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hollie hock

Think I'll have a go another day

Pennine Petal

Hi all, was hoping to watch last night's swedish film on playback (BT) but couldn't access it, maybe you can only do TV progs not films. Have read the books and seen the films before, but hate to watch tonight's last one without the middle one. Too late for me anyway, recording it instead.

I sometimes use the net book, so that I can use the smilies The ipad does have its limitations, but I sometimes find myself try to use my finger on the screen of the net book! It doesn't change my words when I'm not looking though.


Hello folks!  Am I the first to find the Forum up and running today 

How are we all then?


Are we back in the room?


Hello Dove!
I think you are the first. I looked earlier and nothing would work!
Drizzly and damp here.
About to motivate myself into getting started with cooking some pheasants and making a leek and left over turkey pie!
Best get on, glad all up and running now.

Hi all, to fill in the time been trying to teach myself Excell. Gave up Thought I'd have a peek here and it worked.

OH reckoned it was all the bored gardeners who can't get out an about overloaded it and caused it to go

Gary Hobson

I think the computer at GW must have had some kind of mega hangover. I kept getting a page full of error messages. The messages said something about Magicalia.MPS.

Mr Google told me that Magicalia is the name of a company, and MPS means Magicalia Publishing Service. Wiki then told me all about Magicalia:

Magicalia runs a whole range of lifestyle publications such as Runners World, Baby and You, Practical Parenting, etc. I didn't actually see GW mentioned on the Wiki page. So I thought I'd take a look at their corporate website, and see what other magazines and forums they also host.

Surprise... their website was down, and was giving a similar, though slightly different error message to this forum.

Some programmer seems to have spent his Saturday morning putting things back together, and the GW Forum is back.

But isstill down.


Well the weather has gone-can't see anything else is different??

hollie hock

Hiya, had a real shock when I couldn't get on, glad that normal service has been resumed.

Been out to GC, came back with some half price and less spring bulbs, just need the rain to stop so I can get out and plant them. Though they might be a bit late couldn't leave there at the price

Afternoon planned with fire on and reading a Jo Nesbo book



I hope you've all been spending your time usefully  - I've made a Pavlova and a Leftover Christmas Pud ice cream 


I have been Kindling-I have a case now and a stlyus thingy


Hi everyone.

Glad to be up and running again. I thought it was my computer gone to pot, kept getting runtime error'/'application, have been trying to sort it out for ages. All's well now. I have changed my name back, and uploaded another avatar. Glad to get back to some kind of normality, whatever that might be.

Out tonight to SIL for family get together, her 2 sons are home for the holidays, so Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Cousins etc are going round for a bit of a do, then we are nearly into New Year. Where has 2012 gone? let's hope for a better 2013 weather wise at least.

Hope you all had a good Christmas,I have missed too many postings to catch up with, so I don't know what you have been up to.

Catch you before New Year.




Miss Becks
Kindling?? Sounds like some sort of sexual act!! Or am I on the wrong forum!!

I have been trying to work out how to get some info I have put on an Excell chart onto 1 sheet of A4 so that I can print it off. It may be that I set up chart wrongly to start with. Very frustrating


We put kindling on our fire when we light it to get it going 


Becks -dahling, luvvy sweetie-you have emerged

Chris-dahling luvvy sweetie-nice too see you as well

JF-which Nesbo book?

Miss Becks
I haven't emerged fully! Still no effing Sky Internet! Been 2 weeks now! Thank goodness for my iPhone, and next doors WIFI!