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Pottie Pam

Poor you,Jo. Hope you are better soon.

I'm disappointed the Christmas lunch is cancelled, Geoff.

Becks. is 'Love thy Neighbour' one of those none P.C. programmes the wouldn't be shown now? Seeem to remember it was very funny.

I hope your PW is still pristine, Rosa. Perhaps you should get another one and keep your pink one for best.


Yes still pristine, but have asked OH today if there are bright pink garden buckets as well 

Our builder next door neighbour filled up his and my wheelbarrows with apple logs BUT he wouldn't push mine He, He, he


I think it might be a different programme Pam- (Becks?)-don't think they are allowed to show the "comedy" one now it so last century

Have got Dambusters on now-it is in b&w--with stirring music-and jolly brave chaps-and Nigger the dog-only that bit might be cut

Does this wheelbarrow sleep upstairs?

Miss Becks

No Pam, it's like a reality thing, where two familys compete each week for a £300,000 cottage in the village of Grassington, but they have to win over the villagers, who vote who'd they'd prefer to live in the village, and will be 'accepted' by the community. Some of them are terribly snobby and judgmental.




No Geoff, not bothered doing the socks! Dont think have actually got the other one of the pairs anyway! Will check if I ever get round to them. Will have to be awful weather etc etc for me to even think about it.

Needed to do 2 work jumpers for OH, otherwise none for next week! Both done, & put away ready. Plus my gardening shorts,   an umbrella for my shopping rucksac & a shirt button. Shortening the 2 prs of new jeans may get done tomorrow as OH says wont go down to Dunham unless sunny!

Ironing board is out, not up, but that awaits. OH started to bake, so shall assemble veg sausage casserole to go into oven aftwerwards.

Havent actually got a cold, just keep having a runny nose which is annoying!

Also watching Dam Busters. Oh no they didnt cut it..... J.


Oh lordy- in the film,they have just said Nigger-there will be complaints-and it is the code word as well as the dog-and the dog has just been knocked over


Afternoon/Early evening Forkers and already dark here 

Is it by a minute a week that the days get longer now? Hope so.

Sorry to hear some peeps are not feeling 100%. Take care and go with the flow. I do when I am not feeling too good.

Had a busy morning tidying up my small but formerly scruffy front garden. Have decided I am putting down big pebbles over ....oh heck cannot remember the name of it ....that stuff that doesn't allow weeds through but rain yes. And then terracotta window boxes to brighten it up. Rescued a baby budleia growing between the wall and the pavement so shall pot that up tomorrow 

Also, gave the hellebore in the back garden a good short back and sides and the straggly mint has been chopped right back. All very satisfying....tomorrow is another day of decent weather I hope.

Hope you, too, have had a good day.

Oooh just seen 'Borgen' is back on again on BBC4 tonight which we enjoy and I shall all the more for having achieved a fair amount today.


Deanos Diggin It

Evening All!

Been like an early Spring Day Today! 

Just a quick nip in before I venture to my buddies for a few beers n some food! 

Got load's done today!

We now have access from the main Road, which midsummer shall be a godsend not having to unlock allotment gates n faff about when all you wanna do is water!



And other bits now starting to take shape


Right! Off to eat n drink! 

Will catch up later! Have a good evening All! 




Deano, WOW I am impressed  - it all looks amazing and so organized 


Miss Becks

Looking good Deano!! Have a great evening!

Pennine Petal

Afternoon, back from market, Lldl and GC. Got a big plastic pot for the Christmas Tree from outside, its original pot cracked and broke, so it has been wrapped in a bin bag. Still looking quite healthy though. Bought some sparkly things to go in with the holly and tree branches next year. Not much else going in the sale. Was going to buy some hellebores but they were a bit expensive, must see if I can get any swapsies from mates at work.

Bjay, you can get pink trugs!

Geoff I was thinking that when I watched Dambusters the other day


PP, heavens you are organized for next Christmas.

The hellebore was already here when we moved here - all been a bit of a journey of discovery over the year but I do intend to plan it all from now on. At least that is the idea!

I have a pink trug and love it! I don't need to replace my wheelbarrow yet but a pink one would be lovely. Bjay, where did you buy it?

Oh dear...remember seeing the Dambusters when it first came out. Did you know about the manmade lake where they practised?


Sasha it is 4 minutes a day-2 minutes each end-if it was a minute a week it would still be dark at 5.30 in June-you do the math.

The word/phrase you were looking for is weed suppressant membrane

I haven't been anywhere-again-today


Geoff - good news that it is 4 minutes a day. Don't ask me to do the maths as never was any good at that!

Did you plan not to go anywhere today, Geoff? I didn't either and love home days! Mind you I think I shall have to get supper on the move soon as I can feel a few aches and pains starting up from my exertions today!

Thanks for reminding me of weed suppresant name too



Miss Becks
Girasole wrote (see)

I can feel a few aches and pains starting up from my exertions today!


Oh my! Where are your 'exertions'??


May be back later - have decided to have a hot shower just in case as I want to do a lot more in the garden tomorrow - bye for now



Nope-don't like Winter-try not to venture forth -have oodles of time

We are having roast turkey-and it looks like we will be having roast turkey again in a  few weeks

Dean you have done very well-we still don't know the identity of last nights mystery bloke

Glyn-good shopping again


Just finished watching Geoff Hamilton Paradise Gardens and had an idea front garden wise.

It's on news showing Dunelly where Doves family lived. How frightening.

Any way front garden, on the window side bright colours - red/yellow/orange under window - but in centre a large round bed full of grass for year round colour but with wild type flowers, a central interest 0belisk? standard holly or something, On caravan parking. plain wall side shrubs - low maintenance but also reflecting the other side with big bold colours, Opinions please?

I have a large box of wild flower mix bought by mistake so could use that.

That idea would also make it quirky. i like quirky 

Pennine Petal

Sasha, only because they were in the sales and I like a bargain.

Dambusters practised on a few different reservoirs including Derwent. Interesting entyr on WIkipedia with lots of info.