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We have that thing - BT do it - where your no. is listed so you don't get cold callers.!

No Flo, definately didn't get scratched. Nor did it break with a large lump of Malvern stone thrown in. That's waht happened to m last one - bright orange! No rocks allowed in my pink one!!!


Bjay-they are from abroad-and that thing doesn't always work anyway

I have said before- am on that resticted list

Pennine Petal
Still marking Geoff, was just having another tea break ..
Deanos Diggin It

Hi All!

Just nipped in to see what all is up to! 

The weekend as arrived! Thank god!  I is Knackered! n looking forward to a nice sleep in! 

Weather looking summat like promising tomorrow, so may be able to actually get some stuff done! 

Off to order some food! Have a few beers n call it a week! 

n still shopping n traipsing the tinterweb for a laptop! 





Hi Dean

Are you looking too hard?


I think the prickly tree is a Robinia Pseudoacacia. I have two and they send up prickly suckers all over the place. They are quite attractive and have white flowers a bit like laburnum. The French dip the flowers in batter and deep fry them.

Geoff, I hadn't imagined you had an OH, first time I've seen you mention her. Is the son going to Spain too?

Going to England on Sunday, but sad, for a funeral. The cat has gone and stabbed her eye with something so she'll have to go to the kennels with the dog - needs drops 4 times a day. She usually stays at home as she's a half wild stray, and a neighbour feeds her. Another expense after Christmas, vet and kennels.

Going off to make a pork casserole.


Yes that's the one Lizzie. Forunately not really mine to controll and we usually nip the suckers straight away. This was behind the GH. Have learnt my lesson, will always double check now. Behind the GH is one of those untackled areas, as is all along the boundary on that side of garden, one day it will be in the plan!

Deanos Diggin It

Yo! B'j!

It's just me! So indecisive, n a fussy Bugger! 


Liz-really??-I have been married for 42 years-and no son is definitely not coming

Did you think I am so lonely old soul who has nothing to do all day?-except watch tv and fanny about on computers?-the last part is true

Dean-give me you card details-you will have a new computer by Monday-no money left- but a new computer

Deanos Diggin It

Cheers Geoff! My card number is.. 4792 3654 0001 0007...Waiting in anticipation!  

Thanks for that! 


BAck to Is Dean a spy again

Caz W

Hi Forkers and a special hug for Deano for giving us all his card number - new computers all round?

Done the weekly shop - ours and mother's.  Christmas bargains bought in Asda today - cards 50p, fairy lights 87p, pretty paper serviettes 38p.  Only problem will be remembering where I put them or even remembering I have bought them. .

Good news about Grandad



Casserole is now in oven.

Shows how wrong one can be! But I never thought of Geoff as a lonely old soul either, sounds much too lively. So does Deano, thought he was in his 20s after reading the above, then I remembered something so I looked at his past threads and he was a "Bearn" (?child) in 1967 so he has to be older!


Have ordered £500 goodies from Asda, a new Bentley,a yacht and a year's supply of Maltesers-

-what a nice chap that Dean is after all- I take back all those nasty things that Caz said after he had gone to bed

Liz-there you are -you never know who you are talking to

Caz-you have done well today


Deanos Diggin It

Busy! I is 47! But at this moment in time feel 97!

Caz! Don't try using it at Pizza Hut! I am barred! 

Caz W

Yes Lizzie, Geoff is very lively especially when he's got his Speedos on and he'll only offer us one Malteser each once his year's supply arrives


Geoff what has he done to upset you? Alledgedly not a big tipper


Just checked where that street is from that oher thread. NOW I understand, I just don't know names of roads. The bungalows were built by a benefactress just after WW! I think. They were built for single working ladies (not that sort) for their retirement. The grounds are mostly communal but they do have a little open patch to call their own. i actually live quite close Just didn't know street names

How is the horse??

Last time Geoff had Maltesers he gave them away and didn't put one in my cyber locker