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Pennine Petal

Good day forkers, apologies for late arrival. I tried to think up an interesting new name, but brain not quite in gear yet. Looking for a new photo too

Great photos Gary. Next door had a really bright outdoor light on and it messed up the viewing.

Overcast here and due to rain later, but I can spot a few flashes of blue sky. 


I have wheelbarrow envy!

Jo, don't change your avatar, its lovely as it is.

Been outside and sorted some pots, put in some bulbs I'd forgotten about, and let the chickens out for a wander. Popped back in for coffee but will go out again in a minute. Have also found some bulbs sprouting in a plastic box where I'd put them with some soil after I emptied out a pot for summer planting last year (can say last year now!) so need to find a better pot for them. 

I think I just need more pots! Got a couple of vouchers that will come in useful for that. 


I've looked at this thread several times and haven't understood a lot of it! Everyone seems to know each other so well. Never heard of an avator except for the film.

I always look at everyone's profiles being naturally curious and nosey. (Like househounting programmes too for the same reason!) Geoff is easy to see as he's done more posts thn anyone else, but he really tried to fool us all over Christmas! I think Lyon Greene (above) is Georg Faust.

Bjay, as it's such a beautifull wheelbarrow  (green with envy) isn't it worth making a space in the shed? I think I love Spollie dogs. I have a Border Collie and Springer Saniels are my 2nd favourite.

Pennine Petal

Welcome Lizzie, just pitch in, we love newcomers to the thread! We have some varied discussion! I am Glyn by the way, short for Glynis.


Gary Hobson

Avatar is the technical name for the little picture thingies. The word also has other meanings. My green (dragon) avatar is actually a photo of the side of a plant pot that I have, and like.



Just watched Ripper Street-it is rather graphic to say the least-got Mary Poppins on as antidote

Liz-welcome -you have moved over to the dark side-people only know each other through here-in "real life" we would probably all run in the opposite direction


Jean Genie

Gary, do you have an interest in Alchemy ? Just being nosy.


Spollie dogs are very energetic, mine has a very long waggy hairy tail that can clear a coffee table with one wag!

He has a wonderful temperament, I think probably the best dog I have ever had. He is 12 1/2 now so....... But still full of life and love

Wheelbarrow will go away just head/body can't get going today

welcome Lizzie just join in, you'll soon catch on and learn stuff on the journey. I have not been on this thread for long, everyone is very friendly.

the avatar is your picture by your name

Gary Hobson

Googling worked.

"All haile to the noble Companie Of true Students in holy Alchimie"

'Georg Faust' came from the same place too.


Spollie dogs- never heard of them until today! Friend has 2 Springers, in fact as long as have known her, 57yrs(!) she's always had a Springer, or 2.

OH's Father was a retired farmer, the last farm collie was around when OH little, so he loves those.

I grew up with Golden Retrievers. Am sort of thinking about getiing a rescue one, but not just yet. I need to get myself sorted out first- ha- before I can cope with a dog again.

It's blowing a real gale out there now, but still staying dry.... J.

Miss Becks

It's more hassle taking the bloomin decorations down them putting them up!

Lizzie, don't worry about understanding the thread! Most of us don't half the time either!!



Just had this delivered to my spam -folder -it is rather long-I have only scanned it- but does anybody ever get taken in? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mrs. Veronica Bright
Bank Of East Asia USA(NA)
San Gabriel Branch
168 West Valley Boulevard,
San Gabriel, CA 91776, USA

Greetings Friend,

You may wonder why I am reaching out to you in spite of friends that I have known for years, the singular reason is that I have by the very nature of this proposition and the required confidentiality decided to deal with a person that I have not known before so that we can develop the trust and execute this transaction without a third
person knowing.I would not have used this medium (Internet) but I chose to reach you
through it because it is the fastest, surest and most secured medium of communication.

However, this correspondence is un-official and private, and it should be treated as such. I also guarantee you that this transaction is hitch free from all what you may
think of.

I am Mrs. Veronica Bright of The Bank of East Asia USA, San Gabriel Branch,California (USA) I am contacting you based on Trust and confidentiality that will be
attached to this transaction. The Management and the Legal department of our bank in a recent meeting recommended that the account of MR. DAVID ANGELLl, who was one of my branch depositors, should be declared Dormant, confiscated and the depositor's fund sent to the Bank Treasury according to American Banking and financial law.

Mr. David Angell and the wife died in world trade center as a victim of the September 11,2001 incident that befell the United States of America. The bank has made series of efforts to contact any of the relatives to claim this money but without success.

MR. DAVID ANGELL is an account holder in my branch; he owns a dollar account with the sum of 58.2M (Fifty Eight Million, two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only) deposited in a Secret account with my branch .In fact, since his death, no next of kin of the account holder nor any relative of him has shown up for the claim,this is because he has the account as a secret account thus he left all the
documents for the deposit with me. The wife whom he signed in as his next of kin died with him on that fateful and sad day.

This is where I am interested and where I want you to come in. I want you to come in as the relation of the deceased; I will give you the relevant documents and contacts to file the application and then effect the approvals for the transfer of the funds, I will be the one to provide the vital documents for the claims of the money and then advise you exactly how we should handle it.

Please include your telephone/fax number/ Home address when replying this mail and I will give you more information as soon as you indicate your willingness to assist in this transaction. I will use my positions to get all internal documentations to back up the claims. Do not be bothered that you are not related in any way to him as I am in position to affix your name as the next of kin. The whole Procedures will last only 9 working days to get the fund retrieved successfully without trace even in future. After the transfer of the money we shall share the money 70-30, which is I will have 70% while you will have 30%.

Kindly respond promptly so I can advice you on the next step to follow.

I will be waiting to hear from you.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Veronica Bright
Bank Of East Asia (USA)
Response to My Private OR



This time next week Rodney-I could be a millionaire


Blimey Geoff, what have you done to get these things? Lots of cash?

I do suppose if an elderly person received it they could fall prey? I know that Dad had all sorts of unneccessary insurance, debits going to various charities etc. He wasnt unintelligent, far from it, but age & diminished mental capacity didnt help.J.

Jean Genie



I am not a millionaire - just checked lottery,

Hi Becks and Lizzie.

Gary, I've just been reading that and another site. Interesting. Have found you another avatar.


Gary Hobson

That's the one. I hadn't actually seen that image in colour. But that illustration, in monochrome, is on the cover of a book about Isaac Newton.



Just entered onto smiley thread Geoff and any one else interested 

Gary Hobson

Isaac Newton is mentioned on that page. I didn't know it was also a metaphor for photosynthesis. An appropriate avatar for a gardening forum.

Did we have any specifically garden themed smilies at the BBC, I can't remember.

Jean Genie

Me neither. That's why I thought you had chosen that name. I'm reading a book on Noetic science at the moment, Just as mind boggling.


Jean -have you been drinking?-what in all that is human is noetic science?

I might read the Mirror in a moment