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The above empty space should have had a New Year Logo in it, but it didn't work. I was trying to work out how you get Google images to appear here. How on earth did Gary put the pink wheelbarrow on the lawn?


Back again, lunchtime snack here.

Am amazed at how long it takes to dismantle a tree. Daughter will have lots of decorations for her house- we've already had a bit of a sort out, but they will all go away into their usual boxes for the meantime.

1 decision has been made. Am dragging OH to GC on Saturday, after supermarket shop. Then can buy a half-price 'skinny' tree in the sale. OH will be on hand to load box into car too. Have checked up on the proposed cabinet depth & measured existing tree & it just wont work where I thought, with needing access to a socket for lights. BUT, daughter will, hopefully, have a bay window! So she can have our wide tree & have to decorate both sides this time! She actually agrees a good idea! So there will be 2 trees, all being well in the loft this time!

Right, must crack on. J.


Gary - 

Still laughing!!!!!

Can't remember why I came on now, what I was going to say 


Liz-you can save google images as a picture file -or upload them to photobucket

The tree is coming down


I saved it as a picture file and when I clicked insert image it appeared on the box on this page, then I clicked submit reply and it had disappeared.



Try again-it should work


Still laughing.

just given next door neighbour 3 raspberry plants, great long roots, I've kept 2 really don't need more.

Taken a deep breath and changed/will change internet provider, hope I have more success than Becks.

Think I'll put front garden on garden design thread to see if anyone else has ideas.


Thanks a bunch Bjay-so my idea was not any good?


No as I have said it made me think curves. And led me to wondering about 1 big curve or 2 small curves, so you sort of channeled my thinking

When a local neighbourhood watch geyser came round to see my garden he called it quirky so Gary, I think he would say your pictures would fit in!!


This geyser would make a nice feature


 This geezer might not


 and your geyser/geezer was?


Daughter has just found my balloon pump circa '60's. No, she cant have it, t'was part of my childhood, but they sell them on e-bay!

Now to see if I can fit the tree back into it's box- I may be gone some time...... J.

Jean Genie

Afties,   Quirky - love that word . Been mooching around the semi-solid bits in the garden but it's far too wet to tackle anything really. Found squirrel damage in a tub of bulbs.

Bjay, Gary's vision would certainly be a talking point . 

Hola, Geoff. So you've made your mind up.

Thinking of changing my name on here. I sound like an extra from Dallas.


This time next week Rodney we will be double millionaires


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Jean Genie

My begging letter to you is in the post.

Miss Becks
afternoon lovelies!!
I is playing!!! Santa came late (or early) and bought me an iPad!!
I may be some time sussing it out.



Geoff they are looking for someone trustworthy, so that is your get out clause I am stunned that you are actually going to make the leap, such fun.

I have planted 130 tulips and now will have a think about garden design problem


Foiled again-never fort of that

So JR-what you going to change to?-will it be another competition?

Becks wiil be missing for hours now

Pottie Pam

Yes, Geoff, don't forget your cyber friends.

Changing the subject, did anyone see Nature's Weirdest Events on BBC one two days ago? The polar bears were waiting for the ice to form and had gathered in a town in Churchill in Canada. One bear  went towards some sled dogs which were tethered and the owner thought that the bear would kill the dog. To his amazment the polar bear and dog started to play together. Chris Packam, the presenter, said that sometimes the play instinct is stronger than the hunger instinct. Really worth watching on IPlayer if you missed it.


Been to the Iceland geyser, geyser from neighbourhood Watch was trying to persuade me to enter garden comp he was involved with,  he was alittle like 2nd geyser!

Hi Becks, Are you back, back or just dropping in

Solved the electrical problem, when tumble dryer begins to get warm it trips the box. just phoned a man who will come and try  to fix dryer - shock was, he is coming on Sunday What happened to a day of rest?

Jean Genie

Hi Becks , Kate and Pam  

Will watch that Pam. Sounds good.

No idea yet Geoff  but I'll think of something.

Need to catch up on some stuff on the planner - still haven't seen Ripper St.