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I live very near to Kettles Yard so perfick!

On my message they were underlined (but no more!) and now it is words in your message that are underlined!


Wonderful - when the weather picks up a rendezvous will be arranged   There's a show we want to see in March/early April so pencil us in!

I've not got anything underlined - blame the weather - it's responsible for most things


Morning Dove and Sasha. Where are the rest of the slug-a-beds, then?


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Been busy pottering in the garden actually. There's another decent day ahead.

But I have the weekly shop to do before I can get started. Intend to call at Homebase too, to get a security light for my back garden. I bought one for the front, before Christmas, and it's brilliant. One round the back will also help me to do slug patrol, without needing to carry a torch between my teeth.


Nope, up, having breakfast & wondering what on earth daughter up to? A lot of banging & thumping from up there....

Ah, first harlequin ladybird of the yr crawling up the insde of her window. Now caught & put outside. WD40, which you always keep in your bedside cabinet (!), applied to stiff window which now moves smoothly.

She's off to meet up with friend later, so peace will reign. J.


Hello, very grey here. My son gave me a torch he bought in a sports shop which is attached to an elastic headband so your hands are free.

Pennine Petal
I'm here, morning all! Just going off the the nurse, hopefully for the last time. Miserable here again, wet and windy.

Catch you later.

Am up now-washed,dressed and ready to play -didn't wake up till 8am this morning that is 9am in old money

Jo -if I had a 20+ year old daughter banging about in her bedroom-I would be off out fairly quickly-the mind boggles

It is very warm in here -must turn the heating down


Well now it's light it isnt actually raining, nor blowing a gale.

Cant get my car out of garage as daughter gone off leaving hers parked on drive! Spare keys somewhere in her room & I wont go rooting. So one plan for today scuppered! I just hope she gets back before OH arrives as he wont be impressed, especially as next door have some white van man parked where OH/daughter would like to park.

So shall walk up to local shops just to get a few bits & stretch my legs. Walking better for me anyway. Then shall get out into garden- waterproof trousers though as everywhere soaking. J.


Geoff, mind did! The sticking window was the problem she said.

Right, I too need to get dressed & do something. J.


Morning all. Am at work (and have been for a while) but not feeling great. Vague flu-like symptoms, various aches, etc. I hope I'm not coming down with something - have managed to avoid all the lurgies so far.

Good news on Grandad, he's managed to eat and drink something and the hospital are talking about sending him home some time next week when he's stronger. He's a trooper! (And is lucky he doesn't live in Liverpool!)

Geoff, those programmes like to focus on the negatives - wouldn't be a story otherwise. They know we like a bit of doom and gloom!

I've recorded the Queen Vic's children programmes but not watched them yet.

Becks, Jess will be a computer whizz kid by the age of 5!

Jean Genie


 Late this morning. Catching up on some jobs around the house. Finding I'm spending far too much time on here.

It's another horrible oppressive day here and I'm feeling rather envious of Geoff today.

Would love to just up sticks and go. My ideal place to live would be Ithica, one of the Greek islands. We've visited several times and it really is a magical place. The smell of the jasmine isn't helping either. Always reminds me of Greece.

Speaking of which - look how it's flowering now.

 In the meantime, I have to go shopping. How enthralling !



Jean, that looks so good I can almost smell the jasmine from here!

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

Hello, very grey here. My son gave me a torch he bought in a sports shop which is attached to an elastic headband so your hands are free.

Lizzie, I have one of those. Very useful at times: eg when scrabbling on the floor behind the computer trying to jiggle various plugs about.

I watched Queen Vic's ch'n. Very enlightening. I wonder if the Victoria defenders will make a programme now.

Have just done Big Shop, It always takes longer than I think but at least I don't have to trudge round the supermarket.

Pennine Petal
Back to nurse next week, will have to go to work with a dressing on my cheek, thank good ess teaching doesn't start till following week.

Morning all

Another bad night sleep-wise. Still will look to day ahead

Planting to do - raspberries and a couple of roses that are heeled in. One though may not go in, as area it is supposed to be going in is still very wet. It is a bit dark today but no rain forecast.

Anyone else joind GW Seed Club? Thought I'd give it a go

That jasminr looks wonderful, I can almost smell it from here.


What is the seed club?

Estate agent phoned he is coming Monday afternoon-there is along road ahead

Good news about Grandad Lottie-the programme was a bit dreary-more a bunch of idiots who hadn't thought things through-more next week

Jasmine Jean -that looks grand-does it smell nice?



Just done my good deed for the day. Next door neighbour os attempting to rejuvenate his apple trees. Gave him this months GW mag which has picture and instructions, then went around, secateurs at the ready to show him how to cut to a bud

Everyone in the close is 'battling' with uncared for gardens. I think ours was the worst which is why we had to gut it. Every one has moved in, in the last 2 1/2 years!

You need to ask estate agent to be honest about what you can do to help increase the chances of a sale. We did and he was, well, a bit honest!