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Oh Norm

Caz-how was Croydon?


Oh you are still; here real trouble getting on site.

just had to do some ironing - can't remember the last tme I did any - not driven like Jo- but son needed a shirt, usually he just throws them on, and a waistcoat, NYeve and  has to go to work and look smart, bit of a do later as well I have no doubt

Getting ready for our 3course meal now, even going to changed out of usual frump. Though do need food mixer which have just realised daughter has (sigh)

Quite lookin forward to our sort of New Years Eve, mind you more wine than I should probably make me go to sleep on the settee again

Like that idea Caz

Hello everyone! Popping in at a more sensible time today

Caz-very handy, those IKEA bags. I have one in the boot for impromptu garden centre visits!
Love the jar idea.

I use propagators in the conservatory, Norm2.
I have 2 heated and some unheated for when seeds have sprouted, then trays when pricked out. No electricity/ heat in the greenhouse, I grow seeds out there when a little warmer.
Caz W

Didn't brave going into Croydon but had a nice day out in Greenwich.  Went to the indoor market,  all around the naval buildings (new film of Les Miserables been filmed there recently) - the Painted Hall which was amazing and the Church. Had lunch in Gourmet Burger (never heard of them before but very nice).  Travelled there by train and Docklands Light Railway - bit disconcerting as there is no driver!

Ironing-better do some of that soon. There is a risk of a landslide style disaster as the pile has got so big!

Finally it stopped raining so it was coats on and out for some fresh air. Went to Fountains Abbey, always good for a brisk walk. I was getting cabin fever, sick of it raining!
Hope everyone has a lovely end to 2012



Good morning, all--we are back to rain on the last day of the year--but my carpets are shampooed, the house is clean, all debts paid, all carbs removed from cupboards and stored in the shed, nicotine patch at the ready, and so I am prepared for the new year.

There is even sunshine in the forecast after today, but I will believe it when I see it!

Downton starts here next Sunday--watched the Christmas one last night, and I'm really looking forward to it!


'Afternoon forkers, how is everyone? Fine and dandy I hope. 

I was just thinking I hope son who is in New York doesn't decide to ring once it is midnight there! Have seen the celebrations in New Zealand and Australia on the BBC website. Anyone else seen them?

Need to get down to seed sorting - another of my New Year Resolutions. Yes saw the jar on Facebook - good idea. Need to find a jar......


Caz W

Downton is worth looking forward to Inka (don't worry - no spoilers here) and I would love to watch it again.   Good luck with the patches too  - we'll be checking up on you



Nadolig, I found the Christmas version of Downton very disappointing - it didn't seem to gel as far as I was concerned. Still if you enjoyed it that is fine by me 


Posted a link earlier Sasha

Took the kids to Greenwich when they were little-stood- as you do- on the Meridian line

What is this ironing obsession today?


NYS, ironing obsession not come this way.....thank you

Yup, I remember the Meridian line. We stood on the one in the street near the river and behind that famous pub. Did you do that?


Am not getting ironing withdrawal symptoms at all! Tumble & shake lately, except OH's shirts, oh & my cotton t-shirts, they're both much better with a proper iron.

I've been ruthless with the veg seeds. Big chuck out. Have just told OH when me & daughter next decend on little house, after her exam, shall need the local Wilcos for a big seed stock up!

Anyway, if all goes to plan OH can dig over a new veg patch at daughter's & do them there...... I wish. I shant be digging out any more new beds here, nor there.

I've just had a tree choc, to add to the last of the crisps......oh heck, my jeans..... J.


That's my ironing done for the next three months - apart from occasional items on a need-to-wear basis. Watched Disney's Aladdin that I recorded on Christmas Day 2011. It was OK, too much singing.

Who said it's possible to work out Geoff's thought processes? Norm, don't even go there  That way madness lies


It was near the Observatory-then went on to walk on the Thames Barrier-if I remember on the same day we went to Heathrow to look a the planes taking off-you could then

Caz W

Hello Citygardener - are you Sasha - don't think we've met yet?  Inka is watching Downton in Canada and I think they are behing us with the series so I don't know if they have had our Christmas one yet.  Must admit I preferred last year's Christmas episode to this one.

I'm not going to do any ironing until next year





Yes, those were the days when you could watch the planes taking off - I remember going up to a sort of viewing platform on the roof. Or is my memory playing games?


Sorry I started it. One shirt and One waistcoat is probably my ironing for the last 6 months. Will do some more in the summer I expect  If we have one

We went to the Dome 2000 and this year went to Olympics. Don't often go that way though would love to do the galleries in the city.



Missed out Nola !!!-hello Nola-you come on here too late for me -am usually in the land of dreams

See Flo understands me -well sort of

That was it Sasha-before all the security cocked it up


NC - yes I am Sasha and my great-grandfather came from South Wales nr Haverfordwest to be precise

Caz W

The route of the Greenwich Meridian is marked by a laser at night now but we left before it was dark enough to see it - too tired/wet/cold.