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hello Sam! 

Inka you sound full of the joys of spring already! 

I must go to bed - keep staying up late watching too much TV then getting up late the next day. Got to be up earlier tomorrow (well, later today now!) as the guests will be arriving early!

Windy here again at the moment - I'm wondering if all the fence panels will survive.

Hello Sam!
Hello Forkers, although not expecting many of you are on here as it is now approaching silly o'clock.
I watched the Ripper programme too.

A rainy day here as well (for a change). The wind is getting up as well, sounds awful.

Hoping to at least get out for a walk tomorrow and down to the market square to see the new year in.
Oakley Witch

Hi Lottiebeans and Miss L.Toe. 

Thanks for the welcome. Im not doing much for new year. However...tomorrow I have managed to talk my other half to take me to a garden centre here and I have recently found a hazel grove so will collect some stems (and plant others) and make some wigwams up I think. 

Pennine Petal

Morning, up early not out of choice, woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, so decided to get up and have a cuppa and a wander around the forum. I would normally be getting ready to go to work now, so I guess it's the body clock I'll be feeling tired again in half an hour..

Sounds windy outside, it is still raining and it there is a stream running down the pavement outside the front door.... again. Cat's just come in soaking wet and now stretched out next to the radiator. It would be nice to come back as a pampered cat, but I would probably be a raggedy old tom


Good morning everyone  Had a hectic day yesterday cooking a huuuge roast beef dinner for all the family so am going to lollop on the sofa all day today

I hope everyone is well - have a lovely day

Pam LL x


Pennine Petal

Good morning Pam, what a very expressive word 'lollop' is, I have done a lot of that latenly Have a lolloping good day!



Hello early risers-top ot the morning to you

Welcome back Caz and hello Sam

Recorded Ripper-watched Big Fat Quiz which is always a good laugh

Bugger -it is raining again and I have to trudge up the garden-why can't they get themselves up dressed and fed?

Catch you later-off to learn a bit more Svedish in bed

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Heard the wind several times during the night, and it's another wet day ahead.

I fancy popping out to the shops for a look round, just to blow some of the cobwebs away.

Dry weather will be coming in with the New Year, and a mild dry week in prospect.

Jean Genie

Morning all and hello Sam .

Well , the last day of the year looks extremely miserable. It's blowing a gale and raining here as well. Some of my pots have blown over but none have broken thankfully.

We are off to stay with friends this evening and going to a party but the weather has put me off .  Don't fancy it much now but all arrangments have been made so I'll have to make the effort.

Snorkel suit at the ready.

Glad to report no nightmares last night after Stephen King and a kilo of cheese.

Catch you all later, have a good day.

Oakley Witch
Not liking the wind. Woke mevup. Well, cats did cause they are always unsettlted with it. Not sure what im doing today. Post office then gardening journal i think maybe. Im fed up of the winter now. I NEED DOME SUN!!!

I feel the same, Sam. Raining here at the moment. Have to go and prepare for the onslaught of the out-laws, including 4 year old nephew. Just thinking about moving breakables!

Watched the big fat quiz and attempted to take part - got some answers right!


Hi Sam, welcome. I's a relatively new member here but feels like I've been on this thread fore ever

Wind is horrible today, dog smells permanently now as he gets sooo muddy every day, but if he has a bath there is nowhere he can run about to dry.

Pots seem to have survuved so far but will have a quick look later to see any damage!

It was so lovely yesterday morning - outside pottering - seems like an age ago. Sun, Sun, Sun please


Right that is it -the bird table has blown over again!!

Need to devise a way of securing to the ground or to a tree-there are pigeons wandering around looking for brekkie

I shall go to bed at the usual time tonight -but will be woken at 12 by fireworks and ship sirens going off- a liner must have left this morning -it parped as it went

Oakley Witch
Well donevyou lol. I will be sittin by the door with my wee trowel at the ready hehe. We dont do anything for new year. Unusual for a Scot mind lol

If you watch the news today there will be the obligatory report of the Sydney fireworks and new year celebrations

All this optimism- for which in essence is just another day


Gary Hobson
new year seve wrote (see)

Right that is it -the bird table has blown over again!!

My bird-table is a very substantially built one, and it still used to blow over.

So I keep it weighted down using two very heavy breeze blocks...

 Those are not the lightweight ones, but made of heavy ballast. It's NEVER blown over since, despite some severe gales.


Morning all. Welcome Sam   ~ ~ ~ (Flo waves) 

I'm unforgivably idle this morning, still only half dressed. Can't get motivated in the half-light. Have had breakfast, done a crossword and put away some dry washing. Time for another sit down   


Gary-it hasn't got a base like that -just the legs-but that is a good idea-might be able to adapt something

Which half of you is dressed Flo?

Gary Hobson

...two sandbags would achieve the same effect.

Or even a strong dustbin liner, filled with water.

Or you could upcycle some heavy components from an old washing machine, old cooker, or car engine.


Our bird table is weighted down, after numerous rescues, by lumps of concrete dug up from around the garden and arranged in a preamid over the legs, mind you if you think I'm going to  take a photo of that in this forget it

Just been out and removed dead leaves off strawberries I planted on Boxing Day., Thought damp, mould, best remove before too late. I had ap air of those little clip things for dead heading for Christmas. I thought at the time really useful but easily lost  - I was right, can't find them