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Miss Becks

Erm, no, don't like either of those.


Excuse me- this is not a playground


I have a dongle at work, proper internet at home! 

I have posted pictures, just not ones of the front of my house - which looks more like a car park than anything else to be honest. And the back garden is just a mess! 

I've had a call from my Mum this evening to say that Grandad has been taken into hospital - this is worrying news. 


Lottie- hope it is all ok.


oh dear lottie. hope all will be well. 



Bjay your grass looks so lovely, weedfree and green. Grass here just doesn't grow like in England. When my French son-in-law came to England with us for the first time he rolled on the lawn and ran on it with bare feet! - it was in a garden open to the public.

I agree with Geoff, make the beds bigger, but I would keep more than 50% of the lawn, I like lawns. Anyway it's winter, so nothing's out.



Lottie I hope your Grandad is OK. There are lots of bugs in winter.


As a whole there isn't anything to come out. There is a ceanothus on the plain wall which was very sad (cheap) and I am nurturing. I organised the jubilee street party so some of the neighbours gave me a Queen Elizabeth rose, there is a lovely shrub by the drainpipe with a gorgeous scent but I have no idea what it is, have attempted to take cuttings!!. The Budleia you can see is one of these Buzz ones and I dislike it and wish I hadn't put it in so it will go.

The grass is in fact blackish as we have had it moss treated, that compliment really made me smile

Thanks I will talk more tomorrow. Goodnight


Morning forkers, woke early so I thought I would try and have a catch-up and then perhaps go back to bed 

All your homes and gardens look lovely and thank you for sharing them with us. I am sure all the people who live in them are lovely,too, otherwise what would they be doing on a gardening forum?

Both my home and garden are 'work in progress' but perhaps if I ever see my camera again I shall take a few photos of the minute front and small back garden.

I wonder what the weather is going to be like today? According to Accuweather we should have a few hours of sunshine this morning so I think I shall go for a healthy walk to the supermarket and then bus back!

Geoff, what was it I didn't understand? I am always ready to learn.

Heating just come on so perhaps I shall just pop back to bed with a cup of tea and do some reading - I belong to a book group and the book this time is very large and difficult to read in bed at night!

Bye for now and all have an enjoyable day - btw it is Friday. I shall be pleased when Monday comes along and we are, within reason, back to normal




Good morning Forkers -  no, it is Thursday !


Oh Dove, thanks for you can see I am somewhat confused with the days at the moment 



Good morning everyone  Wow such a lot to catch up on

I hope your Granddad is o.k Lottie .

Our house - if you can see it through the flowers

 Have a lovely day

Pam LL x


Pottie Pam

Good morning Forkers,

I haven't a clue what day it is.

I took this photo across the garden two days ago. Didn't Noah see a rainbow and it was a sign that the floods were over? I hope so.

Pottie Pam

Your garden is amazing, Pam. When do you start preparing for this year's display?


Pam, WOW what a stunning garden full of wonderful flowers - well done!

Pottie, don't know about Noah but let's hope for those poor peeps affected that the floods are over. 


Pottie Pam

My cottage. Roll on Summer.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, woke up early, which is amazing as I was reading a good book until late into the night. Feeling tired still, so made the tea and came back to bed. Will probably fall asleep over my book for another. Thank goodness I am working at home this week rather than being tied to my timetable. More marking today and prep for teaching.

Lovely house/garden photos. OH spends lots of time trawling the internet for houses in North Wales for us, would like to retire there, but will need to wait for a lottery win for that!

Have a good day all.
Jean Genie

Morning Forkers, Lovely photos  Just had a catch up. This thread was a hive of activity yesterday.

Hope your Grandad is improving Lottie.

Spent some time reading yesterday and then decided to go visiting  Felt a bit restless yesterday . Had a lot of company over the Christmas period so that will probally be the reason.

Weather really mild here today  Have back door and window open. Very odd.

Investigated garden but ground still boggy. Still not much to report out there except for a few primroses but most of the bulbs are up.

Roll on Spring.


Morning all.

Lovely pics everyone. Glyn, my OH keeps dooing things like that too.

Heard a woodpigeon/collard dove, latter not been seen around here for a while so not sure, but whatever, at 3.10am!  Daughter just said when she went to 24hr tesco last week, after 2am finish, that there were loads of blackbirds singing & all over the carpark. There are lots of trees/shrubs/surrounding gardens nearby though.

 I am surrounded by decoration boxes. Problem with daughter not using many on the tree, I've no idea from which box they came- so need the lot to try & sort. Job for today then will rearrange the furniture & hoover.

Need my breakfast now. J.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

How nice to see snaps of people's places.

I'm a bit late this morning, as I stopped to have a wander round after feeding the birds. I can hardly say Spring is in the air, on Jan 3rd, but it was mild, with lots of twittering going on.

I manged to do a few jobs yesterday - pulled up a barrow-full of weeds, and pruned some roses. So some more of the same today.