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Gary Hobson

May I also suggest a stack of upcycled VHS cassettes, arranged carefully around the base, and planted with alpines.

new year seve wrote (see)

Which half of you is dressed Flo?

The left half


Wasn't Bobby Moore a left half?


I thought he was a silly mid on.


That is cricket-where they wear slips

I have heard them say -"that was a catch by Bobby Moore in the slips"



Bobby Moore played football, Bob Willis played cricket and you said to stop talking about balls

I have just done an hours ironing another pile to go, then I am going to attempt to take a collar off a cardigan


I prefer cricket. I bet no-one ever said 'The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey' in football.

Kate, ironing??? eeeuukk


They don't need instructions in football-it is just a hairy ball instinct



Hairy Ball


My dogs would have fun ripping that to shreds, Bjay.
That's a thought, maybe they could help Kate by ripping the collar off the cardigan

Pottie Pam

Morning all,

Didn't Margaret Thatcher say that every Prime Minister needed a Willie? I don't think she played football.

Happy New Year's Eve. I'm doing a granny thing and baby sitting tonight. The family are all coming for a buffet tomorrow so I'm cooking a ham today. Hopefully that's the end of enjoying myself and can get back to normal. 

Looking forward to getting out in the garden again. the weather is supposed to be better by the weekend


Pam! How lovely to be able to identify you without referring to a list!!! I think you're right about Maggie T.

I've done my buffet, am spending the week finishing up the leftovers.

Right, I really really must do something now.

Pennine Petal
Goodness Geoff, those shorts are a bit tight!

Think we might venture out for some fresh air today, well that's the plan anyway, but you know what they say about plans .... Still haven't been to the GC so might do that or maybe not.

Flo no dogs needed here I always enjoyed undoing old jumpers in front of a good film.

Pottiepam it sounds like you have been having some atrocious weather down there have you survived unscathed?

Geoff does that photo make you cross your knees?



Morning all from me too.

Barely light up here & raining plus windy again!

Pleased to report that OH did remove all his paperwork. I laid the table.... & did kitchen sort out...... sorry. Paperwork not into a pile in here- no idea where it went. It's back now though.....

Daughter survived work yesterday & has gone off today laden with 'goodies'.

Yes have made a rod for my own back, but OH used to work all hours available- own company, or 2, so I just got used to it. Daughter would help when around. TBH much easier just getting on with it myself. Used to have the odd explosion of temper when was working a lot myself, but it didnt get me anywhere.

Dont mention weight! Have been trying on clothes earlier- eek!! At least the 2 pairs of new jeans that await shortening still fit ok, but other stuff! Wonderr how much cake I can send back with OH? J.

Pennine Petal
Wasn't there a song about short shorts?

Remember the playground with the path to nowhere? Workmen finished it before Christmas, looking good, they left a lovely quagmire for the children to play in! Bet that will please their mums!
Pennine Petal
Just read an article that says that active older people benefit from better brain power ......... Oops!

 When i went to GC for Christmas presents they gave me a £5 voucher for January, with no strings attached.

OH has just given me another one they gave him when he bought my wheelbarrow.

Now what do I need????

Quiet NY 3 course

meal cooked by OH, pud by me (recipe found on this forum) and Jools Holland Hootenany Bliss

Oh and a bottle of champagne 



I've got a GC voucher too BJay & a long list.... but might, just might, treat myself to a Sarcococca which shall put in a pot, which I also need. Then it can go by daughter's North West facing new front door/porch! If she wants it of course.....

Spent some time this morning looking at my latest Avon bulb catalogue- that list is increasing too.... help!

Daughter should be back before midnight. Hopefully I'll still be awake, but may have snoozed earlier on to cope. Dont really like champagne, but will have a bit & always bucks fizz for breakfast NYday! J.