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Happy New Year One and All.

The sun has come out, what more can we ask for 

Deanos Diggin It

Happy 2013 everybody! 

and what a start! Enough blue sky to knit an elephants waistcoat! 

Yippeee!! Off rose planting! 

Have a great day all! 


Jean Genie

Happy New Year's morning everyone.  Well. had a great time , glad I decided to go and didn't need a canoe after all . I also noticed the moon last night and wish I'ld took camera. Just after midnight, a skein of geese flew overhead. Didn't see much of them but certainly heard them.

Gary - those pics are stunning.

I am planning an afternoon of nothing. Is it too early for chocolate ?


It is never too early for chocolate. Next doors party wound down about 1.30 so I had a good nights sleep. Am tempted to go out now as is such a nice day!
Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!! Again!

I have sun and internet!! This year looks promising already! Jess is still in bed after her late night last night. Today I am taking the decorations down. Yay! Although I love them, it's nice to get back to normal. ish!.



Hello I'm  back to me. I was getting very confused about who I was never mind who everyone else was.  Especially when a new member started using Christmas initals. AARgh

As you see wheelbarrow is in garden. Photo was taken today, don't know what the blossom is but that branch leans over from next door and I nurture it! It makes a new fence less bare.

Miss Becks

Bjay, I just read your profile! What a ' Large Spollie dog' ?


Have just watched the London Fireworks-absoultely stunning-there was a lot of noise here from 11.30 last night with loads of displays and ship sirens-stayed in bed-but did have a peep at one point

The was a fantastic rainbow this morning as well.

Have tidied up the garden-tied the bird table to a tree

The tree is still up -all the new calendars up as well


Oscar dog is a cross between a border collie and a springer spaniel. When I had him I was told he was a Spollie.

You mean you have only just read my profile! I read them as people put them up. Me Just nosey

Some brave souls climbed the hill and were letting off fireworks from the top, looked amazing, but if the conservators catch them

Miss Becks

Gotcha! Yep, I don't normally read any profiles to be honest.


Think I will change mine to make me sound more glamourous


I have just found a dead rat in the shed I think I need that Lotto win to buy a new shed

Gary Hobson

It looks nice outside so I had a wander round. Absolutely no flowers. I did find a couple of daff shoots just starting to show. They'll be sorry.

But it's very cold and my fingers and tootsies got frozen. Am in process of defrosting.

Jean Genie

Kate   I'm with you Beck's , can't wait to get back to normal . Can't be bothered today though. Catching up on TV.

Bjay has the wheelbarrow ventured out yet ?

Glad everyone's names are back to normal but who the heck is Lyon Greene ?

Gary, Geoff or a new forker ?  I have a feeling it's Gary - having a word with Mr.Google .            



Re - avatar - wheelbarrow in garden. Not sure where I will store it though. Can't be bothered to clear out 'shed'

Just stood at back door and took a sries of photos, then realsed didn't have a memory card in, just  taken them again. Hope to plot my changing garden and the back door is a good spot to keep views consistant.

Had a lesson off OH about how to put photos into a specific file. Will probably forget though!


I'm back to me as well. Keeping my avatar coz 1. I like it & nowt else really in flower & 2. havent got any new ones yet to take it's place.

OH just loading up his car & I'm listening to the wind vibrating through the patio doors behind me! That means if it stays windy the roof tile above our bed will also rattle tonight! J.


OH has just had to get into his car via climbing over the passenger seat coz he moved it closer to the wall when daughter grumbled! Assume that's how he got out of it too, but he never said....   J.


 Oh Jo I'd love to be a fly on a wall in your house!

I like your avatar as well.


I'm sure I've said it before, but the best sale plant I've ever bought!

Just had a look round outside & only the VBodnantse in flower, nothing else.

Lots of signs of bulbs though & fresh moss.   The C.Coum are up next to the rhubarb clumps. Putting them there means I know their position & they dont get mixed up with the other cyclamen.

Off to strip bedding now... need to work off the mincepie & the piece of cake had earlier- 2 treats in 1 day! J.