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Morning all. Flo reporting in for registration.

Wonderful to see people's lovely gardens, thank you for the pics. I'm afraid I have nothing to share as I have only wilderness and jungle.

Right, I must stop procrastinating and get going on some domestic chores. See you at tea-break!


Happy new Thursday

Funny sort of day- great excitement apparently -the Met Office are due to announce at 11 am that 2012 was the wettest year on record-not exactly earth-shattering history lesson-but cue plenty of reporters standing my rivers.

About to fire up the washing-machine-a man's work etc


Morning all

We have 3 new flood warnings out in the area so it's not over yet!

Lovely gardens, I want a front garden like PamLL.

Come on you Forkers, loads of ideas for my front garden please, 

Gong to have another attempt with tumble dryer shortly, I have completely de-fluffed it!

Hope it doesn't mean a new one!

2nd thought I would love a pretty, breath taking front garden but with less work than PamLL 

Something to add charater to the house, and make it stand out from the other 16!


Pam's garden is amazing, so is her back garden which I saw on another thread. The other Pam's cottage is lovely, so is the rainbow view. God promised not to send Noah another flood and sent the rainbow as a sign, but I don't think he could have meant in England. England wasn't mentioned in the Bible.

Pennine Petal

FInished my book, couldn't resist it. The Little House by Phliippa Gregory, It must have come with a Woman & Home, I got it in the charity shop. Excellent read. The house is full of books, I must sort them out. I like to pass them on. Nothing like a good read and I have done a lot over Chrissie.

It's sort of sad when the decorations come down, don't you think? I quite tlike the holly, ivy and Xmas branches in a big vase, still in good condition, seems a shame to throw them out. I might just take the baubles off. Is tat allowed?

My pot of Christmass hyacinths is out and smelling lovely. Some people say they smell of cat pee, I love them.

Time for marking now. I will pop back when I get bored



Bjay -what you need to do is create beds that you can work from all sides -so my suggestion is to create some arcs or semi-circles around the edges then you have an area of grass in the middle-also in the middle -create a feature a bird -bath something like that-keep it simple and easy to maintain

Get away from the straight borders you have now or others may have.

Any good?.

You can have that for free-Jo Swift would have charged £500


I checked my bargain hyacinths this week-I think they need a few more weeks of the cold dark treatment

Pennine Petal wrote (see)

 Is tat allowed?

 I will pop back when I get bored

Glyn-tat is allowed-you can have as much tat as you like

Tatty-bye for now


I had already thought curved borders, First I thought make each one separate curved, then in bed last night, when I couldn't sleep AGAIN I thought if I made a big curved border with the path as the center it would look good. Then I thought zzzzzzzzz 

I quite like idea of having bright colours - reds, yellows, not pastels. See talking to you lot I think an idea is coming. I do not want silly beds each side of the path with lavender/box and I don't think I want a cottage look , not sure there though. Where is Joe Swift when you need him!!


Or triangles on each edge perhaps -that is £100 you owe me-invoice on its way.



Pottie Pam

, Good morning again all,

Popping in during tea break.

I think Spain would suit you well, Geoff. A friend of a friend moved there, near Alicante, and they love it. Although they are in their 70's the husband is still really active and earns a bit of pocket money doing odd jobs and airport runs for the neighbours. You'd make a fortune out there. As for the hospitals, his wife broke her hip and complications set in and she was unconsious for ten days. She is now back home. In this country she might have been put on the Liverpool Care Pathway.


Straight edged curves-triangles-£200


Pam -as the decision has now been made-going to go with the flow-que-sera, que- sera after all

No problem is insurmountable-I can see hundreds ahead on a practical level-but will cope

Pottie Pam

Is that a dongle coming out of my amaryllis?

Gary Hobson

To brighten up those concrete slabs, you need to obtain some stencils, and then you can paint pretty welcoming designs on the path up to your front door.

Buy, or make, a stencil of a wheelbarrow, and spray each slab with a pink wheelbarrow design.

To further enhance the garden, it needs a focal point at the centre. I suggest a pink wheelbarrow, mounted on a plinth. A pretty wheelbarrow is wasted using it as a container for weeds.

I guarantee that no-one else in your neighbourhood will have a garden like that.

Actually you need another wheelbarrow, wooden, with holes, that you can spray pink, and plant up with geraniums, petunias, and trailing stuff, etc. And use that as a centrepiece.




Coffee break. Then quick dog walk and off to man the office for the rescue dogs. I have to say, it's good to read about people's plans and ideas - I may get inspired to deal with the wilderness, which is where the chooks roam. I have bought some shrubs that I hope chooks won't eat but there are tedious and hassly jobs to be done before planting is possible. I know, I know, I should have waited but when you see a plant you just have to have it  


GEOFF is this a proper decision or are you just dipping your toe in the water again?

Lots of lovely photos, I will have a search of mine later to see if I have a decent one.

I have been to the GC and bought 130 tulips that are  half price  so I now need to find some containers to put them in.

Gary Hobson

How anyone can give their front garden an instant style makeover....


No -Kate-this is firm decision-the toe dipping is over-from next week shall be waiting all sensible offers

There you are Bjay-Gary has solved all your problems with a few clicks

Pam-that is a very big dongle by any stretch of the imagination