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Panto, well spotted .....didn't intend to imply that I am a jail bird.

Re the avatar thing at a time please .....still reeling from achieving the WordPad!

Now going to have yoghurt .....weight loss (not diet) starts tomorrow!



Today I am wearing one of my Christmas pressies-a new casual shirt

Just thought people would like to know

Miss Becks

You'll have to prove that Geoff!


Sounds lovely Geoff. I got a new woolly hat but as its so mild I don't need to wear it! Could always just wear it anyway - son no. 3 also got a hat for Xmas and has been wearing it round the house. His has furry trim and ear flaps!

Hello Kate, hope all's well with you!

Dean, I did reply to your message - eventually! Sorry about the delay!!

Am making a cake at the mo - for FIL's birthday tomorrow.


I have heard you can get into trouble for posting pictures of youself on forums



Thing is I haven't anyone to have a race with.

Sorry delay in reply - Son came home and reported no lights upstairs, so had to fiddle with switches again. Everything went off again but fixed it quickly this time. Switchd tumble dryer off, perhaps it was that


No electrician-but something is overloading the circuit-if it keeps happening best get it checked

Granny Geoff


Will do tomorrow, hope electrician is available, he rewired for us so knows its idiosyncracies 

Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, I have been dossing around reading my book most of the day (after I eventually woke up). it is dark, dismal and we outside. Sounds as though some of you have had better weather.

I saw the match, Geoff, it was a good game. The boys done good!

I see you're back to your old self, Becks!

Watching Tea with Mussolini now, might do a bit do marking then. Home cooked ham and parsley sauce tonight. Might make leek and potato soup and some mine pies with my 08 mince.

Bye for now
Miss Becks

Do you give plumbing advice as well Geoff??


If you are having trouble with the old plumbing-you have reached a certain age-eat more carrots so you can see in the dark -you need to at 3 in the morning

Tomorrows lecture -will be on old boilers-to cull or not to cull

Deanos Diggin It
Now, t wrong with old boilers!

They are more appreiciative! : )
Miss Becks

Dean!! And you would know??


Just lit fire so that we have some form of heat if everthing goes off again. now to sort out candles.


Presumably four, Bjay



Geoff you could post a headless photo

Erratic electric problems are so annoying.

Hello Lottiebeans I am well, just finished the crossword and now I am perusing dahlias for our sunny summer.



Can only find 2 candles, working on 4.


Late arriving, sorry, cooking duties came first.

Have about 30mins before the kitchen timer goes yet again.... & the next cooking marathon starts.

Now to see what's what. J.