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There must be a picture of an Oirish garden-it is a Paddy field !!

Boom -Boom



Cannock Chase must be sooooo wet!!!. I thought bunter pebble beds made it free draining. Must have changed in the 2 years since I left - maybe it's the weather. Must ask becks if she comes back? 


Forkers every where at 9ish we passed the16000 comments. Am I the only one to  notice???

I think it was a geoff one


I noticed-'twas me-what is the prize this time?

We shall easily pass 20,000 inside the year


I noticed. And it must have been Glyn as she is the last post on page 800.

I thought you were off to bed, Geoff.

Anyway, I am


Pennine Petal
In that case, chuck that prize over here Geoff! If it's chocolate I'll share.

800 pages and 16000 comments! Wow! who would have thought we'd be going that long?

Just watching a bit of QI now, then off to bed. Night all!


Blimey David, I hope you haven't got backache. It sure has rained where you live.

Lottie Beans, smoked salmon freezes well.

OH lost 6lbs after Christmas, had that winter tummy bug thing. I had such a rotten cold that I think my bugs scared his bugs off so I didn't catch it. Both well now, had chinese chicken, mushroom and red pepper stir-fry, cooked by me - no Chinese takeaways here in the woods.


Good morning forkers  It's back to work today so you won't see so much of me for a bit  but ...... I may be retiring later this year 

Pennine Petal
Ahoy there, me hearties! (Accordion music in the background)

Dove, woke up early for work, and remembered I am working from home this week. Lucky you, if you able to retire soon, bear that in mind every time you have to get up early. I have a way to go yet.

Seems very dark here for gone 8 am, roll on the early morning. I have come back to bed with a cuppa.

After yesterday evening conversation, I dreamt about you all last night. We met up in someone's house in a street somewhere, around 6of us, don't ask me who! Someone called Kevin .... Might that be your second name Geoff? We had a few drinks and had to go home by train. Strange things, dreams!
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

A nice mild morning outside, and plenty of twittering birds about. But don't start tweeting too soon, duckies.

Lottiebeans wrote (see)

800 pages and 16000 comments! Wow! who would have thought we'd be going that long?

We haven't been going for that long too, only 6 months. And if more people come on board, then comments will accrue even faster this year.

The thread is a bit like diarrhea.

(Am not sure that's the most appropriate metaphor.)

Pennine Petal
Well you certainly catch the bug, Gary.
Jean Genie

Morning , Dove, Glyn , Gary and everyone.

Really dark here as well. No birds here. Similar morning to one last week - very quiet and a bit oppressive but it may brighten later.

Wonder what that dream was all about Glyn ? And wonder who Kevin is ?

No dreams for me. Went out like a light.

16000 comments. I expect 15000 of them would have been Geoff.

He must be feeding the chickens.


Morning forkers, my thoughts go especially to those returning to work today 

I have been retired for years now and couldn't recommend it more highly 

Quite dark, grey cloud cover and drizzle this morning in Cambridge - is it a housework or gardening day, please? If I wrap up warm I think the gardening wins!

Is anybody else confused by which day of the week it is? Today is Wednesday isn't it? Oh italic thingy got stuck - sorry!



Gary Hobson

Glyn was posting her message, about the dream, at exactly the same time as I was posting mine, so I didn't see her message.

Someone mentioned before that they'd had a dream about meeting some of us. But I don't think we heard any further details - about the people or the circumstances (apart from some obvious comments about whether someone had any clothes on).

It must be quite fascinating how we put faces to people who we have never seen. I wonder if they are anywhere near the mark. Perhaps, in a dream, you don't actually see the details of the face, but experience more of a general sense of the person/people.

Dreaming about a specific name is interesting. I've occasionally had dreams where a distinct name pops up - from nowhere.

Who is Kevin? It's a man's name. It's not one of mine.


It has just occurred to me - does anyone in here live near Cambridge? Or should I say South Cambridgeshire as my profile insists on saying?


Lyon Greene, I think dreams are fascinating. Haven't quite got to the point yet of dreaming of the peeps in here as I am a newbie but possibly in time.

Are you a Lyon in real life? I have Lyon on my paternal side.



Have a good day one and all whatever you are doing - need to shake a leg so to I mean....bye for now 


Morning all-I'm here now -well have been for hours-but doing other things-but did not wake till 7.30

Jean -what are you saying?-is it all my fault again

I am not Kevin