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I thought you were leaving one side for the tea-leaf reading business anyway

A lot of nuts drop in wet weather Nola

I like the knot garden idea too.
I had a large yucca in the middle of my small front lawn. It has since been removed as it got to be a nightmare being stabbed by it as I mowed the lawn or walked past it! It looked impressive when in flower and it was very structural. I saved and am nurturing some of the baby ones for in a large pot.

I have a small island bed in the lawn now with a corkscrew hazel, a Caryopteris Heavenly Blue, a salvia and seasonal interest with bulbs, primroses and annuals.
The lawn has a border along the path that curves round under the window.
I expect wet and windy weather is even worse, Geoff!

Glyn, yes I am on my iPad. You can get some smileys by using symbols together
Eg. : then ) gives you
; then ) gives you
: then D gives you

Glyn-you havent seen the junk and tat here-I can see all sorts of hidden treasures being unearthed-and lots of trips to the tip



Or lots of ebay listings Geoff - some people pay good money for tat - as seen on Flog it!

I have a couple of yuccas. OH says we should have planted them under the windows, as they would make an excellent burglar deterrent. Might mean the windows never get cleaned though.



Good point Lottie-this could the way to make my fortune

I have a holiday booked for September-another problem to overcome


Have collapsed for a bit- phew. When did I ever last actually move the sofa, 3 seater, properly? At least it's now hoovered beneath- only 1p, some Kinex bits & a small bit of black plastic tube - no idea about that!

Tree is still not in the box. I cant work out how to pull the final section apart- bright red face, much struggling, etc & it wont budge. It's got to come apart somehow, but am blowed if I can work it out....

I still want to clean kitchen etc, but it just may not get done today after all. Think tea will be whatever I find in the freezer.

The big Kinex wheel-thingy (proper name escapes me at the mo) is still up. OH will be dismantling that this w/end!

Right, a bit more hoovering to do. Why is it that bits of tinsel/glitter etc stay despite the cleaning? J.

What about getting "Cash in the Attic" to come round Geoff?
Gary Hobson

A car boot sale is one way of getting rid of tat, for a bit of cash.

Some neighbours near me had a 'garage boot' sale - just loads of stuff they wanted to get rid of, stacked up in their garage, with a notice outside to attract the attention of passing callers.

I went along, just to be nosey. And came back, the proud owner of some of their old tat. If you reduce the price low enough, some people will buy anything.


We don't have passing callers-remember the apple fiasco

Have done car-boots before-probably will again

I like Nola's idea-always wanted to be on the telly-along with the rest from Rainbow


On the to do list for this year is to sort out the loft, i dont know how so much stuff gets put up there. Could probably furnish another house. Never finished last years to do list so not much hope for this year. The saying one mans trash is another mans treasure is so true


We had a garage sale, the amount raised and got rid of didn't justify the hard work and time it took.. Tried car boots as well, with limited success. Charity shops are a good option.

Geoff -- Are you taking much with you or are you having a complete fresh start? Which would be the most expensive? New furniture or transporting yours over there?

Going to see The Hobbit this evening, so must go and get early tea.

Bye for now



Oh Geoffrey! daughter's fav show!!  J.

Miss Becks

I did do a list for smiley symbols for the iphone/ipad:

Smile                    : then )
Big Smile/Laugh    : then D
Wink                    ; then )
Sad                      : then (
Crying                   : then ' then )
Surprised               : then o
Embarrassed          : then $
Confused                : then s
Tongue Out             : then p
Thinking                  * then - then )
I Don't Know           : then ^ then )
Eye-Rolling             8 then - then )
Disappointed           : then |
Sarcastic                ^ then o then )
Angry                    : then @
Baring Teeth            8 then o then |
Sick                       + then o then (
Sleepy                     | then - then )
Angel                        : then a then :
Devil                        : then 6 then :
Don't Tell Anyone      : then - then #
Secret                      : then - then *
Hot                          : then h then :
Nerd                       8 then - then |


What about this?


Gary Hobson

That looks great.

But what is it meant for - Geoff to live in, or BJ's front garden.

Hasn't Carol Klein got something like that (but not as colourful) in her garden.


Chris-will take most of the furniture and the electrical stuff-and a ton of adaptors-it is all the other stuff you accumulate over the years that is the problem

Have a good Hobbit

Could hitch that van up


I'm watching my new DVD - geoff Hamilton paradise Gradens at mo. Have the other 2 DVD as well. Didn't hide head in clouds like another TV person I can think of

Wow, Becks, that's a good list.
More there than I knew about. Will have to put them into use!
Miss Becks

That's one posh garden shed kate!

As I said Nola, haven't tested them yet. Jess had hijacked the pad!