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Gary Hobson

That should be highly interesting, if anyone can understand it.

(Jean's book, that is; not the Mirror).

Jean Genie

Noetic Universe - Dean Radin, Very hard going but also very interesting.

Little dark horse. me.


Oh Geoff just noticed your new pic - lovely

Are they anything to do with noetic science?


I 'll pass thanks-stick to me Beano

I shall now call you Jean-Black Beauty

-or Eugene


Thank you for your welcome. Geoff, I had a spam almost identical to yours. I deleted it and haven't heard from them again. I like your chickens, but you always had a dog of some sort before.


Jean Genie

Hahaha  Just noticed that pic as well - it's lovely.



See Liz part of me is tempted to see what happens next if you contact them

There is quite a funny blog on the Internet about someone who did string them along by replying-it made the perpetrator very angry-I like that

Jean Genie

Just noticed that you asked about noetic science. Have you got 12 months to spare?  I'm having difficulty getting to grips with it myself but basically it's about the power of the human mind.

Sure Gary will explain it a lot better than me.


I don't think we would all run in the opposite direction if we met, we all have something in common even though we probably have different backgrounds, ages and views. Makes it more interesting. I always like the sort of parties like at weddings where you get different sorts of people.Most people are nice, although there is the odd"troll" as Geoff said before. Does that make me sound rather naive?


Jean-that is called thinking-don't bother to read anymore-I have spoilt it

Liz-no-I met Lottie a few weeks back and survived the trauma-I think is like visualising voices on the radio-somehow it is not the same when you see what they look like

Does that make me sound shallow?

Anyway we are all coming to the Dordogne for a holiday in the Summer-have you got room?

Deanos Diggin It
Baggsie not be the troll!!
Back from the cold n thawing nicely!

Sorry Gary! Was meant to say nice piccies earlier!

Always n forever in a rush!

No more naive than me Lizzie.

Have given up on trying to read a seed catalogue on-line & ordered it instead, much easier!

It began to rain, as expected, but luckily was coming back from compost bin, so grabbed washing just in time.

OH back at 'little house'. He's gone back with a good selection of vegs, goodies & all that washing I brought back when his machine non-functional. J.


Hi fellow forkers and a very Happy New Year to you all.

How nice it is to see that nearly everyone is back to their original names, I feel more at home.

Hope you all had a good New Years evening/night. We spent it at SIL, had Chinese T/away and OH had a few drinks, I was, as usual driving. Watched the London fireworks. thought they were spectacular. Now it's all over we can look forward to SPRING!!!! Things are starting to move in the garden, quite a few plants in flower and bulbs appearing all over the place.

I see we have a few new recruits, welcome to all who have dared to venture in You will certainly get plenty of entertainment and help on all kinds of subjects.

Geoff --We have booked to go in May, to the Dordogne, near Rocamadour.

Catch you later.



I love the Dordogne. Had some great hollidays there. The last one with whole family before they all went separate ways was to Lemeuil. (prob spelt it wrong). Last time we went stayed near Sarlat. (sigh)

Wind seeme to be getting up again 


Chris it will be lovely I am sure-nice to hear from you again-still think we have 8/9 weeks till Spring-but the Sun is getting slightly higher in the sky

Tonight the Russel Crowe Robin Hood is on -it got a lot of stick at the time because of his dodgy accent which kept changing throughout the film

I doubt Robin Hood knows much about the Noetic Universe either



Is it me or is Noel Edmunds looking younger, he's older than me!


What are you watching Bjay?

I've just eaten the last of my Christmas chocs! That's it now, must be sensible.... J.

Jean Genie

I'm still here Geoff . I can see I'm in for some stick after mentioning that .

Think I may watch Ripper Street later. More gore.

Bjay - I read somewhere Mr Edmunds has had botox.

Think last night is catching up - feel like a doze.

Jean Genie

Sorry. Hi Dean. Chris and Jo.


Hello, Geoff, my son had two spam emails like that this week, one purported to be from the African Department of Files!  

He was offered a much better deal than you, the split was 60/40 rather than 70/30 and his relatives had been killed in a plane crash, otherwise the emails were almost word for word the same