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Jean Genie

If it is Geoff . it's a nice fault.  Makes me smile, this thread

At the risk of being humiliated over my choice of books - I also have a book about dreams

No mention of Kevin though.

Raining now.

Oh. and I also read Tarot cards - you can really go to town now !


Oh for goodness sake- a dark horse that dreams about looking into the future of people's minds-not so much Mystic Meg -more All Seeing Jean

I am doing a Flo -here -half dressed-better do something about that


Good morning everyone  I hope you are all well - Barry has the lurgy - coughed his head off all night poor thing  

I have been to Sainsburys and written my article already this morning  Not doing much else today

Have a lovely day everyone

Pam LL x

Gary Hobson
Jean R wrote (see)
No mention of Kevin though.

Oh. and I also read Tarot cards - you can really go to town now !

All right.

I have a few set of Tarot cards. Most people do, don't they?

This is quite a sophisticated set. They have Latin/English letters, at the bottom right of each card. So this combination of cards spells KeViN...

Jean Genie

Best set the record straight. Did I mention I am totally useless at reading them. ? Both the book and the cards were bought as pressies.

I was hoping for a sign for the winning lottery numbers so if I can't predict them. dream about them or think about them . I'm hardly All seeing Jean.

Morning. Pam  Hope Barry recovers quickly.



An allie,ally-or alley??


Jean Genie

That should have been a ''y''. Not used to that word, Haven't got many.


I have a book on dreams I keep trying to conjure up the lottery numbers too

I have found someone who is selling rotted horse manure at 25p a bag, is it sad that I am excited by this?



Morning all

Late this morning

Cleared up sick AGAIN Cat being poorly AGAIN so its back to the vet AGAIN

Will you tell us when its itime to increase the circulation of Garden News Pam, please.

Kevin where are you? Who is he?

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

I don't have any Tarot  cards but I've got a plaque of the Green Man on the wall of the house. I did once dream the winning lottery numbers and have to do that line every week just in case.

In the middle of putting the posh plates etc. away after a family buffet yesterday. I was going to go in the garden today as it was supposed to be dry today but it's dark and miserable out there. Might start taking the decorations down instead.

My DIL said next year, or rather this year, she is going to wait until Christmas Eve to buy her Christmas tree as B&Q were selling them off for a penny.



DVD of David Hamilton gardening has come and another seed catalogue.

Going to start surreptitiously removing Christmas. OH insists that we wait till 12th night so I take down a little each day! He doesn't seem to notice if all the little odds and ends go, I think he woud if the Christmas tree did though! 


Hello All. Busy little forkers this morning then?

I have been to WW, hence new name and avatar. I hope it will remind me to be good and count points until the Xmas Xcess has gone and my jeans aren't tight any more.

Bjay, is the shortish ex Radio presenter a gardener now?   


David Hamilton??-Diddy David Hamilton-the DJ -does gardening???

Kate -that is rather worrying -but would you have been excited 30 years ago?-you have grown up

Pam that is one scary dude

More shrinkage problems in the jeans/washing machine dept-something need to be done about this


Whoops again - Note to me for New Year - check posts before I post

Geoff Hamilton 

Just walked round garden, removed  debris from a clump of snowdrops just emerging. New roses are sprouting, Sedum has some rosettes coming. Does it mean Spring is beginning to spring. Have very few daffodils to judge  by. Next autumn when I have more structure the plan is to plant them. Snowdrops were already here.

Washng machines do get a blame for a lot don't they

Flo - Oh Dear

Wwe are going to test tumble dryer today as we have survived without any more electricity cuts, but have to check today.



We now know that it is the tumble dryer that is tripping the electricity, not a fault on the system.

Jean Genie

bjay - it's an earth leak. I know because it happened to us only in our case it was the iron that was tripping everything out. How's the cat ? Could be a hairball. We give ours a shot of liquid paraffin every now and then. Saves on costly vet bills.

I like that plaque Pam, my friend has a water feature with the Green Man on it too.

I haven't used horse manure for a long time now. Kate. as last time I did, I ended up with loads of foliage and not many flowers. I use F.B & B now but expect it would be really good for veggies.  I'm having a dabble this year. Doesn't it have a high nitrogen content?


The cat is the one that was so poorly before, sores on back and then this sickness so its off to vet this afternoon. Originally they thought she may have ingested some sort of poison, then they thought it was an allergy, last time thye didn't know but put her on a special diet for a week or so, now it starts again. She has always been a playful cat and had started playing, after the last bout, today she is just following me around mewing

I read that chicken pooh for brassicas, nothing for onions and roots and farmyard manure for beans, peas etc.

I did chicken pellets on brassicas last year and they worked a treat, mind you it may be that I am beginning to get the hang of this veggie growing lark


Oh I am in a fuddle -estate agent has just phoned about house-needs a decision on putting it up for sale-have been putting this off-he does reckon from this point to getting a buyer and completion is around 6 months at the moment-just when the garden is at its height-but if I don't do it now- when?-and the property market in Spain is in free-fall so plenty of bargains to be had

Jean- I need a reading-I need it quick

Jean Genie

Sure she'll be fine Bjay . Wonder what it is ?

Heavy rain here now.