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Well it is all rolled up so i guess its down to how much is eaten. We always have fish on NYD. Good for points as well, Mind you I'm having a chunk of Christmas cake AND a glass of chilled sherry for afters 

Oh and finishing off sparkly as a spritzer with mango juice first

Then it's back to the same boring food. (sigh) we really could do with a smiley for a sigh!


I jumped on the scales in trepidation this morning---and was amazed to find I have lost 2 lbs. since the last time I did it--before the holidays!!!Must have been the wood-chopping.

Nicotine patch applied---am I mad to expect I can quit smoking and continue to lose weight?

At least the sun is out--sort of.


OH stopped smoking about 20 years ago now -no nicotine patches or health professional help then. I am still proud of that - BUT it was not easy and the cravings took about 2 years to go. Mind you a lot of his health issues now are from when he had a 40+ a day habit.

If its a help, he used to save the money he would have spent each day on ciggies and bought something he really wanted with it, that he would not have been able to buy otherwise.

I think you are brave to do it Inka. 

Weather man says rain tomorrow 

Jean Genie

Rain here now.  Had a little sun today so can't complain. Someone I was talking to last night says the bad weather coming in again next week. Hope not. Only had a few cold snaps as of yet.

Daughter coming for a visit so have just put extra veggies on. Doing roast pork . This will be the last roast I cook for a while. Think we need a change of menu. You have the right idea , Bjay - fed up cooking now.

Won't be watching Ripper Street but WILL be seeing daughter.


Thanks, Bjay--I had a 30/day habit, but have been down to 5 a day for a month now. I have lost my smoker's cough, do feel better, and haven't bought a carton since the middle of Nov. I like your OH's attitude. I have never attempted to quit before!


Miss Becks

Well, I think that's everything put away for another year. There's bound to be something somewhere madam has stashed.

Jurrasic Park III has just started!! My type of film.


Hello Lizzie!

Geoff, think it was me who survived the trauma of meeting you! Was I not what you expected?

Have also met Pam LL - she's lovely - as I expected!

Sort of watching Up at the moment although I've seen it before, and thinking about sorting something for dinner but fancy something very plain. Pasta maybe.

Can you freeze smoked salmon? Had some yesterday and got quite a bit left - too much to eat in one go. Maybe I could combine the smoked salmon and pasta into something. 

Last day of freedom tomorrow then back to work on Thursday. 


Lottie you were that and more-and you came bearing gifts

Telly viewing is getting back to normal-now an hour of doom and gloom-Eastenders

Caz W

Never mind Geoff, Miranda and Mrs Brown later on 


Recording that-OH wants Robin Hood to come calling-it goes on for nearly 3 hours-must be all that Noetic thinking that Jean keeps going on about

Lottie-used to sell frozen smoked salmon-so yes


Thanks Geoff! And the apples were gratefully received (and consumed - apple crumble!)

Looking forward to Miranda later. Having a glass of sherry now! Still got a few Christmas bits and bobs left. 

Inka, well done!


I'm having my sherry and large chunk of Christma cake now. OH just bought me the sherry on a tray with a serviette over his arm LOL.

Then he went back and brought me the bottle!!

Miranda later, then Mrs brown

Hope we can all encourage you Inka


Well I shall be definitely eating sensibly from now on. Despite my lack of energy, & so lower activity, I have been consuming just as much & a lot more than normal. Yes I know I ate chocolate & cake today, but now no chocolate opf mine around will be much easier. Anybody who can give up & stick to a regime, be it food or smoking, for a long time deserves a medal.

I wonder if I can get to finally watch Miranda, instead of taping? I did refuse to let daughter watch that cartoon film that was on earlier- I wouldnt budge & made sure that I had remote!

We're off to the GC tomorrow, then local shopping. Forecast awful re rain again for us. Signing off now, night all, J.


Night -night -bed bugs and all that


Nighty night Geoff.


Pennine Petal
We've had chicken, leek and mushrooms in white wine and cream sauce, cooked by OH. He has a cold, Nuff' said ladies!? I have been marking (very slowly I might add). Now settling down for Robin Hood.

I'm with you Jo, large box of Thorntons finished today, and when I say large I mean large!). Stuff in the fridge to finish then a bit of a detox next week until I go to HK.

Have a nice evening.

I'm still here Flo-but not sure for how much longer-mortality rates being what they are-was saying night-night to Jo


Impressive David