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Just seen Dove's post. How awful. They must be heartbroken.

I thought John Barrowman was gay, puts me off fancying him.


           Just practising to see if i could do the moving magic!!


I'm off- catch you all tomorrow

Best wishes to the relatives Dove-very very traumatic


No, Not quite got it right 


Is this it?

 Did you try and post it straight from the internet Bjay, or did you save it to your computer first?  which is what I do. Then as long as it's a gif type file it will work.


Pennine Petal

Morning, early bird today as can't get back to sleep, so thought I'd say hello. Then if I end up sleeping late, at least I have made an early appearance.

Flo, clever


Good morning   This is my time to get up on a weekday, but we're catching a train to London this morning, so I'm up and drinking coffee ....

Pennine Petal

Me too usually, Not teaching until the 14th, so I have lost track of the days.

Have a lovely time in London. Hope everything going OK for your family in O, nust be devestating for them, but thank goodness they are all OK..


Thanks for the kind wishes - I've not heard anything more from them - will expect to hear via my other cousin eventually - it must be total chaos out there!


Morning Forkers

Dove, shocking news re your rellies in Tasmania - still not heard from them? Enjoy London as much as possible .

Plan to get out into the garden today while the weather is decent. I hope all of you can do the same and enjoy having a 'play' as I call it 




Good for you 

Rather grey cloud cover here but I still must get out there and do some things in the garden.

Enjoy the rest....

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers,

Had a good day in the garden yesterday. Nice to have ground that isn't frozen at this time of year.

Found a few primroses beginning to flower...

Snowdrops are coming up, but still have a way to go. They don't normally flower till February (traditionally Candlemas Day, 2nd February)...

Biggest surprise was the lupins, which were up by about 2 or 3 inches. Hopefully no slugs around yet...

Have a whole string of jobs I'd like to do today.



Hello LG, it all looks very promising in your garden - satisfying isn't it?

Have another good day 



Am up and dressed now -just around 10am

It is set to get gradually colder during the week and there are hints of some real winter weather to come within the next 10 days

Don't put the thermals and the hot water bottles away just yet.

Jean Genie

Morning forking folk   Whats going on ? It feels like SPRING out there. Been wandering around to see what needs attention and it's really mild. I've even got washing out. New iris up , a lot of primroses and umpteen bulbs.

Long may it continue.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Sorry to hear the news from Tasmania, so frightening.

Another dry day so will get out in the garden again today. My grandson helped cut down a golden elder and I had to get a pickaxe to dig out a type of pendulus grass. It's quite nice in the wilder parts of the garden but this one was too near the house. 

A clematis is already showing buds. I think it's 'The President', but it seems too early to cut it down. My dad used to say if a farmer is in shirt sleeves in January there is cold weather to come. I didn't see any farmers yesterday but my grandson stripped off to his T shirt

Have a good day all. 


Woke at 8am, went back to sleep til 10am, but if you say it in English time, 7am 9am, it doesn't sound so bad! But the horses thought it was awful - waiting for breakfast - and the dog was crossing his legs!

Will be in England next week, so need warm clothes?? Been wearing them here anyway.