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Sasha-I wonder about Girasole it looks a little-how shall I say- "anatomical"-perhaps it works better when prounounced-but at the moment...................

Anyway -I am looking at Valencia as being the top of the list-am aware of some of the pitfalls but open to advice


Just sorted out flower seeds. Had a smart seed tin off son but only really big enough for veggie, so OH has cut loads of cardboard up into month order so that I can use old veggie seed box  for flowers. I have so many Most of them from bounty bags and donations, very few are bought.

Kept me quiet for a while though. 

Unbelievably still no rain here though it is dark.

Girasole sounds good, just have to remember you are Sasha Much better than city gardener

Lottie once we had decided to move, the big thing was that no more plants were purchased (that was hard) and cuttings were taken, but I guess if you are also going far afield then cuttings are out as well.

You get GC withdrawal!!!


We are also hoping to go to Spain, near to where my brother already lives - so I will just pick his brains! Healthcare seems good where he is, to be honest. But we are not ready to make the move yet, lots to organise before then as only one of the boys wants to come with us (at the moment - he might change his mind), so have to get the others sorted first. Ours is a long term plan, unlike Geoff who can just pack his dog and toothbrush!

Girasole, I approve! Mind you I have the silliest name on here so who am I to comment?!


Geoff - make a list of what you think you will need either now or future - public transport (you may not always be able to drive) Closeness to town/ shops/doctors for similar reason, Hospital closeness was one of ours as well, and decent links I guess to an airport if in Spain. Ex-pat communities

Then look at houses, the obvious is bedrooms, garden, what do you really need? Stairs?

Sorry it's the way we did it and it counts wherever you are going especially as the older we get ......


Bjay, now even done an avatar! Wonders will never cease.

Geoff, why 'anatomical' ? It is a flower. Just checked the definition of 'anatomical' so I don't understand:- 

Geoff, Valencia sounds very nice. I have never been there I have to say, What I suggest you do, if you can, is let out your English home and go to  Valencia in the winter months. And....hope I don't sound like the proverbial pessimist if you do sell and go there always keep a bolt hole in England just in case things don't work out


Gary Hobson

Here's a good name:  Rosa carretilla

Answer: Pink wheelbarrow, in Spanish.


I'll remember that Gary. Its really cool

well done sasha - I said you'd pick up loads of stuff to do on computer.

Never been to Spain


Geoff, further ......I lived in Italy for 15 years and although I still love it and, of course, the climate is really may seem strange but the UK still has a lot going for it.


Lyon.....hehe....wonder who that could be for?



Have been to Italy


Rosa cariola...would you be offended if I corrected you?


Lyon, love fact all of it  Is it in America and an American wine?


LG, we have baked salmon tonight so that reminds me to put a good slosh of white wine in the dish before it goes into the oven.

Here I am trying to get back into a good eating pattern and off I go thinking of ways to enhance meals ....there is little hope at the moment me thinks 

Gary Hobson

I think that wine company is American.



LG, have just Googled Mendocino and it is a vineyard in northern california


No because I corrected myself - double 'r'. 

 off to vets now



Oh dear...all the best at vets.



Hi everyone.

I have just been putting the remaining chocolates out of sight, too much temptation and having a general tidy up. Decs will be coming down by the weekend, little by little.

Oh tried on a new pair of trousers, bought just before Christmas, they were a little snug to say the least, can't blame the washing machine

Really miserable day here, and not very warm, best place is indoors.

I like both Spain and Italy for holidays, but wouldn't like to live anywhere but the UK, with all it's faults. I like to be able to go out and have a conversation, know what I'm buying, and I would miss family and friends, but each to his own. Too set in my ways the adapt.

Love the Green Man plaque, I've got one in the conservatory, something about him makes you connect with nature.


Afternoon all.

Late arriving, but havent stopped until just now. Weather been miserable up here all day. We got wet to/from car at GC with someone, not me, muttering about 'you said no need for brolly'! I do keep one in car, but didnt pick it up-oops. All I bought, apart from the drinks/cakes, was a bag of sunflower hearts for the birds. I resisted the half-price Christmas tree to replace our geriatric one. Considering how many boxes they had of them I could still get a bargain.....

I've decided to see how ours will fit into the space for when we've got the cabinet sorted. Am going to measure just how far out it comes so can judge better. Know the depth of the cabinet so shouldnt be difficult. J.

Have finally cleaned up all the paper shreddings from workshop floor, hall & wherever else they'd ended up.- all over!