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Good news-kerching 3 X £25 on the premium bonds this month-sadly not the trillion but it is something

Where are you coming to Liz?


Morning all.

Gary it is sooooooo exciting when things start appearing again.

Todays task is to move some more compost, not sure that my back is happy about this.

Geoff is it drinks all round


Near Aylesbury then Eastbourne.


There will be frosts at night-

-don't go out at night

There will be drinks and nibbles before today's Christmas lunch -all are welcome-will send directions via the pigeon

Pottie Pam

thanks for the invite, Geoff. Is that for lunch as well or just nibbles?



Drinks and nibbles, yummy

Just the thought of the mornings getting lighter will make the impending frosts ok.


That might not be enought turkey to go round-so no-you will be kicked out after nibbles-don't let that put you off

Pottie Pam

Can I stay if I just have some sprouts?


Hi there been busy Forkers Just not registered

Clematis are sprouting so thought I had better research who needs a prune when, taken me ages. I have 18,most planted last year.

I think like PPam it is still too soon to cut back, we haven't had a real cold spell yet.

Thanks for the invite Geoff, sorry but I think I'm busy today, gardening! - garlic to plant, yet more leaves to clear, Still have raspberries to pop in, and a rose, one will have to wait till ground where its going is a bit dryer

Thanks for help Flo, will try later wnen I'm playing


Ok Pam-sigh smiley-just sprouts mind-nothing else-and you must eat outside -there is one spare cracker-will throw that in


Christmas has been cancelled/postponed to yet another weekend-power problems in Son's flat-so an electrician is coming later today

Pennine Petal

I'm up again, went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 11.30. I obviously need the sleep, but feel horrible now Doesn't look too bad out, I shall investigate the garden to see if I have any primroses up.  If the weather turns bad, that might scupper the lupins though. Starting to cloud over as we speak

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!!

Not much to report yet I'm afraid. Sun is out though!

Pennine Petal

Looked out of the back bedroom window and surveyed my little garden, magnolia stellata coming to, growth on the oriental poppy. A lot to do, but off to the market shortly.

Hiya Becks, have you managed to wrest your ipad off Jess yet?


Just in for a break. planting the rose is not as straightforward as I thought, taking ages. Will return to it after this break!. Quite mild out there, nearly took my jacket off!

Have found some aconites out, thought they were drowned but i fact was looking in wrong place

I have had to dirty my wheelbarrow, mixing compost and horse manure



Afternoon all, she sniffs, another cold?

Wow those bush fires sound terrible, just read about in paper. Glad all you relatives ok Dove, that's the important bit.

Shopped early, only 1 checkout lady working & too much to tackle self till plus OH! Nice person opened new till, just for us. No string to be got though- hmm, shall have to use the huge roll of ex PO, I assume, that came back from Dad's.

We now have a new Christmas tree. I lost, OH had his way & if it is too wide then not my fault! But it is smaller than old one. OH wouldnt stop for a coffee either. He's wondering if he's reacting to caffeine again, so insisted we came home to get decaf! They do sell it there, but no he refuses to put £ into so n so's pocket! It's an independant GC, yes big & getting bigger but still family owned & run so why not support them?

It's quite warm out in the sun, wish I'd done some washing, but no time really now. Have washed out & topped up birdfeeders & fed the wormery.Very glad that I did all the urgent stuff yesterday. Am ignoring the greenhouse clean out- will need a wholeday for that & anyway must go to the tip with rubbish piled up in there first!

I need to start some mending now, whilst the light is good. The ironing will get done tonight, well that's the plan. OH going to do some baking soon.... J.

Miss Becks

Glyn! She is getting bored of it now. Just like she did with my phone! I've been watching a programme called 'Love Thy Neighbour' on it, on 4OD. Quite amusing.


Jo I am fascinated- what is that you are mending?-is it socks?

If you can afford to support local business then fine-a lot of people can't

Do you love your neighbour Becks?


Finally planted rose, was tricky because I was planting it in a chimney pot!

Will leave raspberries one more day, not sure back can do much more today.

OH is stripping last of the sprouts off the stems, really it's time to look forward in the garden

SIL phoned to say her son is having top hat and tails wedding. Hope he doesn't expect uncles etc to wear them. Nephew and father is wellover 6ft tall how silly will that look  (whoops better put the cat away)

NB have cleaned PW

Miss Becks

I love one set of my neighbours cause they feed me!!