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Lion S

Good morning all,

Back again after having been ill. Finally the weather is picking up and for the last week or so we've been having loads of sunshine and good temperatures. My strawberries are doing quite well and the first small "crop" was yummie!

So I'm very busy at the moment doing four things at one time ( trying to that is...). The laundry needs washing - second load is in the machine, I will be cleaning the downstairs today, need to pay a lot of bills and the garden is calling me too...mmm, what shall I do first?

I saw that you all have been having the most terrible Summer in ages. Am feeling very sorry for you guys.  Hopefully the weather we're having will come to you soon.

BTW, work has come to an end already due to me being ill so back to square 1 for me.


Oh Flower it just isn't your time but at least you have got proper weather -webbed feet is not a good look for me



I have been busy doing chores a womens work.......then we had a power cut, how frustrating is life without electricity.

Flower those employment conditions sound a little Dickensian? Hope you are feeling better.

Geoff we need shoes update.

weejenny we will need a painting update.


Deployed new camera in dark last night. Blue boy didn't seem to mind!



Flobear great photo, hope they stay in your garden


Lion S

@ Geoff, webbed feet? Now you're puzzling me but you are right that this isn't my time.

@Kate, yes I know, but they are very very busy so need someone else instantly. Mind you, I would have been going to work again tomorrow morning and I don't think they have found another help yet....

Flobear, that's a gorgeous hedgehog you've got there. Lovely!


I see they have fixed the weather while they have been down


Has anybody else had runtime error message?-for the last 2 hours?

Flower-it is an English saying  it means I am turning into a duck through all this wet weather-but now have new shoes-yay

Flo-love the hedgie

Kate-you need a lie-down


Lie down, I have dinner to cook and ironing............

What did you think of Blackout?

Power cut was during Hampton Court programme will have to resort to i-player.

Are the shoes comfy?


I found Blackout a bit dark and dreary and took 30 minutes to get going-not super impressed-what about you?

Power cuts is like going back to the 70s-did you check candle supplies?-how big an area was affected do you know or did it need another shilling in the meter?

I am wearing shoes around the house so I can get used to them -they still have the label on so I can return them.



I found Blackout a bit disturbing because it had no specific location and lots of different regional accents and what mother asks her alcoholic husband to drop a child off at school.

I could hear alarms going off every where so must have been a wide area, but how do you find out?

Good trick Are they beige?

Lion S

@Geoff, what would a duck do without his new shoes eh. I take it your "beak" has it's orange glow too?    Thanks for explaining, I've never heard that one before.


Beige is the new black-but these are a khaki-is that beige?-they are called sporty sandals-I could take a picture

If it is a big power cut it will be on the news-with someone standing outside a power station.

Panaroma-did not tell us anything we did not know-but the old fella at the end how gullible


Flower-my mission is to educate-I won't mention cats and dogs

Lion S

Raining again? 



If the shoes have sparkly sequins I would like to see a photo.

I have read several articles about how they rob these people and often they catch them after a death or divorce, when the person is most vulnerable. I think it is criminal and the cold callers should be put in stocks for weeks.


How come this site knows where I live?


Line of Duty tonight

Andy Murray wins!!


I have some sparkly flip flops - maybe I should lend them to Geoff.

Tried to come on here earlier but got that runtime error message - gremlins in the system?

Paining at lunchtime so there was no digging for me today.

Flower, any chance they will take you back at the job?

I have no chocolate, not even an emergency bar, only ginger biscuits. I am not sure if I can survive the afternoon.....I may need an emergency pigeon.


I have emergency chocolate, you just never know.

I have found where the postcode is in my personal settings, I use one that is two streets away for security reasons, I am not paranoid


Lottie-just taken off