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Well, that Stephen King film has finished! Mmmmmmm, wish I'd watched something else
Never mind!

Have just realised its very very late and I should have gone to bed ages ago, but got caught up in telly-watching. And ate some chocolate as well. I blame the time of year myself. Can't eat Ferrero Rocher though as I'm allergic to hazelnuts! 

Becks, so long as they were small boxes of After Eights that will be fine!

Like the sound of sour cream and chilli crisps!
I will eat your share of Ferrero Rocher for you Lottie!
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Noticed a full moon, in an almost clear sky, as I fed the birds. The idea of the  watery moon came to mind.

Not a bad day ahead, though I don't intend to do anything.

I've removed the seed catching tray from my niger feeder. It's simpler, and more hygenic, to let the husks fall to the ground, and just sweep them up.

Jean Genie

Morning everyone.

I noticed the moon as well, Gary but haven't got as far as feeding the birds yet. I was reading in the Mail yesterday that there is an influx of waxwings heading our way due to lack of food in Scandanavia. They are beautiful birds and hope to see them again.

Have recorded Stephen King's Bag of Bones as I only got half way through it. Didn't realise it was on for so long. From what I can remember it's a bit different from the book but aren't they always.

Off visiting later . Don't feel much like doing much today though but will have to motivate myself in a bit.

Lottie, maybe I'm allergic to hazlenuts as well.

Or maybe I've just eaten too many !

Have a good day, forkers.



Good morning all,

Yes, I noticed the moon last night - so bright,  with wispy clouds passing over it.

It's bright and breeze here this morning - I'll have a stroll around the garden after breakfast, picking up plastic pots that've rolled into corners, and tidying the tarpaulin over the compost heaps.  Hope our hedgehogs are feeling snug and dry in their homes.  We're not getting a lot of birds on the feeders at the moment - I'm not sure why although if I remember correctly there were a lot more in the second half of last winter than in the first.  We did have a gorgeous male greenfinch on the sunflower hearts yesterday afternoon. 

We've got family comng for a late lunch today, so a big rib of beef is sitting in the kitchen waiting for me to do things to it, and there are tatties to peel and kale to wash.  I think I'll roast some Crown Prince squash as well.


Good morning all

It has taken me a while to catch up with all the messages from when left yesterday evening 

Yes, amazing moon this morning - quite low in the sky (must learn more about astronomy but new programme is coming soon on tv so there is hope yet!) and once I can summon up the energy and put layers and layers on I am going to venture forth into my garden. Anyone else doing the same?

Very interesting about the jasmine - must investigate. I have a mahonia in flower which is very pretty.

I was undecided between 'Bag of Bones' and 'Love Actually' but as both finished very late I opted for 'Midsomer Murders' on ITV3 which I enjoyed. Had started with the Freddie Mercury but realized I had seen most of it before . Earlier this year I dragged my youngest son kicking and screaming to a wonderful exhibition on Freddie Mercury in Brick Lane and he loved it!

Btw does anyone else get this wretched double edition of Radio Times? Drives me mad flicking backwards and forwards. Why not two separate editions?

Have a good day everyone ..... just limbering up (not) for my garden expedition!


Gary Hobson

I chose to watch The Duchess last night, just because Kiera Knightley was in it. Very lavish production, but there was very little in the way of a plot. It was an interesting reflection on the Charles/Diana business.

Double Radio Times is very unwieldy. They have a double issue, at twice the normal price, because a lot of people traditionally buy the Christmas issue, and they wouldn't normally buy a separate New Year issue.


Been up since before daybreak-did notice it got light by 7.45 this morning -which is good-did morning duties-went back to bed

No about half-way on the third Millennium film-might see the end tonight/tomorrow-depends how the muse takes me

Not going out-nothing new here-there is a rumour the tree might come down today

Changed bedding-machine on-hoovered upstairs


I noticed the moon last night as well.

Been out cleared/cleaned /toppd up bird feeders, one was blown over so OH stood it up and is now chopping wood.

I have cleared netting off brassica bed, pigeons can have what's left but soon will pop in red onion sets (never grown before) and some garlic late I know but should still get frosted.

Spread Christmas potato bag compost over newly dug mud patch. just in for a cup of tea.

See Becks is out and about on site today

Later i am going to sow some curly parsley, in an article I read sow them now leave them in cool GH and they grow. They like to be frosted. I'll give anything a go


Bjay-different Becks entirely

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Please excuse my absence, just so much going on. The family are coming to me on New Years Day and then it will all be over for another year.  

We had a power cut for 8 hours on Thursday but Western Power did ring up to apologise and explain the problem, something about lightning restrictors.

It was nice to sit in candle light and not be able to do much.

I tok the opportunity to look through some of the seed catalogues that came this week.


Page 37  Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternata)

Page 66 Gomphocarpus 'Hairy Balls'

Both plants look amazingly like their names.



Geoff - really   Sounded like her if you get what i mean

just planted parsley seeds. Oh it does feel good to be able to say that. Getting dark AGAIN now 


Pam-you are very naughty-and will have to sit in the corner for the rest of the day


Was going to say good morning bu t it has taken me ages to catch up so Good Afternoon Forkers All. I think I already waved at Sasha but in case I didn't ~ ~ ~ (Flo waves)

Christmas is done now I have entertained visitors. Don't do New Year really, apart from waking up on Jan. 1st and finding it's happened.

We have sunshine and breeze here so trying to catch up on washing which was on hold while drains were overflowing.  Can hear beeping, had better go and peg it out.





Hi everyone.

Big pan of soup on the go. I am  so glad to see the back of the turkey. I have put the rest of carcass in the freezer for another time.

I have just glanced out of the window to see the witch hazel is in flower and winter flowering jasmine is in full bloom.. It's not a bad day here so I think I will venture out to have a look round the garden. Just looking forward to being able to get a few jobs done outside after the appalling weather.




I agree that that was a stunning moon last night. We drove back from Wales last night and it was quite dazzling.

I now have an overflowing laundry basket and I am craving simple food.

I also have a T&M catalogue, I must go and look at the hairy balls


Oh my-my mind is in a whirl

Afternoon Chris, Flo, Kate


Hello Geoff, where are Saints in the table?