or Salford as daughter says!


Well...I have tried to change my profile and there seems to be a problem. Thinking about it perhaps the Help Desk has a full in-box so hopefully I shall remember some time next week to persevere!

Hello Jo from West Manchester 



Shall love and leave you peeps - thank you for your very nice welcome - need to get some food on the table.....byeeee

Pennine Petal
Hi Sasha, have only been on here since the summer myself. We always welcome newbies!

Mmm, enjoyed the pie, but very full now. No room for trifle! Sure I'll find a space or two for a choccie later though!

Is Becks missing in action with a 3 year old today?

Becks has been MIA for 36 hours now-which is odd-hopefully it it still the internet problem

Sasha-I think it is hard work changing your location-just add details to your profile as to where you actually live-probably easier

Just had korma


Lack of Becks warns me off changing supplier! So still thinking about it


OH muttered about it ages ago bjay, but I refused. So he approached BT, not usually a good idea & bound to cost more £, but it worked & we got an upgrade at actually very little extra £ . Honestly no problems bar once which was a surprise. Talk talk was a nightmare btw!

I've lost control of the remote again- where's the one I won?! J.

Evening Forkers!
Hello Sasha I am usually known as Nola - (from Nicola when I had to make a name up!) I live in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Have been shopping today. Got a couple of bits for the children but I wasn't very successful
I run out of patience with so many people getting under my feet and can't really be bothered looking.

I had forgotten about The Girl with Dragon Tattoo! Must check what's on tonight

Watched Corrie-Holby City now on-got nuffin to do till Restless at 9-could play Angry Birds again

Evening Nola

Good evening everyone ! I hope you are all well and had a lovely Christmas ! We had a busy few days but enjoyed every minute !, I have been spoilt rotten and was given an iPad from my son and dil!!!! I am using it at the moment so don't have any smiley faces to use! Pam LL xx
Evening Pam
I use an iPad too. You can get smiley faces by using : for eyes then ) under it. It turns into a smiley when posted. Can't do festive ones though
Posting photos not straight forward either!

: then ) makes
; then ) makes
: then D makes
Will have to test out more!

: then S :S
: then / :/

Have fun with it.
Nola x
Those last 2 work on texts but not on here, never mind!

: then ( work I think


hollie hock


 hi Nola, will have to try again, but like it

hollie hock

;) Can't get that one to work but nevermind



How funny that your winking one isn't working and mine did!