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Caz W

Flo - well done for your dog rescuing work - did you find homes for any today?




I've bin teeched good.


That's weird. My post from yesterday seems to have reappeared randomly above

Caz, I'm sure we'll rehome quite a few dogs after today's excellent turnout.  Sadly we will take several calls a day when the office re-opens next week to ask us to take dogs in. It's a never-ending task.

Geoff, I know I put on a couple of pounds over Christmas but Mrs Mills   And I can't play the piano like she could - in fact never will!

Miss Becks

Ooh, just had a lovely bath! I really was wet and soggy then Geoff.


Flo-that may not have been my best analogyrealised afterwards

Am watching Splash-diving reality show-it is a lot better than I thought-still will not be giving it a go-recording Borgen to watch in the morning

Other TV tonight is not good



S'ok Geoff no offence taken

I'm bereft without Strictly and Merlin. OH is recording the Best wotsit Hotel thingy from Sky which we could have watched but I didn't want 2 and a quarter hours sat on my bum with no ad breaks!


Just watched NCIS. Have been waiting a long time for them to repeat this series. And it was a double bill.

My son plays piano butnot much these days and I miss it because i used to think he was brilliant. He is now learning the piano accordian, he has been sent to the garden for that. (smiley face for Yuk or Uuurgh) Next door neighbour & children liked it though.

I always feel so sad when Flo talks about her rescues.


All our dogs have been rescues-from RSPCA  and Battersea -it is the only way in my view to get a dog.

I was at the RSPCA once ehen someone had rehomed a dog and bought it back in-they were not well pleased-that is why I am keen on BHWT-same thing for chickens

Off now -catch you all in the morning


Yes, Bjay. I had lessons a few years ago then my teacher moved away - not my doing, honest Miss! I want to start lessons again but I need to practise a bit so I'm not a complete duffer when I find a new teacher.


I'm starting to feel persecuted. Another of my earlier posts has just reappeared above. Why's it doing that? 

I think I'll switch off the computer and hope the gremiln that's doing it goes away.

Nighty night all

Am in bed but just caught up on todays posts. Not been feeling all that great today or yesterday, mild flu symptoms, a bit achy, tired, coughing, like I'm about to come down with something but am fighting it off!
Did manage a trip to the GC today though and came back with the jumper I'd been eyeing up for ages!
Better get some sleep now, night all!
Gary Hobson

Godmorgen forkers,

Had a great day in the garden yesterday. Got another barrowload of weeds up. It was just nice to be able to get outside. There was a sense of promise in the air.

Some good programs on telly last night too. Watched a program about earthworms and fungi and composting. Then a wonderful program I'd seen before, about Himalayan tigers. As that finished I surfed channels, and caught a close-up of Jenny Faulkner's backside as she was climbing a ladder. To finish with - double Borgen. Lørdag nat tidsplan var bedre end Chistmas gentager tilbyder, efter min mening.

The most interesting item was the one about worms and composting. I knew that worms helped to improve soil. But, according to this program, worms actually make soil. Soil is digested plant material that has been passed through a worm and turned into soil (similar to the way that we digest plants and excrete brown stuff). There was some remarkable close-up film of a worm's anus, and you could see the new particles of soil being excreted, ....

Jean Genie

Hmm, Morning all ,   Would that be a new pic of day competion ?

Another warm day. Garden seems to be drying out at last but grass still boggy. Like Becks, can't wait to get a cut on it but I'll only end up tearing the roots. Got a lot of tidying up done and have discovered new growth on the cobaea so it must have survived the frost. See what happens in the Spring.

Didn't switch tele on till after 8 last night. Me and Hubbie gave conservatory a good bottoming as the giant redwood has now departed.  Decided to watch last weeks Ripper Street just in time for new one tonight. Got a bit of a shock - thought I was watcing a porn film ! Bit graphic to say the least.

Off to daughters later as she has some flatpack stuff for hubbie to assemble so shall be entertained by 50 shades of blue.

Have another good day, all.

Pennine Petal

Good morning, the house is quiet and I am sitting here having a nice cuppa. Found Glengettie tea in LIdl, it's what we used to have at home when I was a child ,so thought I would give it a try again. Just sorted out the cooking dishes cupboard after the Christmas cook out. WHy don't people put the dishes back in properly? Men's spatial awareness doesn't seem to apply to cupboards.

Quite misyt but looks as if the sun is coming out, so we having the makings of a nice day. Christmas tree to pot and patio area needs sorting out, plants to inspect..  I am feeling rather lazy at the moment though. Or maybe out for the afternoon, we haven't been out far recently. OH not feeling well though. 



Hi all.  I thought I would pop in and wish you all a happy new year.   I don't come here often because I never have the time to keep up!

It's a bit misty down here at the sussex seaside and not windy (for a change).  Lots of my snowdrops have come up and the rosemary is in flower so I am feeling very springlike.  I am going to undecorate my holly and apple trees this morning.  I tied red bows on them to cheer my garden up for Christmas.  Dad said that the birds would pull them off but the sparrows have completely ignored them.


KG-long time no see-how the devil are you?-hope you are fit and well

Just popped in to say hello/good morning-must get dressed-back in a bit-and will more polite then


KG long time since we heard from you, Happy New Year.

I have had some sort of 24 hour bug spent most of yesterday in bed watching footy, that Splash was one of the most awful programmes I have seen in a long time 


Morning Folks.

Special hi to KG. Best not to try and keep up, KG, just dive in every now and then. You know we have butterfly minds here and topics come and go at an alarming rate! My rosemary is in flower too

Hope the buggy get over it soon; just rest up and let someone else do the chores 

Jean '50 shades of blue'


Morning everyone.

Christmas Decs away for another year,had a good sort out and binned some that were definitely past their best.

I'm going to start to sort out the spare bedroom wardrobe, not looking forward to that.. We have decided to decorate now rather than leave until spring as there's not much you can do outside, far too soggy, although lots of bulbs peeping through.Got some snowdrops almost in flower

Nice day here after a very misty start, nice to be able to have the windows open and a breath of fresh air about the place.

Oh washing the car after we went down some very muddy tracks yesterday out in the Wolds. Everywhere is gungy.

Must get on, catch you later maybe

Are we keeping Christmas smileys all year?